GoDaddy Reseller Hosting Review

Reseller hosting solutions for people to pick up in the marketplace is numerous, including GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain registrar. However, what we want to be frank in the very beginning is that we don’t recommend GoDaddy as your reseller hosting provider. Instead, we believe that Bisend, Host4ASP.NET, or InMotion Hosting could be a better option to help you go further.

Why GoDaddy is not worth taking a shot? Here are some obvious reasons.

But first, let’s learn some backgrounds about GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Background

godaddy logoAlmost everybody who knows something about building websites has heard of GoDaddy more or less. GoDaddy ( is a worldwide well-known company providing IT solutions, including domain name registration, web hosting, website builder, web security, email services, online marketing, and much more.

Especially, the company is the number 1 domain name registrar in the global. It has managed more than 60 million domain names for customers and this number is rising by minutes.

GoDaddy Reseller Hosting Price Value Review

GoDaddy used to prides itself on providing its customers with cheap services. But its reseller programs apparently is an exception.

We check that GoDaddy offers 2 reseller programs in total. The basic reseller program, which is designed for a reselling business with up to 25 customers, is at $8.99/mo. The other program pro is designed for larger sized business with unlimited customers with a starting price of $14.99/mo.

Moreover, we endeavored to get discounts from GoDaddy for our readers to cut down their costs. Via our exclusive GoDaddy promotion link in below, our readers will save 30% off and pay GoDaddy reseller hosting only from $75.52/year, namely $6.29/mo around.

GoDaddy Reseller Hosting GoDaddy Reseller Hosting
30% Off

Besides, resellers have standard control on pricing that they set for reselling GoDaddy products. They can set different prices for different products. They can also offer discounts to certain customers. Furthermore, the company also offers them a global pricing option to help them set the pricing more easily.

As to products, GoDaddy allows its resellers to resell its domains, web hosting, SSL, etc. Each reseller plan even has a pre-built storefront, so that resellers can fast start to resell GoDaddy products. For better use, GoDaddy also enables resellers to modify storefronts time to time with changes of their demands.

Even better, GoDaddy provides white-label feature. In other words, the storefront, products and everything else that resellers’ clients see come with brands and names of resellers instead of GoDaddy.

On the surface, GoDaddy reseller hosting claims quite affordable prices. But if you dig deeper, you can easily find that the web host offers you nothing different; even worse, it is unfriendly and less secure because you don’t have access to any control panel or a SSL certificate. If you want these services, you’ll have to pay extra money for them.

In comparison, industry’s reseller hosting leaders easily beat GoDaddy. In the case of Bisend, who enables resellers to resell both its Windows and Linux web hosting based on their preferences or other needs. The web host divides resellers into three different levels: Silver, Golden, and Platinum. The starting price is set at $19.95/mo, along with unlimited websites, 60GB SSD storage, and 600GB bandwidth. And don’t worry, you can get white-label e-commerce storefront as well.

Bisend reseller hosting seems to be more expensive than GoDaddy at the first glance, isn’t it? If you take the most popular Plesk Onyx license, unlimited free SSL certificates, and the latest SSD technology into consideration, it is more than worth the bucks.

GoDaddy Reliability and Speed Review

All the time, there is much controversy over GoDaddy reliability. As a world-class IT solution provider, GoDaddy has best cheap products, but some customers complain that it cannot offer reliability and speed corresponding to its fame.

We have to say that the complaints are right to some degree. However, we also notice that GoDaddy is improving performance and has made progress these years.

So far, GoDaddy utilizes multiple data centers all over the world for its online products. The data centers meet standards and even exceed in some fields. For example, redundant power is essential to keep data centers and servers inside uninterruptedly running, which is composed of UPS, backup power banks, standby generators, etc.

In addition, GoDaddy uses industry-standard network infrastructure and partners with some best bandwidth carriers in the world. Hardware including server is constantly maintained and updated. The company also deploys some advanced technologies, such as OpenStack, to improve reliability and speed of its online products, especially its web hosting.

On the other hand, GoDaddy has employed enough engineers with rich experience to maintain servers, network, data centers, etc 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that reliability, speed as well as security are better guaranteed.

In general, Godaddy Reseller Hosting is not that reliable, but we some improvement recently. If you want to start making money via reselling a hosting, it’s better to choose a traditional hosting like Bisend, HostGator, and etc.

GoDaddy Support for Resellers

Same to all reseller hosting providers, GoDaddy provides its resellers with customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Just via phone call or email, resellers could fast get contact with GoDaddy supporting technicians and get their problems resolved, whatever the problems are: marketing or server technical issues.

In addition to that, GoDaddy has organized a community, in which its resellers can exchange experience and help each other on reselling its products. There are knowledgebase with solutions to FAQs as well.

We would also like to mention that GoDaddy actually has live chat support for both resellers and their clients. But it is time limited to access live chat and get support of GoDaddy.

Another problem is that the web host lacks of a definite refund policy, despite it claims to offer one once resellers are unhappy with the reseller programs. So, for people who are really obsessed with the reseller hosting service from GoDaddy, they’d better consult with a sales manager and make it clear before making a purchase.

Do We Recommend GoDaddy Reseller Hosting?

No! Just the from the price prospective, we could see that there are too much hidden fees with GoDaddy reseller hosting service. Meanwhile, the features and performance bundled with the solution is very common that most web hosts can offer. Therefore, we don’t think GoDaddy is as competitive as other industry leaders.

As an alternative, we strongly recommend Bisend reseller hosting, which is packaged ample hosting resources to help you succeed in hosting business. You can resell either Windows or Linux web hosting service for either American or Chinese customers, without worrying about performance, uptime and security. And importantly, you can use the latest Plesk control panel to simplify the whole web creation process.

Now, claim 64% off to purchase a Bisend reseller hosting plan at only $19.95/mo. If you’re looking for more information, just check out Bisend Reseller Hosting to know more.

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