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Hidden Features of WordPress

When you think of CMS (Content Management System), there could be nothing as convenient and popular platform as WordPress. WordPress comes with so many exciting features which offer the website owners or website developers much ease to build a dynamic website. With so many features lined up, there are several traits which are yet known to the users of the WordPress. Especially for those who are using WordPress for the first time, these handy features when acknowledged by them would beneficial in several ways. It would optimize the overall functioning of the website in an effective manner.

WordPress features and benefits are many, but when you would know about these overlooked features in a better manner, it will enhance your overall experience of developing and using a website. Have a read on some of the hidden, yet useful WordPress features and benefits:

Screen Options:

Screen options is one feature of WordPress which is often overlooked by the users. If you would look into the WordPress dashboard, you will find it at the top right corner. The main responsibility of this feature is to control the visibility of the elements on the dashboard. It ensures that all the elements on the dashboard are visible to the users by default. If you would go the Screen Options tab, you would observe several specialized features under it. Some of these are:

  1. Slug: This feature under the Screen Options tab is used for the editing of the URLs of specific posts. It even includes the editing of the desired keywords in a particular post so as to make it SEP friendly.
  2. Excerpts: By using this feature under the Screen Options tab, the users can create an extract of their posts.
  3. Author: This is another significant and hidden feature of Screen Options which allows the users to change the posts of the author if in case there are several contributors.
  4. Discussion: This feature under the Screen Options will let the users update their preferences for getting trackbacks and pingbacks.
  5. The users can even allow the disabling of the comments box under the Screen Options tab which will disable the comments for any particular post.

In addition to these useful WordPress features and benefits, some more features under the Screen Options tag include Scripts, Layout Settings, Share Settings, Categories, Tags, Facebook Comments, Sharing and so more. These are unknown to the first-time users of the WordPress platform and could serve very beneficial in the long run.

Next Page Tag :

Many a time the website developers or the users would like to split or divide the page into different web pages to include the feature of pagination such that a long article becomes readable or while using the images of the gallery. The Next Page tag comes handy in this situation. All that the web developers or the users need to do is:

  1. Open the particular post for which they want to include pagination
  2. Click on the Text tag from the Visual/Text
  3. The users would now need to select the particular area or place where they would like to split the page for inserting pagination. They can insert <!—nextpageà
  4. That all! They have enabled the pagination feature in a particular post.

The WordPress features and benefits which are unknown to several users can be used to split one post into subdivided pages to increase the readability. When the users would view the particular post from the website, the multi-page links will appear as links at the bottom of the page.

Sticky Posts:

This is another hidden feature of the WordPress platform which might come handy to the users. Sticky Posts is used when the users would want a particular post to get the extended exposure. All the users would need to do is to click on “Edit” link from the Publish widget of the post and then, check right the tab which reads “Stick this post to the front page”. As mentioned in the tab, by enabling this feature, the users can stick the particular post to the front page of their website to enhance extended exposure. By using the feature of the Sticky Posts, the users can increase substantial web traffic to their website by sticking relevant and important posts to their front page.

WordPress Master Options Panel:

If you did not know this, WordPress even has a hidden Master Options Panel which is present on the admin panel. This special panel allows the users to handle their blogs with specialized settings which can be modified as per the usage and preferences.

Handling Posts Revisions:

The WordPress features and benefits are that it keeps the revisions history of all the posts that have been posted on the website. By using this feature, the users or the website developers can make a comparison of the current version and the previous versions to observe the exact changes that have occurred. By using this specialized feature of the WordPress, the users can rollback any particular change or modification they might have made sometimes such that the website could be restored to the original version. In the Publish block, the users can see a number of revisions when they would wish to Edit Page screen or Edit post. The users can also see their post revisions to know about the exact time the revision was made by them. Though it is a helpful feature of the WordPress, it is likely to consume a lot of the database space.

Schedule Posts:

If you have been facing issues with the regular updates of your blog, then this hidden feature of the WordPress could be perfect for you. If you really wish to optimize the performance of your blog, it is vital to update it on a regular basis. By using the Schedule Posts tab, the users can schedule the updating of their posts on a regular or periodic basis without the need of doing anything on their own.

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