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Heart Internet Dedicated Server Review

Heart Internet ( is UK-based web hosting provider that is trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers in the globe. The company is famous for providing with popular web hosting solutions and top of the line technical support.

Among its hosting solutions, today we are going to introduce Heart Internet dedicated server hosting. After reading the below Heart Internet Dedicated Server Review, webmasters enable to easily know why we recommend its dedicated server service to customers who are eager to achieve online.

Heart Internet Dedicated Server Ample Features

There is no doubt that most dedicated server hosting providers can offer ample features to webmasters, Heart Internet is one of them.

At this company, dedicated server hosting customers are free to make a choice of five different solutions and the entry level includes 2.33 Ghz dual core processor, RAID 1 storage, 4 GB memory, unlimited bandwidth and 100 Mbps data pipe, remote server reboot as well as bandwidth graphs & reporting, free set-up and etc.

Moreover, the company also offers 1 free dedicated IP to its dedicated server customers to help them manage their accounts flexibly. What’s more, Linux CentOS 5 and Linux CentOS 6 operating systems are also available for webmasters to choose from at Heart Internet.

Heart Internet Dedicated Server Prices

There is no doubt to say that the price of dedicated server is not as cheap as shared web hosting. However, Heart Internet promises that its dedicated server customers can get the hosting services at an affordable price.

The price of the company sets for dedicated server hosting starts from £49.99/mo. Unquestionably, webmasters are free to sign up a more advanced hosting plan at Heart Internet at their willing. Moreover, it is delighted to tell webmasters that they should zero risk at this company to host their own websites because Heart Internet supports monthly billing.

Heart Internet Dedicated Server 99.99% Uptime

Thanks to the long-term innovation and development of Heart Internet and a team of dedicated staffs, the company has the power to make sure almost all of its dedicated server hosting customers can get access to 99.99% uptime and rapid speed.

To enhance the overall performance, the company has invested a lot to make sure a best possible online environment. The Heart Internet dedicated servers are placed in the secure UK data centers, which are powered by Heart Internet are fully supplied with premium hardware, the newest Dell PowerEdge and Intel technology as well as a 100 Mbps internet connection and more.

In addition to that, the company offers a 99.99% uptime SLA to its dedicated server customers to help them run their websites at ease. Furthermore, Heart Internet claims that all of the servers are deployed by the UK-based technicians who monitor network and hardware day and night to ensure optimum hosting services environment.

Heart Internet Dedicated Server Support

It is well known that an industry-leading technical support will help webmasters manage their websites easily, especially for those who do not have a great deal of web hosting experience.

Heart Internet dedicated server hosting customers must be delighted to know that the company can offer some useful and responsive channels for them to contact the experts if they encounter some problems and these supporting ways are email, phone, tax and live chat.

In this way, webmasters can choose one of the supporting ways to contact Heart Internet technical support center to help them get their problems resolved. All of the staffs have a wide range of dedicated server hosting knowledge, so they can give a quick, correct and professional response to its customers.


According to the above review, we believe that webmasters now have a clear understanding about Heart Internet dedicated server hosting. In summary, the company can provide its dedicated server hosting customers with ample features to operate their websites. In addition to that, a high performance online environment and world-leading technical support also come to dedicated server hosting webmasters. Therefore, we can tell webmasters that the company is a pretty good choice for dedicated sever hosting.

By the way, webmasters can also follow the link to get to know additional details about Heart Internet if they are interested in its dedicated server.


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