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GoDaddy vs DiscountASP.NET

GoDaddy and DiscountASP.NET are 2 popular web hosts in the world. Which one is better for website masters? Check GoDaddy vs DiscountASP.NET post in below, and you will find out answers. The comparison is based on their backgrounds, hosting prices, features, reliability, speed, and customer support. Let’s start.

About GoDaddy and DiscountASP.NET

godaddyGoDaddy ( is a web hosting provider that offers both Linux hosting and Windows hosting. Another role of GoDaddy is a domain name registrar. Actually, this role is more prominent than a web host. GoDaddy is the number 1 domain name registrar in the world with over 60 million domains under management. Besides, GoDaddy offers online marketing solutions, website building services, web security services, etc. review 220DiscountASP.NET ( is a premium Windows hosting provider. Since its inception for serving customers in 2003, this company keeps its mission in mind: to empower .NET developers. Actually, it gains Gold Hosting Competency status and is a Microsoft Partner. DiscountASP.NET registers domains for customers as well. But apparently Windows web hosting is its dominant services.

GoDaddy vs DiscountASP.NET on Hosting Prices

GoDaddy is famous for its cheap web hosting. And DiscountASP.NET cannot match with GoDaddy on hosting prices, partly because DiscountASP.NET invests a lot on .NET technologies, which increases costs. Anyway, let’s check how much the 2 companies charge as following.

It is not hard to find out that Windows hosting is generally more expensive than Linux hosting in the marketplace. However, GoDaddy executes the same prices on both its Linux hosting and Windows hosting. The Economy plan – GoDaddy entry-level web hosting plan, charges at $6.99/mo. Via the following promotional link, people will get this plan (Linux or Windows) at $1/mo only. For details about GoDaddy coupon, please click here.

GoDaddy Exclusive Deal GoDaddy Exclusive Deal
80% Off

DiscountASP.NET has Windows hosting only, which is a little expensive at $10/mo. And we have exclusive DiscountASP.NET 50% off coupon to make it affordable. By following the link below, people will purchase DiscountASP.NET high-tech Windows hosting at $5/mo only. In the case of Windows hosting, $5/mo is not a high price.

DiscountASP.NET Exclusive Deal DiscountASP.NET Exclusive Deal
50% Off

In addition to that, GoDaddy and DiscountASP.NET both have money back guarantee to ease risks of customers. However, there are some differences either. GoDaddy provides 45 day money back guarantee while DiscountASP.NET offers 30 day money back guarantee only.

GoDaddy vs DiscountASP.NET on Hosting Features

For over 10 years, DiscountASP.NET has been dedicated to offering services for .NET developers. It has designed one of best ASP.NET hosting solutions in the industry. As for GoDaddy, it is a big company and runs a lot of services as well. Its web hosting (Windows hosting included) could be regarded as a good one but not the best one in the industry.

Since both companies offer Windows hosting, we compare features of their Windows hosting solutions in below, so that readers can see their differences more clearly.

DiscountASP.NET provides almost everything that a .NET developer need, ranging over the basic server resources and advanced MS technologies. But some features are optional to customers, such as MS SQL 2014, SQL profiling as a service, SSL, cloud backup, etc. If customers need, they can pay extra to level up their applications.

In a word, the free features included in DiscountASP.NET $5/mo Windows hosting are 1000 MB disk space, 80 GB data transfer, 500 email accounts, Windows 2012/2008, IIS 8.x/7.x, IIS manager, ASP.NET 4.5.2, ASP, MVC, Silverlight, AJAX, LINQ, WCF RIA, node.js, WebSockets, full trust, isolated application pools, daily system backup and much more.

In the case of GoDaddy Windows hosting, the host is generous on server resource offerings. 100 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and 100 email addresses are the minimum offerings. However, take a look at advanced features, and we see fewer. Some dominant features include Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL 2012/2014, ASP.NET, ASP, AJAX, MVC 3, Silverlight, PHP, Perl, CGI, and Plesk.

GoDaddy vs DiscountASP.NET on Reliability and Speed

For their web hosting, both companies have 99.9% uptime guarantee. As for connection speed and page loading speed, they perform well too. However, DiscountASP.NET is a little better than GoDaddy on reliability and speed.

We know there are some complaints about GoDaddy hosting performance. But we have to say the performance gets improved due to GoDaddy efforts. This company houses its servers in multiple data centers in the world, which are powerful enough. Data centers, servers, and network are 24/7/365 monitored for uptime as well as security.

DiscountASP.NET utilizes Tier 1 data centers based in USA and Europe. Moreover, it uses Dell servers with dual Xeon quad cores, 16 GB to 32 GB RAM and RAID 10 disk array. For security, this company has firewalls, DDoS mitigation, 24/7 security guards, 24/7 network monitoring, etc.

GoDaddy vs DiscountASP.NET on Customer Support

GoDaddy and DiscountASP.NET provide multiple ways to support their customers. But DiscountASP.NET could faster resolve problems. A reason is DiscountASP.NET Support Portal, which is available to its existing customers with login credentials. Once customers log in the portal and ask for help, DiscountASP.NET engineers can immediately catch customers’ account information, which speeds up resolving problems. Besides, DiscountASP.NET offers email for people who cannot contact with it via the Support Portal.

In terms of GoDaddy, it gives email and phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has time-limited live chat support for people as well. Everyone could access GoDaddy supporting team via the 3 ways.

GoDaddy and DiscountASP.NET have rich resources for people to learn, and utilize for resolving problems. Naturally, compared to DiscountASP.NET, GoDaddy prepare fewer resources related to Window hosting, but it has other resources, like domain, Linux hosting, website builder, email, etc.

Which One is Better?

Based on above comparison, it is not difficult to conclude that GoDaddy has many services. Its Windows hosting is cheap too. But DiscountASP.NET Windows hosting is more expensive than GoDaddy Windows hosting, but is affordable after applying our coupon. Most importantly, DiscountASP.NET offers more advanced features, like node.js.

Therefore, we would like to recommend .NET developers to choose DiscountASP.NET. You could also visit CreateWebSite.Pro to know more about DiscountASP.NET service. If someone likes cheap Windows hosting or Linux hosting or domain services, GoDaddy is recommendable compared to DiscountASP.NET.

For more information about DiscountASP.NET, please visit You can also redeem DiscountASP.NET 50% off Windows hosting by click that link as well.

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