GoDaddy SSL Certificate Review

godaddy_logo (1)GoDaddy ( is well-known for the largest domain registrar in the world. Meanwhile, GoDaddy is a good cheap web hosting provider as well. Its hosting packages are mostly based on both Windows and Linux OS. Besides, it also serves their customers with premium websites builder, SSL certificates, email marketing services, and more.

In the following review, we intend to take GoDaddy SSL certificate as our example to analyze its features, prices, performance, and customer support. We hope it can help you understand whether or not GoDaddy SSL certificate is a good guarder for your site and business.

GoDaddy SSL Certificate Review on Features

Generally, GoDaddy SSL certificate comes with 3 packages and customers can choose from 3 types of SSL certificates, which are DV, OV, and EV certificate. All the 3 types are available in each SSL certificate package.

3 SSL certificate packages have different protection goals ranging from single one websites to one website plus all its sub domains. And all SSL certificates can provide up to $1M liability protection. Even better, GoDaddy SSL certificate is allowed to protect unlimited servers.

Besides, GoDaddy SSL certificate comes with SHA-2 as well as 2048-bit encryption that is recognized as the strongest encryption on current market, to block hackers in their tracks, so that it is virtually uncrackable. Each SSL certificate is compatible with all the existing, major browsers. So, no matter what customers or their clients brow their sites, they are protected well.

godaddy ssl features

GoDaddy SSL certificates are SEO-friendly, because GoDaddy SSL will display HTTPS prefix as well as padlock icon, which are the things that many customers are searching for before they share personal data online. Well, Google is fond of HTTPS-encrypted websites so it will push those websites higher in its search result. So, using GoDaddy SSL can also boost customers’ Google search rankings.

GoDaddy SSL also comes with green address bar and security seal, which can help customers’ websites attract more clients to trust. When customers want to make a change to their SSL certificate, like changing the domain the SSL is securing, changing their signature algorithm, or rekeying their SSL certificate, GoDaddy is here to help. It can handle those changes and reissue customers’ SSL free for charge.

GoDaddy SSL Certificate Review on Prices

GoDaddy now has 3 SSL certificate plans for customers in the market. Each SSL certificate package comes with different goal. The entry-level one, Standard SSL (DV) is to protect 1 website, Deluxe SSL (OV) is to secure up to 5 websites, and the Premium SSL (EV) is to ensure the safety for one website and all its subdomains. Multiple levels are good to help customers find their one and their price structure is as following:

  • Standard SSL — $62.99/year instead of $69.99/year, including the strongest encryption on the market, one website protection, and multiple versions available like EV, OV, as well as DV SSL certificates;
  • Deluxe SSL — $134.99/year instead of $149.99/year, having 2048-bit encryption (the strongest on the market), up to 5 websites protection, 3 kinds of SSL certificates available, and etc.;
  • Premium SSL — $269.99/year instead of $299.99/year, containing 1 website plus all sub domains protection, the same strongest encryption, and multiple SSL certificate type choice.
GoDaddy SSL Certificate Deal GoDaddy SSL Certificate Deal
10% Off

According to the pricing structure, we know that GoDaddy SSL certificate all packages come with 10% off discounts. To claim it, customers need to go via the promo link above.

Unlike most SSL certificate providers, GoDaddy is user-friendly to offer 30 Days of money back guarantee. This is so sweet to customers. During the first 30 days, customers can choose to stop the SSL certificate protection, and request a refund based on this guarantee.

GoDaddy SSL Certificate Review on Performance

performance-improvement-for-teams-and-individuals-lASucj-clipartGoDaddy claims that if customers want their clients to come back, then they need to use GoDaddy SSL certificate to protect them. Of course, the safety is ensured for their clients, but the improved performance is also one of the core factors to attract them back.

Up till now, GoDaddy has extremely powerful backbone from 14 well-equipped data center infrastructure in the world. These locations make GoDaddy geographically advantages to deliver fast and reliable possible connection for users. The most obvious change on performance of GoDaddy is at reliability. Lessor downtimes and faster response times make GoDaddy more attractive.

Besides, GoDaddy is so kind to invest on server hardware. All its hosting plans are based on those rock solid hardware. It utilizes the server processors form the most advanced processor provider, Intel. Each one includes powerful and redundant features, such as 6 cores, 15 MB processor cache, 128 GB of ECC DDR3 RAM, as well as 300 GB of disk storage. Moreover, each CPU can run at 2.8 GHz.

Additionally, GoDaddy takes use of premium tools to make customers’ websites running faster than ever. For example, CloudFlare is one of the best CDN service providers; GoDaddy includes its CDN in hosting packages to optimize the performance.

It is powerful data centers, hardware and CDN services that make customers’ websites always online and guarantee 99.9% uptime.

GoDaddy SSL Certificate Review on Customer Support

GoDaddy provides SSL certificates with the award-winning support team round the clock. Whenever customers want help, they can call GoDaddy professional support staffs.

In addition to that, customers can get other online support. There are detailed FAQs at the end of the SSL product introduction. Besides, GoDaddy extensive product support section also allows customers to search for any question related to GoDaddy SSL certificates. Customers at GoDaddy also have a community to go to communicate with each other for further help or learning.

Do We Recommend GoDaddy SSL Certificate?

Yes, we do! GoDaddy really offers reliable SSL certificate service packages, which can be setup with just one lick. Easy-of-use can save a lot of problems for newbies. Besides, all Google SSL certificates display HTTPS prefix and padlock icon which Google likes, so with it, customers can not only enjoy the websites and business with strongest encryption, but also get higher rankings in Google search results.

Multiple goals with 3 packages offer customers more appropriate options. Plus so many advantages with affordable prices, we think customers who are looking for better websites security solutions have no reason to reject GoDaddy SSL certificates.

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