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GoDaddy VPS Review

godaddy-logoThe following GoDaddy VPS review is mainly based on the special coupon, price value, reliability, ease-of-use and customer support to make a suggestion for readers on purchasing a GoDaddy VPS service.

GoDaddy (www.godaddy.com) has come into being for over 15 years and is famous for managing enormous amounts of domains. Though its hosting business seems not as popular as its domain-registration business, it also has owned a great number of customers in the field. And among its multiple hosting services, VPS is a big part of them.

Special Coupon of GoDaddy VPS

GoDaddy has thirty price categories for its VPS plans from 12% off to 30% off, accompanying with its multiple VPS packages. In some degree, its complex prices may stomp its customers and make them feel not so cost-effective.

However, we provide our readers with a good way to solve this problem. That is, people can choose to purchase GoDaddy VPS services via our promo link, with which they can receive a unified coupon of 30% off for all the VPS products. Under this special Godaddy coupon, the prices of GoDaddy VPS packages starts from $13.99/mo after 30% off the regular price $19.99/mo, and up to $214.07/mo after a discount of 30% off.

GoDaddy VPS Promotion GoDaddy VPS Promotion
30% Off

What should people notice is that all these promotional prices cannot be applied for its monthly plans. It means customers will have to pay for the products with the original prices if the packages don’t hit 12 months.

GoDaddy VPS Review on Price Value

GoDaddy VPS has provided its customers with five Linux plans and five Windows plans. And under each plan, customers have three choices based on the level of management. The three choices include self management, management and fully management. To illustrate GoDaddy VPS service in a clearer and easier way, in below we’ll take its Linux self-managed plans as an example.

The following listed features of GoDaddy VPS self-managed plans based on Linux can give people a glimpse of what this product consists of:

  • Optional operating systems: CentOS 6/7, Fedora, Ubuntu;
  • 2 GB to 8 GB ram;
  • 40 GB to 240 GB storage;
  • 1 TB/mo to 8TB/mo bandwidth;
  • 1 dedicated IP’s.

And each GoDaddy VPS also contains other features like root access and provision-free upgrades. However, neither the Linux self-managed plans nor the Windows self-managed plans offer features like control panel, backups, patching, SiteLock, and etc. As a result, customers should move to the other two plans, if they want some higher class services.

With regard to the price, if customers place orders through our link, they can get a special coupon of 30% off for all GoDaddy VPS solutions. Thus, people don’t need to waste time on comparing prices and they can purchase a VPS solution with a more favorable price. For example, the price of VPS service based on Linux will just charge for $13.99/mo after a discount of 30% off the regular price $19.99/mo.

But just as we have mentioned before, some services like control panel and backups are not included in the self-managed packages, so people need to pay extra for them or choose the higher class plans. When adding these hidden fees into account, the price of GoDaddy VPS becomes unreasonable high. For example, GoDaddy fully managed VPS regularly charges from $179.99/mo.

godaddy vps features

Additionally, GoDaddy provides different refund policies for annual products and monthly products. That is, people can request a full refund within 45 days for their annual products. Differently from the annual products, the host only gives people who purchased monthly products 48 hours to apply for a refund once ordered.

GoDaddy VPS Review on Reliability

GoDaddy owns a data center in Arizona which has come online in June, 2006 and is now expanded into 320,000 square foot with eight data halls. The web host also leases other eight data centers located in California, Virginia, Illinois, Singapore and the Netherlands.

The host not only adopts both slab and raised-floor and with overhead cabling around in the data center to create a good environment for the machines. To improve the management of the data centers, GoDaddy also advocates its notions as: platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service inside the company.

What’s more, GoDaddy uses a great number of technologies, such as Cassandra, Hadoop, and OpenStack. Recently, GoDaddy is utilizing Hadoop to deliver business dashboards to its customers.

Although GoDaddy has invested large money in the data centers, hardware and the technology, the reliability of its VPS hosting is continually being a weakness. Other more, a group of people are still concerning when GoDaddy can provide them with high-performance hosting solutions.

GoDaddy VPS Review on Ease-of-Use

GoDaddy don’t offer control panel to its self-managed VPS customers. So people who plan to purchase a self-managed plan had better pre-learn some knowledge on server management. For those unskillful but wanting to get an easy to use control panel, GoDaddy gives them two other options: pay extra to buy Plesk/cPanel, or move to purchase its managed or fully-managed VPS plans.

The other point is, all the unmanaged VPS plans of GoDaddy haven’t included any backup. Just as in the case of control panel, people need to spend additional money to purchase GoDaddy automatic daily backups to safeguard their files, databases, folders, and etc. And the other way is to purchase a managed or fully managed VPS instead.

In reference to the payment of GoDaddy VPS, it accepts payment via PayPal, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and so on. But specific payment methods should be based on customers’ countries or regions and the currency in which they are going to pay.

GoDaddy VPS Review on Customer Support

The customer support has been a shortcoming of GoDaddy for many years, and many people have complained that the host always failed to reply promptly. The support channels at GoDaddy are also not enough. Although, this host has been aware that customer support plays an important role in a company nowadays and it has exerted itself to improve it. It seems that there is still a long way to go. So far, GoDaddy supports 24/7/365 phone calls and email, but its live chat is only available during 5am to 12am MST.

Do We Recommend GoDaddy VPS?

Actually, we do not recommend GoDaddy VPS for our readers. Considering its low price value, relatively poor reliability, and its improving customer support, we don’t think GoDaddy VPS is a good choice. Compared with GoDaddy VPS, BiSend VPS is much better.

Bisend also offers VPS based on Windows and Linux, but prices of its solutions are much lower but with more services, good reliability and best customer support. Bisend fully managed VPS starts at $36/mo only via a coupon “VPS10”. Hence an Bisend VPS is more worthy to purchase. For more information about Bisend VPS, please visit www.bisend.com or read our Bisend VPS Review.

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