AdWords Conversion Tracking

Types of Google AdWords Conversions that you want to Track

Google AdWords is one of the most helpful tools when someone wants to monetize their website. It comes in handy when you have been trying to promote your products and get people to buy them. Google AdWords is a great tool that allows you to advertise your products locally as well as globally and attain new customers. When you want to find out how your advertisements are working out for you, AdWords Conversion Tracking can prove very helpful for you.

What is AdWords Conversion Tracking?

Conversion Tracking is a free tool offered by Google and it can be used to find out whether your ads are successful in converting the links into some profitable actions. In layman’s terms, a profitable action or a meaningful action is defined as a sale or a new lead. A conversion happens when someone clicks one of your ads, they get directed to the landing page and end up making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, downloading a file or even making a phone call. All these actions come under the category of a conversion.

Why track a conversion?

So you have been using Google AdWords for quite some time now but you haven’t actually noticed a major difference in your profits. Maybe it is time you start making use of AdWords Conversion Tracking. Do you ask why? First of all, placing an ad at the perfect location and waiting for new customers is not enough. You need to keep a track of all your ads and find out how they are profiting you. This is because not every ad guarantees a conversion and this is why you need to keep track of all your advertisements.

Here are some most important reasons why you must track conversions-

  • By tracking the conversions, you will be able to find out which keywords are working best for you. You will also get to know about the most profitable ads, campaigns and plan your strategies accordingly.
  • You will get a clearer idea about the Return of Investment you are getting. This helps you make the best use of your budget and invest money where there more chances of earning them back. This is way better than throwing money down the drain by turning a blind eye to how ads are performing.
  • It offers many advanced features like target Cost Per Action, target Return on Ad-Speed, advanced Cost Per Click and with the help of these options; you can change your campaigns.
  • You can also find out which devices are being used by most of your customers and how to convert the device into another one.

How does it actually work?

In order to use conversion tracking, you need to go to your AdWords account. From there, you have to create a Conversion action and then you can start tracking. With the help of this tool, you track the following-

  • All purchases, new sign ups or every other such action that will be beneficial for your website.
  • If your website directs the customer to make a phone call, you can track every single phone call with the help of this tool.
  • If you have an app, you will be notified every single time a customer installs your app. This also goes for a file downloaded from your website.
  • Every single import made on your website can also be tracked with the help of this tool.

In order to do this, you simply have to add a code snippet to your website. Whenever someone clicks on an ad, a cookie is created on their system. If and when they complete the action, the cookie is recognized through the code and Google makes note of the conversion. Some actions like a phone call do not need a tracking code. You can simply use a forwarding number to track the details.

Types of conversions that must be tracked

Listed below is the list of conversions that need to be tracked. All bloggers and website owners must make note of this-

Track every click that leads to a landing page

This is the most basic type of conversion tracking and also the most common one. This type of tracking helps you to keep an eye of the number of clicks that lead a customer to a page that is capable of making a sale. This is inclusive of the person landing on a thank you after completing a particular action.

Track every call that is made to you after visiting your website

This is often the least tracked conversion but it can also turn out to be very profitable if taken care of. Many studies suggest that more than 70 percent of mobile phone users get their hands on advertiser’s number with the help of Google. So, you must definitely put up your official number of Google and make the best of it. You can also track a phone call by setting up a Google forwarding number. Another option is call-on-site, which allows a visitor to see a contact number on your website and call it directly.

Track every download, be it an app or a software

You have definitely worked hard on creating your own app and putting it up on your website. If you have not been able to see some particularly inspiring results so far, you may need to start tracking now. In order to do so, just set up the download URL into the destination URL of the ad.

Track offline conversions

Another great feature is Offline conversion tracking that helps you find out about all the leads that can be converted. It will save you the time and money you invest in getting your sales up.

By using this amazing tool offered by Google you can not only keep an eye on all your ads, you can also improve your sales and profits by a large margin.

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