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GoDaddy Email Marketing Review

For online business or websites, Internet marketing is becoming more and more important. As an indispensable part of Internet marketing, email marketing is vital for customers succeed online.

In below post, we are glad to introduce an easy-to-use email marketing service plan provider, GoDaddy. We will review on GoDaddy email marketing from current promotions, email creation & sending, email list management, tracking & reporting, pricing, support and so on. Customers can get an in-depth understanding about GoDaddy email marketing services.

godaddy_logo (1)Actually, GoDaddy ( is not only a large domain registrar in the industry, but also a good cheap web hosting solution provider. It now powers the largest cloud platform dedicated to independent ventures. Supporting more than 14,000,000 clients around the world and 63,000,000 domain names on its hosting platform, GoDaddy has become the place where people build their professional websites.

GoDaddy Email Marketing Review on Current Promotion

It is very fortunate that GoDaddy now has special offers with email marketing services. There are 3 email marketing plans available at GoDaddy, and each plan comes with different discounts. In below, we are to present the plans with pricing structure:

  • Beginner – having 30% off discount and charging from $6.99/mo rather than $9.99/mo. up to 500 contacts, 5,000 emails/month, single signup form, and unsubscribe handling all come to customers. It is for all customers who are just getting started with email marketing!
  • Up & Running – having 46% off discount and starting at $7.99/mo instead of $14.99/mo. up to 2,500 contacts, 25,000 monthly emails, unlimited signup forms, unlimited image storage, and more are included. It is ideal for those customers who have already got clients with email marketing.
  • Pro – having about 50% off discount and charging from $14.99/mo, rather than $29.99/mo. Based on up to 5,000 contacts, 50,000 monthly emails, unlimited signup forms & image storage, record signup IPs, and other are in this plan. It fits savvy marketers who are running email marketing with growing mailing lists.
GoDaddy Email Marketing Deal GoDaddy Email Marketing Deal
50% Off

GoDaddy provides 1 month, 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months of billing cycles. No matter customers choose 1 month cycle or 36 month cycle, they can get the same discounts with the selected plans.

GoDaddy Email Marketing Review on Creation & Sending

We have visit GoDaddy email Marketing FAQs, and we learn that GoDaddy offers different email marketing from MailChimp or Constant Contact. Customers do not need to use any templates for email campaign creation, because GoDaddy makes its email marketing special. They can just use the simple drag-and-drop composer to build their custom email which matches their business feel and website look.

In fact, GoDaddy email marketing is based on HTML emails that refer to those programming codes behind bold, colorful emails customers can see in their inbox. Generally, HTML emails are much more effective that those plain text emails. At this moment, customers may worry about their coding skills or knowledge. There is no need to do that!

GoDaddy understand that there is some difficult for every people using code for emails, so it makes HTML emails quite easy to use. By using GoDaddy campaign software, customers can feel easy in coding emails. Customers can just to learn how to click and drag. That’s enough!

Besides email creation via drag-and-drop composer, GoDaddy email marketing is also easy to send email in minutes. As a matter of fact, GoDaddy allows customers to send automated emails including welcome emails to new signups and birthday wishes as well as coupon emails to their excellent clients.

GoDaddy Email Marketing Review on List Management

Customers can easily get started with GoDaddy email marketing. If they do not have the contact list ever, GoDaddy will help you create one. It is very easy to add GoDaddy signup forms on their websites, their Facebook page or the live events to collect email addresses. It can be quick to import the contacts from their Gmail or Outlook straight into GoDaddy email marketing software!

godaddy email marketing list management

Besides, customers can add the signup widget to their website builder or their online store’s home page to collect the email address from audience. In this way, everyone signing up will automatically receive their next emails. That’s magic!

GoDaddy also has a wonderful measure to keep customers’ clients and GoDaddy email marketing software also makes everything cool simplicity! Its HTML email editor will use themes and simple text & phone modules to assist customers create full-color emails!

To keep the contact list is far more difficult than bring a new one, but at GoDaddy, they can make it by using modern, elegant emails expressing their business’ personality. Customers can build their list with CSV files or simply past email addresses in. GoDaddy will handle the rest!

Once customers’ contact list outgrows, they can solve it easily with GoDaddy email marketing. The company allows you to simply increase the contact from inside of their GoDaddy account anytime. Even better, it is inexpensive and they do not have to upgrade their plan.

GoDaddy Email Marketing Review on Tracking & Analytics

Customers can know in and out how their email campaigns are working via sharing statistics w/others. GoDaddy email marketing service includes great statistics to track the details of email campaigns. The statistics will show them how many people are opening their emails, how many people are engaging with their email campaigns, and how many people are sharing their email message.

What’s more, customers can even quickly figure out which email gets the best response by comparing different emails from side to side. After those tracking and analytics, customers can understand what appeals their readers and then adjust their emails for better results.

Other Highlights at GoDaddy

GoDaddy email marketing now includes a new feature that is customers can add clickable buttons to their emails, which will help them receive better response from readers.

GoDaddy email marketing is all devices friendly. No matter what kind of device their readers are using (tablet, laptop, or smartphone) customers’ emails will be sent with great look.

GoDaddy email marketing also integrates many tools and platforms, so that customers can make their marketing get started easier. Its online store, website builder, and social media like Facebook, Esty, Google Analytics and more are those integrated with GoDaddy email marketing.

GoDaddy will handle the routine emails including account activations, password resets, purchase orders, and much more. Besides, GoDaddy will automatically remove the bad addresses, unsubscribes, and duplicates. So, customers will feel easy to work with GoDaddy email

Pricing of GoDaddy Email Marketing

Considering its usability and highlights, we think GoDaddy email marketing coms with great price value. Normally, GoDaddy email marketing Beginner plan starts at $9.99/mo. With about 30% off discount, it only charges at $6.99/mo only.

This Beginner plan includes 500 contacts that can be add more anytime, 5,000 monthly emails, single signup form, basic image storage, unsubscribe handling, and Facebook, Esty & more integration. This plan is specially designed for customers who just begin to do email marketing.

GoDaddy Email Marketing Review on Customer Support

We have to admit that GoDaddy makes the email marketing much easier, but it also offer the 24 hour support if customers need help.

The support team is always ready to lend a hand helping customers out of troubles. Customers can get contact with experts via phone call! Customers can help themselves by checking out its FAQs, product support center, and customer community for the best answers.

Do We Recommend GoDaddy Email Marketing?

Yes! We absolutely recommend GoDaddy email marketing for marketing beginners and savvy marketers. Simple email creation, great statistics, easy-to-use new features, good support, and multiple devices supported are all the brilliants of GoDaddy email marketing.

To know more about GoDaddy email marketing, please visit

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