GoDaddy Coupon & Promo Codes 2020 – 85% Off

GoDaddy Coupons here are offered by Godaddy to help more people to own their websites at really affordable prices, you will find all the coupons from Godaddy related to domain, web hosting, ssl, and more. No matter for domain buyers or hosting customers, they can take huge advantages of the following GoDaddy promo codes in 2019.

GoDaddy Coupon on Shared Hosting – $1/mo with Free Domain

Web hosting is one of core service that GoDaddy provided, which is designed for individuals and small business owners. Even better, customers can choose from Linux and Windows operating systems. Now, through below exclusive GoDaddy promo link, customers will get its shared hosting at $1 per month only, meaning there is up to 85% off the regular price at $7.99 per month.

GoDaddy Exclusive Deal GoDaddy Exclusive Deal

It also comes with free domain name, cPanel or Plesk control panel, 1 website, 100GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. This should be one of the cheapest web hosting in this field.

GoDaddy Coupon on VPS – Up to 28% Off

When customers need to upgrade to bigger server solutions, GoDaddy VPS on both Linux and Windows OS also come with multiple discounts. Both Linux and Windows VPS at GoDaddy start at the same $24.99 per month which is cut 16% off the regular pricing at $29.99 per month. It includes 1GB memory, 40 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, 2 dedicated IPs, and free 1-year SSL certificate.

GoDaddy VPS Deal GoDaddy VPS Deal
28% Off

Note Bigger plans offer higher discounts. The Ultimate plan includes the highest 28% off discount.

GoDaddy Coupon on New Products – 30% Off

We also get an exclusive coupon on all GoDaddy new products. By visiting our exclusively promotional link below, customers can obtain a 30% off discount, no matter what the new product or service they purchase at GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Exclusive Deal GoDaddy Exclusive Deal
30% Off

According to the detailed 30% off discount policy, we know that this promo code does not cover ICANN fees, transfers, taxes, search engine ads budget, templates, pre-registration fees, etc.

GoDaddy Coupon on SSL Certificate – 25% Off

Regularly, GoDaddy Standard SSL plan is at $69.99/year. When customers go to GoDaddy to check out its SSL certificate plans through our exclusive promo link below, they can receive a special offer about a 25% off on GoDaddy Standard SSL Certificates. So, they can get GoDaddy Standard SSL Certificate at $52.49/year. This SSL certificate can secure 1 website with the strongest encryption, boost customers’ website’s Goggle ranking, and run their browser bar green.

GoDaddy SSL Deal GoDaddy SSL Deal
25% Off

Note: this exclsuive SSL certificate promotion is only provided to new customers who visit GoDaddy from our speical promo link above.

In addition to the 25% off and very friendly money back guarantee, GoDaddy SSL Coupon helps people take advantages of the highest level security offer as well. GoDaddy SSL certificates are compatible with all major devices and browsers, and they cover an unlimited amount of servers.

There are some other valuable features included in all GoDaddy SSL solutions. For example, strong SHA – 2 & 2048-bit encryption support, keep both customer & payments data private and safe, up to one million in liability protection with each certificate, 1 click installation for GoDaddy hosted accounts and etc.

GoDaddy Coupon on Domain – .COM at $0.99/yr

As the world’s biggest domain registrar, there are millions of domains under the management of GoDaddy. Normally, its regular registration fee starts at $14.99/yr. Now, through our GoDaddy coupon below, customers can get .com at $0.99 for the first year. This is definitely the cheapest domain registration fee throughout the whole market.

GoDaddy .com Domain Deal GoDaddy .com Domain Deal

GoDaddy Domain Coupon will not only help customers get the domains at very cheap prices, but also offers more other great features like one year free hosting. For an example:

  • Easy to use domain manager, it is quite easy for people to setup their domains
  • quick and easy-to-use software and tools can be used to forward customers’ domains to all existing websites
  • 100 professional email aliases and up to 100 subdomains, and people can use to customize their websites
  • constant monitoring domain status to ensure smoothly using of the domain.

Benefits of GoDaddy Coupon

GoDaddy Coupon applies to domain registration, hosting, SSL, and email services. Here, we are to introduce customers some key features of GoDaddy web hosting that they can get from these promo codes. For instance:

  • Free domain name, up to unlimited websites, bandwidth, and disk space
  • Up to 1000 email addresses and up to unlimited databases
  • Optimized CloudLinux platform helps keep websites online with balanced CPU, RAM and etc.
  • Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ad credit
  • Free SSL Certificate encryption for the first year
  • Premium DNS management tools
  • Over 150 free and instantly installed applications, and easy-to-use cPanel or Parallels Plesk

Claim GoDaddy Promo Now!

GoDaddy is the biggest domain registrar and one of the most leading web hosts in the world, and it delivers multiple web services to help both personals and business owners achieve success online. Their service is a feasible way to create online presence. If people are going to purchase the service, the GoDaddy Coupon here is the one that they should never miss. With it, customers can receive up to 86% discount of their web service after taking benefits from above GoDaddy promo!

If they have any problem, their technicians are 24/7 available to offer timely assistance. Besides, with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee policy, customers can ask for a full refund within the first 30 days once they cancel the service.

If people still got questions, please visit: to know more details of the company and its deals.

3 thoughts on “GoDaddy Coupon & Promo Codes 2020 – 85% Off”

  1. It is true that GooDaddy is improving its web hosting services, and it want to become stronger in web hosting, not only in domain industry. Its $1/mo service is good for test website and other personal small websites. Plus the advantage of free domain, it is worth a try.

  2. $1.00/mo for a Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel, it really works! Thanks a lot for your sharing and I just bought a 1-year hosting plan from GoDaddy with only $12. The sales support said that the renewal price would be $7.99/mo. Anyway, this is also the lowest price I’ve ever met.

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