GoDaddy vs. IXWebHosting

Both are cheap popular web hosting companies, GoDaddy and IXWebHosting are trusted by many customers, especially personal webmasters and small to middle websites owners. Here is a question: which one is better?

To make customers know clear about the two web hosts, we are to compare GoDaddy with IXWebHosting from pricing, features, performance, and customer support. By going through our comprehensive analysis on GoDaddy and IXWebHosting, we hope our readers can really understand their pros and cons and then make the right choice for themselves.

About GoDaddy and IXWebHosting

godaddy_logo (1)GoDaddy ( now are powering the largest cloud platform in the world which is dedicated to small independent ventures. GoDaddy is also the world’s largest domain name registrar. Rich domain services, website builder, shared hosting, VPS, cloud servers dedicated servers, and other products are available.

ixwebhostingIXWebHosting ( began to support the first web hosting customers in 1999. Since then, IXWebHosting has evolved into the web hosting industry more than 15 years. With rich experience, IXWebHosting now has grown into a global hosting provider, whose customers are widespread on the world.

GoDaddy vs. IXWebHosting on Pricing

As to shared hosting, GoDaddy and IXWebHosting are both promoting it. At GoDaddy, there are Linux and Windows shared hosting plans available! For Linux plans, GoDaddy charges the basic plan at $3.99/mo after cutting around 50% off the normal pricing of $7.99/mo. Besides, higher levels come with higher discounts. For Windows plans, GoDaddy offers the same pricing and discounts.

GoDaddy Exclusive Deal GoDaddy Exclusive Deal
50% Off

Well, IXWebHosting also has Linux and Windows shared hosting packages. Fortunately, we get an exclusive promotion on IXWebHosting Linux shared hosting’s Expert plan, which can make the pricing of Linux Expert plan start at 1.95/mo only. Regularly, it should charge at $6.95/mo, meaning IXWebHosting special promotion help customers to save around 72% off. Visiting through our exclusive promotional link, customers can claim the coupon.

IXWebHosting Exclusive Deal IXWebHosting Exclusive Deal
72% Off

To make customers feel happy, customers will receive a full refund from GoDaddy and IXWebHosting within the first 30 days, according their 30 days of money back guarantee.

If customers need to upgrade to higher-level hosting solutions like VPS, GoDaddy and IXWebHosting can both offer Linux and Windows VPS. GoDaddy Linux VPS starts at $24.99/mo with 16% discount, instead of $29.99/mo as usual. IXWebHosting Linux VPS normally starts at $74.95/mo; after discounting about 27%, it only charges at $54.95/mo.

GoDaddy and IXWebHosting are both offering massive discounts on shared hosting to make their products cheaper and more attractive. However, comparing to GoDaddy VPS hosting, IXWebHosting VPS is a little expensive.

GoDaddy vs. IXWebHosting on Features

For web hosting solution types, GoDaddy can provide all customers with shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers, while IXWebHosting can offer customers shared hosting and VPS hosting, too! Both build their web hosting solution son both Linux and Windows operating systems. To make the pros and cons of GoDaddy and IXWebHosting clear, we are to make two feature tables to display the details.

Features GoDaddy   Linux Hosting IXWebHosting Linux Hosting GoDaddy Windows Hosting IXWebHosting Windows Hosting
Free Domain yes yes yes yes
Free IP no yes no yes
Disk Space 100 GB Unlimited 100GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Databases 10x1GB MySQL Free MySQL 10x1GB MySQL/ 1x200MB MSSQL Free MSSQL
Email Accounts 100 Unlimited 100 Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel 11.40.1 Web-based CP Odin Plesk 12 Web-based CP
1-click Installers yes yes yes yes
Pricing $3.99/mo $1.95/mo $3.99/mo $$9.95/mo

Comparing the core features from GoDaddy and IXWebHosting, we can find that IXWebHosting has better price value, excluding its Widows shared hosting. However, GoDaddy also has other features make it more functional, especially within Windows shared hosting. Microsoft web deploy, Microsoft WebMatrix, ASP.NET AJAX, PHP5, ASP.NET MVC3, email privacy & protection with 256-bit encryption and more are all included.

When customers’ online presence grow bigger enough, VPS is better to their development. GoDaddy and IXWebHosting also offer both Linux and Windows VPS. Here is a core feature table to them:

Features GoDaddy   Linux VPS IXWebHosting Linux VPS GoDaddy Windows VPS IXWebHosting Windows VPS
Dedicated IPs 3 2 3 2
Memory 1GB 768MB 2GB 768MB
Storage 40GB 50GB 40GB 50GB
Bandwidth Unmetered 1,500GB Unmetered 1,500GB
Pricing $24.99/mo $54.95/mo $34.99/mo $69.95/mo

According to the table, we can easily find out GoDaddy VPS comes with more resources with lower pricing. Besides, both companies also offer customers popular cPanel/Plesk control panel for better management. GoDaddy also includes 1 free SSL certificate free for 1 year in each VPS package.

Integrating the two tables and other features listed out, we can clearly know that IXWebHosting has better shared hosting; GoDaddy shared hosting is also a good alternative with pretty price value. Meanwhile, GoDaddy VPS includes better price value than IXWebHosting VPS. Additionally, GoDaddy also can provide advanced cloud servers and dedicated servers.

GoDaddy vs. IXWebHosting on Performance

GoDaddy and IXWebHosting both guarantee their shared hosting and VPS hosting with a 99.9% uptime. The two companies both take full action to deal with security issues, power support and network issues. That’s why customers can enjoy their fluent website experience and also deliver it to their clients.

GoDaddy now powers the largest cloud platform which boosts the traditional web hosting speed. Based on it, GoDaddy also takes security seriously and has taken many actions to enhance its web hosting safe environment.

For shared hosting, GoDaddy adds on award-wining security that will keep customers’ websites and servers from hackers’ attacks. There will be a dedicated security team standing by around the clock to meticulously monitor, thwart suspicious activity as well as deflect DDoS attacks. Well, each VPS comes with SSL encryption. Besides, GoDaddy utilize premium data centers and cutting edge server hardware like Intel process to support heavy resource demands.

At IXWebHosting, it also has good self-owned data center support with redundant power supply, network connection, and security. PCI compliance, dedicated malware team, malware monitoring, ecommerce hackershield, and etc. are all devoted to reliable performance.

GoDaddy vs. IXWebHosting on Customer Support

GoDaddy and IXWebHosting both offer phone call support. Meanwhile, IXWebHosting has live chat, email and ticket support, while GoDaddy has offline chat support. So, comparing support channels, IXWebHosting does better in that.

However, GoDaddy has excellent help center and detailed FAQs as reference for customers to learn more skills or search for useful featured articles. It can meet up the shortage of support channels. IXWebHosting has an extensive support center, too.

Which one is Better?

Based on this analysis between GoDaddy and IXWebHosting, we clearly know that both GoDaddy and IXWebHosting have cheap shared hosting, and EVEN IXWebHosting offers richer features at lower pricing in shared hosting plan. Considering the reliability and prompt support, IXWebHosting shared hosting is good to beginners and small business.

However, GoDaddy also has cheap shared hosting on both Linux and Windows OS, plus cost-effective VPS hosting. So, we think GoDaddy can satisfy more customers, like fast growing websites’ owners, because of reliable VPS and dedicated server solutions.

To learn more about GoDaddy and IXWebHosting, please go to and

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