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GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review

gd_logo (1)GoDaddy ( is a famous web host  not only because it is the world’s largest domain registrar but also it is a cheap web hosting provider in the industry.

With nearly 20 years’ development, the company has launched out over 40 products in the market. Among its premium products, managed WordPress hosting is one of the most popular offerings in the public.

Here in the review below, we will analyze GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting from its feature, pricing, performance, and technical support, to reveal whether GoDaddy is one of the best managed WordPress hosting nor not.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review on Features

GoDaddy provides 4 managed WordPress hosting packages, combining user friendly, rich features that are enough for customers to build an amazing website.

To make web hosting fully compatible with WordPress, GoDaddy builds its managed WordPress hosting on premium CloudLinux platform, which is specifically designed for WordPress to optimize the reliability, speed and security of customers’ websites. Meanwhile, GoDaddy also offers wealth of PHP limited_memory to make redundant space for popular apps, suPHP to ensure safer WordPress site, as well as diverse PHP versions of 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5.

Besides, each package includes thousands of free plugins and themes, 1 free domain for annual account, 1 free Microsoft Outlook mailbox for the 1st year, temporary domain name, more than 150 WordPress guide and training videos, and so on. To meet some customers’ higher demands, GoDaddy also provides WordPress SEO plugin, visitor overage protection, SSH/SFTP access, 1 free SSL certificate for the 1st year, 2 sites malware scan & removal, etc.

In addition, to help webmasters focus on their websites’ content, GoDaddy handles all technical issues to simplify management, and provides powerful tools to make its WordPress hosting easy to use.

First, GoDaddy provides full management for WordPress hosting customers, which include automatic account setup, security & WordPress software updates, daily backups & 1-click restores, server optimization, DDoS protection, etc.

Second, easy to use tools includes cPanel 11.40.1, enabling customers to get the access to all features and set them through this control panel; one- click migration tool, migrating customers’ WordPress site to GoDaddy via 1 click; temporary domains, helping customers never stop creating websites; 1-click staging site, easily creating a mature staging environment to test customers’ changes before they release their contents; and other tools.

Considering its 100% compatibility with WordPress and full management services, plus its rich powerful features, GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting is absolutely a premium web hosting solution.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is Cheap

It is good news for customers that GoDaddy is making promotions on managed WordPress hosting now. The promotional price of BASIC is as low as $3.99/month, which saves about 42% from the original price at $6.99/month when customers purchase 36-month term. Another popular package, DELUXE, has higher discounts, up to 50% for 36-month term as well, which means customers only need to pay $4.49/month instead of normal $8.99/month to get this higher level package, along with 1 website, 15 GB SSD disk space, and 100,000 monthly visitors.

GoDaddy Exclusive Deal GoDaddy Exclusive Deal
50% Off

In addition to that, GoDaddy promises to give 45 day money back guarantee. Customers have the right to ask a full refund within initial 45 days for annual terms, and within 48 hours for monthly terms.

We have to admit that GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting is very cheap but includes redundant features. To get its big discounts, please click our exclusive link below.

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GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review on Performance

Utilizing several data centers, GoDaddy makes a clear claim that its managed WordPress hosting is guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Here in below, we just take one data center in Phoenix, which still grows constantly, to illustrate the details.

First, let’s look at its infrastructure and facility. The building of GoDaddy Phoenix data center features slab and raised-floor environments, with redundant power cabling throughout. Each room has redundant and complete hot/cold aisle for cold air entering and hot air eliminating, therefore the room for running servers could maintain a stable temperature at average 72 degrees.

Second, GoDaddy Phoenix data center’s facilities are supported by 11 Cummins generators whose fuel is on site. At the same time, GoDaddy has large banks of batteries to support the uninterruptible power supply systems. Redundant power feeds guarantee high power uptime.

Third, GoDaddy utilizes superior servers and multiple network connections to ensure the high speed of network. Redundant fiber and good bandwidth providers guarantee smooth network. In addition, GoDaddy Phoenix data center has a lot of conduits which protect fiber cabling from outside damages.

Besides, GoDaddy award-winning security team and other necessary security facility, such as fire suppression system and smoke detectors, monitor the network and the data center in real time so that engineers can take actions in time.

The self-owned data center is equipped with fully redundant facility, power supply, multiple connections, as well as excellent security engineers, thus there is no reason for GoDaddy to increase the time of downtime.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is Well Supported

GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting is fully managed and well supported by its technicians who have good knowledge on WordPress and rich experience in helping customers.

Besides managed services, GoDaddy also provides 24/7 phone and email support, which is ready to deal with customers’ toughest issues. What’s more, GoDaddy understands customers very well, so the company offers hundreds of voice-guided interactive walkthroughs and 20 WordPress 101 videos to teach them the basics of building WordPress sites.

Like many other web hosts, GoDaddy also provides Support Forums and FAQs where customers can search for a lot of knowledge which is suitable for WordPress beginners and advanced webmasters.

GoDaddy is Recommended for Managed WordPress Hosting

At the first glance, GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting includes extremely premium managed services as well as easy-to-use features and tools, so it is the best appropriate choice for WordPress beginners. And then, considering its premium performance and considerate technical support, GoDaddy WordPress hosting is almost the perfect one for customers. Finally, looking at its quite low prices, we believe that GoDaddy is one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers that people never want to miss.

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