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GoDaddy Cloud Hosting Review

godaddy_logo (1)GoDaddy ( is one of the oldest web hosting service providers in the field. With one goal of giving customers an affordable, easy way to get their business online, GoDaddy has expanded its offerings from domain names to web hosting solutions. By far, the company has over 14,000,000 customers around the world.

In below, we plan to make an in-depth review on GoDaddy cloud hosting from features, pricing, performance, and customer support. After finishing this comment, we may make our readers understand whether GoDaddy cloud hosting is a reliable and cheap web hosting solution or not!

GoDaddy Cloud Hosting Review on Features

GoDaddy cloud hosting also called cloud server is designed for developers, allowing them to create, test, clone, as well as destroy virtual instances. There are 5 cloud hosting plans at GoDaddy, coming with different storage, memory and other resources. Taking the smallest plan as our instance, we find that this plan of GoDaddy cloud server includes 20 GB of SSD disk storage, 1 core processor, 512 MB memory, 1 TB of data transfer, and permanent IPs.

godaddy cloud hosting plans

One outstanding features of GoDaddy cloud hosting is that the company is really good at cloud hosting provisioning than many other providers. With GoDaddy optimized provisioning, customers can start building their sites in less than one minute. It means that there is no waiting.

Besides, GoDaddy offers free additional application installations. Whatever customers are building, GoDaddy has got them covered with dozens of top web apps, which are all configured to run at anywhere. Customers can get them easily with just one click. As for apps, there are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Ruby on Rails, Lamp, Django, and other popular apps.

Due to developer friendly, GoDaddy provides them with powerful yet simple API and control panel. With GoDaddy API or its one-to-one control panel functionality, customers can have full control over their servers, no matter there is just one or up to 1,000. Besides, customers can set up their site by using GoDaddy DNS.

In addition, GoDaddy pro can help customers manage their clients like a boss. They can access and manage every their client’s accounts as well as products via a single dashboard. To track their clients’ sites’ performance and uptime, they can set up automatic website monitoring. As for sales, they can buy products for their clients by using their card or clients’ card, or they can just send clients a shopping list sot that clients can shop on their own.

From the analysis on the features of GoDaddy cloud hosting, we learn that it includes great features and powerful, simple control of server.

GoDaddy Cloud Hosting Review on Pricing

GoDaddy cloud hosting is very cheap. We check out its website, and find that GoDaddy smallest plan only charges at $5/month. However, GoDaddy offers a special coupon on its cloud hosting, which is free for 30 days. So, if customers are not sure about it, they can happily try it for 30 days free of charge.

GoDaddy Cloud Hosting GoDaddy Cloud Hosting
1 Free Month

What’s more, the company has smart utility billing, which can make sure that customer don’t need to throw away any more money on extra resource. Its billing is customized to customers and they just need to pay what they used. The monthly pricing is the maximum and it can also charge $0.0074 per hour.

If customers pay as they used, they barely have any risk on their money. Besides, the company also offers 48 hours of money back guarantee for monthly plans. If customers cancel within the 48 hours from the date of transaction, they can receive a refund.

For more promotions, customers can click GoDaddy Coupon.

GoDaddy Cloud Hosting Review on Performance

GoDaddy cloud servers are all located in US data center and include 99.9% uptime guarantee. To keep this premium uptime, GoDaddy utilizes powerful hardware, advanced virtualization technology, and premium data centers.

First, GoDaddy cloud servers are all configured with high performance SSD drives, which improve the performance via faster disk I/O. Each cloud server at GoDaddy is used server-class Intel Hexcore CPUs with the speed between 2.0 GHz and 3.0 GHz. Customers can run a command to view its clock speed and some other information.

Second, the company uses KVM virtualization powered by OpenStack, which is the most desirable, purpose-built virtualization, offering the best stability, security, and performance.

Third, GoDaddy maintains its data center in slab as well as raised-floor environments. All rooms are equipped with hot & cold aisles which are special for eliminating host air and getting cold air into the data center. GoDaddy also adopts Cummins generators with on-site fuel, and UPS powered by large battery banks, to guarantee high power availability.

Besides, GoDaddy provides customers with private networking, which means customers can get a real private network. Via it, customers can enjoy secure communication as well as protocols, keeping their servers in constant contact with others.

To protect the data of customers’ website, GoDaddy are considerate to provide backups, giving customers peace of mind fast. GoDaddy will automatically protect their data as configuration without downtime. Snapshots are included as well. It will work with backups, making customers save time of starting from scratch, and it will save customers’ preferable configuration so that customers can launch a new server in seconds.

GoDaddy Cloud Hosting Review on Customer Support

GoDaddy will offer customers pro-only 24/7 support. It comes with dedicated support phone numbers, quicker response time, live chat, as well as quick ticket support. Multiple support channels give the possibility of the highest efficient customer support.

Additionally, customers can visit GoDaddy customer support knowledge base and FAQs, which also includes rich information that customers may need.


Based on this multiple-angle review, we learn that GoDaddy cloud hosting is real cheap web hosting solution with free trial and flexible billing. Besides, GoDaddy tries best to offer optimal features and solid hardware in each plan. Its US data center integrates with the powerful features, providing customers with 99.9% uptime. Its customer support is also considerate. Therefore, we think, GoDaddy cloud hosting fits personal and small to medium business websites.

For more information about GoDaddy cloud hosting, please visit

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