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Guide to Start a New Blog

The blog is not a fanciful term anymore but a popular one. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the Internet. And a dramatically growing number of people are planning or are starting their blogs. Some of them create blogs for making money, some are for the sharing purpose, some are for the recording, etc. However, it is still a little hard for some people, especially those blog newbies to start from scratch. So here we introduce how to start a new blog to help these people go more smoothly.

Pick up a Web Host

It is a fact that you can create a blog without spending money via free platforms like WordPress.com. However, it is not a good idea if you want to have more control on your future blog and make it professional. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. The Free blog means that you will suffer from security risks, terrible SEO, a large number of ads on the blog, etc. Of course, you will not receive any fee from the ad here either.

Except free blog platforms, people have the other choice: to work with a reliable paid web host, which won’t bring such disadvantages above but will give you much convenience and benefit. As a matter of fact, you need not to worry about hosting fees since there are many budget web hosting solutions for you to select.

iPage, Justhost and Arvixe are recommended cheap web hosts for you. Their web hosting solutions respectively start at $2.25/mo, $2.5/mo and $2.8/mo after discounted. More importantly, you will get a lot, like unlimited disk space, data transfer and email accounts. Additionally, iPage and Justhost offers one free domain registration for one year while Arvixe provides that for life.

If you plan more money on blogging, then you could consider industry-leading Inmotion Hosting and Bluehost. Both companies charge from $3.49/mo on their web hosting, giving more reliable performance. Bluehost even built the data center for hosting in order to make sure hosting performance.

For more web host recommendations, you can visit /.

Register Your Domain

When you have a house (web host) to create your blog, you still need a house address, by which your visitors can find you. The house address is the domain name. It could be short, be long, be formed by words meaningful to you, and so on. But you have to keep it in mind that your domain should be easy to remember, so that visitors can easily find your blog. However, a lot of domains have already been registered. To check the availability of your domain, you can use this HostUCan Search Domain tool.

To register your domain, you can register it at the web host you choose or you can go to specific domain registrars, like GoDaddy. Our advice is to directly register at your web host since the most of web hosts offer free domain name registration for one year or even for life, like Arvixe. Thus, you will save a big amount of money as well as time.

Design Your Blog

After buying the house and registering the address, you can furnish your house, namely design your blog. In the control panel given by your web host, you will see a range of blogging platforms that will create a basic blogging structure. Here we recommend you to install WordPress. It is the easiest to use platform that does not require users to have much knowledge on designing and programming. Instead, since open-source WordPress has the largest community, there are numerous themes and plug-ins as complements of WordPress.

You can pick up a theme you like to install and change it at anytime in Dashboard of WordPress, in official WordPress website, in WPMUDEV, CodeCanyon, etc. Or you can rewrite the chosen theme or just design your own theme from scratch if you have such skills to fully meet your needs. Here are some WordPress theme tips: Free WordPress Theme, Best E-commerce WordPress Themes, Travel WordPress Theme, etc. More than that, WordPress will still satisfy you via plug-ins if you need additional functions, such as video, portfolio, wishlist, social media sharing, etc. We also have plug-ins tutorials and recommendations at /?s=Plugin.

Starting Blogging

Now, you have a whole complete WordPress blog or blog based on other blogging platforms. You can write your first post in the dashboard and publish it to your readers.

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