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GoDaddy vs Hostmonster

godaddy vs hostmonsterGoDaddy ( has been offering domain registration services, web hosting solutions, web design services, online marketing services, etc for far over 10 years. Its web hosting is based on both Linux and Windows platforms. Similar to GoDaddy, Hostmonster ( also has rich experience on web hosting, which is only on the basis of Linux hosting though.

A post in below about GoDaddy vs Hostmonster is to present differences and similarities of GoDaddy and Hostmonster on hosting features, prices, performance, and customer services. Then people will know which web host is their choice.

GoDaddy vs Hostmonster on Web Hosting Features

Shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers are all provided by GoDaddy and Hostmonster to meet different needs. However, GoDaddy web hosting is built on Linux and Windows platforms while Hostmonster offers Linux-based web hosting only. Except OS, the two companies have many similarities, like both having 3 shared hosting plans. Check their shared hosting features in below:

hostmonster vs godaddyTheir smallest shared hosting plans both include 1 website, 100 GB disk space, 100 email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth. Furthermore, the two web hosts provide 1 free domain name for one year. However, Hostmonster offers 500 MB email storage while GoDaddy supports 100 MB storage in entry-level plans.

In addition, GoDaddy shared hosting has features like MySQL, phpMyAdmin, PHP, Custom PHP.ini, Perl, Python and SSH Access. Hostmonster shared hosting includes such features but gives more, such as PostgreSQL databases, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CGI-Bin, CGI library and Javascript. No matter which web host people choose, they will get industry-leading cPanel control panel for management.

GoDaddy vs Hostmonster on Prices

Hostmonster web hosting starts a little lower than GoDaddy web hosting. But GoDaddy Linux and Windows hosting share the same pricing.

The starting pricing of GoDaddy web hosting is regularly at $6.99/mo on billing cycles of 3 months, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. Now, GoDaddy offers Godaddy Coupon aimed at long billing cycles, making $6.99/mo pricing lowest at $3.99/mo at last.

Hostmonster charges lower than GoDaddy in regular time and also in promotional time now. Hostmonster web hosting starts at $5.99/mo. At present, $3.49/mo is available after following below Hostmonster coupon, which is valid for a 36-month billing cycles.

Hostmonster Web Hosting Hostmonster Web Hosting
42% Off

GoDaddy vs Hostmonster on Performance

In respect of hosting performance, GoDaddy and Hostmonster match with each other. They are not the most reliable in the industry, but they are far better than other web hosts.

GoDaddy has 99.9% uptime guarantee. One important factor to maintain such reliability is multiple datacenters, which are powered by UPS and standby power. The hosting environment is controlled to ensure stability as well. GoDaddy website page loading speed is around 395ms due to high network capacity.

Hostmonster utilizes datacenters with UPS, diesel generators as backup power, air conditioning rooms, first-class lighting, etc. What’s more, the company uses serves on the basis of Apache and dual quad processors. It conducts sites backups as well. For network, multiple 10 Gigabit connections are good for loading pages fast.

GoDaddy vs Hostmonster on Customer Support

hostmonster vs godaddy supportWhen it comes to customer support, GoDaddy is good, but Hostmonster creates a more convenient support system by giving more support ways.

GoDaddy has a 24/7/365 support system including phone and email support. In addition, people could get contact with GoDaddy support representatives via live chat within the given time. Instead, Hostmonster supports people around the clock via all 3 ways. So, no matter what time it is, people will talk with Hostmonster technicians via live chat, phone or email as they like.

However, GoDaddy has 45 days money back guarantee that is longer than Hostmonster 30 days money back guarantee.

Which One is Better

After the comparison, we see that Hostmonster offers more advanced features like Ruby. Its web hosting is a little cheaper, though Hostmonster has shorter money back guarantee. On performance, GoDaddy and Hostmonster are similar. But Hostmonster support is more convenient. To sum up, Hostmonster is a little better, especially for individuals and small businesses. Please visit to get more details of Hostmonster or check Hostmonster Review.


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