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Host Your WordPress in Linux Server or Windows Server

Linux and Windows are two major operation systems of web servers. When looking for a web hosting solution for WordPress, one of the first things people often have to consider is which operation system will run in their servers. And in below, we will explain which one is the better choice for your site?

First, Understand Your Hosting Needs

Both Linux server and Windows server offer very close features except Microsoft Windows supports ASP.NET and MSSQL which you could not find from Linux. So, if your web application relies on ASP.NET or MSSQL, then Windows Hosting is pretty much your only choice.

Linux Hosting is More Affordable

As we all know Windows and MSSQL are not free. When choosing Windows hosting, you will be charged by Microsoft with a certain amount of money depending on what hosting types you choose. In general, Windows Shared Hosting is around 30% more expensive than Linux Shared hosting. And for VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting, Windows Server will charge $10/month to $100/month more than what Linux Server does.

Linux Server Perform better for PHP & MySQL Based Application

A general impression is that Linux server is faster than Windows server. This might not be true all the time, but when coming to PHP&MySQL based application, Linux is around 20% faster than Windows And more than this, Linux is also more reliable when running this type of applications.

If your application is developed using PHP&MySQL, such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, then Linux hosting is best for you.

Linux is Securer

Both types of servers could be hacked if the servers haven’t been properly configured. When saying Linux is secured, it’s just because there are more Windows viruses than Linux viruses, which makes Linux securer.

Linux or Window

As the best blogging system in the world, WordPress runs against PHP&MySQL which work perfect in Linux Server. Even though Windows server could offer features to meet the hosting requirement from WordPress, Linux server is a much more cost-effective one.

For instance, Bluehost, one of the best WordPress Hosting service provider, its hosting solutions starts from $3.95/month only after following this special 44% off promotion link, and include rich features like one free domain, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited disk, unlimited monthly transfer, unlimited MySQL, host unlimited WordPress site in one account, and more. By working with Bluehost, almost everyone could own a WordPress site with a relatively low price.

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However, for ASP.NET hosting, a normal one might charge you over $5/mo, which is really unnecessary if you only want to host WordPress.

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