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GoDaddy Dedicated Server Review

godaddy-logoGoDaddy ( is the biggest domain registrar in the world. More than 40 offerings are provided by the company to the customers that include the domain name registration, web hosting, E-commerce solutions along with complete website builders and email services. Now, GoDaddy is managing about 45 million domain names and serving more than 10.7 million customers worldwide.

However, is GoDaddy Dedicated Server good for hosting a web site? In below, we will review it from Features, pricing, uptime, speed and customer support to explain why it’s not recommended.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Features Review

GoDaddy dedicated server service has Linux and Windows operating system options, and both of them come with multiple different packages for meeting customers’ different requirements. Its basic package includes 2GB RAM, 512GB storage, 5TB/mo bandwidth, 1 IP address, optional 1-click install, auto updates & patching and others.


For Linux or Windows customers, GoDaddy provides them with cPanel or Plesk control panel respectively. Since they are very popular and easy-to-use control panels, customers are allowed to use them to setup and manage their servers conveniently no matter which one they choose.

In addition, GoDaddy dedicated server also ensures very flexible expand room for increasing needs, instant provisioning. Root access feature allows customers to edit their server files, or install PHP or Magneto, etc.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Pricing

GoDaddy dedicated server usually charges at $129.99/mo, but if people sign up with long-term service, they will receive up to 15% off to make its dedicated server price starts from $110.47/mo. Meanwhile, GoDaddy guarantees 45-Day Money Back. Besides, they are also running some promotion to cut the price. You can follow below Godaddy promo link to receive additional 30% off in your first billing cycle, which makes Godaddy more affordable.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Deal GoDaddy Dedicated Server Deal
30% off

Even though most Dedicated Server providers allow for monthly payment, Godaddy try to lock down a longer contract by offering special discount for those who subscribing to a yearly term.

GoDaddy guarantee 45 Days money back.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Uptime & Reliability

Uptime for GoDaddy is not great enough. A recent incident occurred in 2012 that lasted for one day in which the datacenters of this company were hacked and over millions of domains went offline. Even though Godaddy restore their customers data back with its backup system, it did bring some concerns on their security system.

Talking about the speed, there are a lot of complaints regarding the server speed. The reason behind this was overselling of services and no guarantee of good performance. GoDaddy is considered to be the largest web hosting firm because they are offering free hosting services for each domain that is registered through them. Most of the people who are using GoDaddy services are experiencing low traffic or no traffic. If you are looking forward to build a website then you must choose another reliable hosting service.

Customer Support of GoDaddy

The GoDaddy customer support is available 24/7 and the customers can communicate with them via phone and e-mail support. If the customers are facing any kind of problems concerning their hosted servers then they feel free to contact the officials at GoDaddy at any time. However, GoDaddy is not providing the facility of live chat support.

One of the major drawbacks of GoDaddy support is that they only offer basic hosting support. If you are facing problems with your web server then you have to figure the solution by yourself or you have to pay for additional support to GoDaddy to fix your problems. This is why there is no improvement seen on GoDaddy customer support for the past 8 years.

Pros of GoDaddy Dedicated Server

Every firm has advantages and disadvantages and similar is the case with GoDaddy. The admin or control panels provided by this firm are very much difficult to use, but still the best advantage of this hosting firm is that they are providing a lot of accounts which are said to be appreciated by the clients.

The hosting service of GoDaddy is quite fast for any kind of website even if you are using the shared servers. The customer support is improving too. In case you are unable to figure out the control panel you can call them for assistance. This firm is providing almost everything that is possibly used for hosting and domain. This firm has the biggest variety of domain extensions so far.

Cons of GoDaddy Dedicated Server

Compared to some other reliable dedicated server providers, GoDaddy dedicated server performance can be just called as good, instead of premium. Besides, the most cost-effective Live Chat method it not available to customers.

Review Summary

According to deep analysis of the features that GoDaddy is providing to the customers, this hosting firm is not recommended just because of the poor management and expensive services.

Godaddy Dedicated Server Alternative

If you are looking for something better, check out our list of best dedicated server hosting. You can find many Godaddy dedicated server alternative, such as Bluehost dedicated server, which includes better features and service than Godaddy, and the price is also cheaper.

As a reputed web hosting company who is well-known for its high quality Linux -base hosting solutions, Bluehost add more features into its dedicated server than GoDaddy does. Its standard dedicated server include 4 CPU cores, 4GB memory, and the price starts from $149.99/mo only, which you have to spend $166.99/mo from Godaddy. Even better, it dedicated servers are more reliable and their customer support is also better. Its hard to believe that Bluehost dedicated server could be cheaper than Godaddy.


To know more Bluehost dedicated server hosting, please visit Bluehost now.

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