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Host1Plus Reseller Hosting Review

As for many people who want to dive into web hosting industry but lack budget, reseller hosting is generally the first option for them to begin. It usually does not require much money and advanced technical knowledge, so what they need to do is to carefully choose a reliable provider and maintain their reseller hosting well.

In the following review, we are going to talk about Host1Plus reseller hosting in aspects of price value, performance, and technical support. By analyzing those three aspects, we hope our readers can figure out whether Host1Plus reseller hosting is a good alternative for their business or not.

Who is Host1Plus?

host1plus logoBefore we review Host1Plus reseller hosting, we’d better know who Host1Plus is. Established in 2008, Host1Plus ( is a fast growing web host who aims at offering real high quality web hosting services. With only 7 years of development, Host1Plus has expended its products to dedicated servers and delivered its cloud hosting to Asia.

Currently, although the company can provide dedicated servers, the major products of Host1Plus are shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting. What’s more, the company has 8 server locations to deploy customers’ servers at the optimal status.

Host1Plus Reseller Hosting Review on Price Value

Host1Plus now has 4 reseller hosting packages, namely Starter, Personal, Business, and Business Pro. We find that each Host1Plus reseller hosting package contains rich features at the first glance. What’s more, all reseller hosting accounts are set up immediately one customers purchase it.

50 GB to 150 GB of disk space, 500 GB to 1,500 GB of bandwidth, unlimited domains, and sub-domains, and unlimited databases are enough for customers to divide their resources into as many pieces as they want. Host1Plus reseller hosting also support unlimited service accounts and set up as many domains as they or their clients demand. Besides, all reseller packages include 1 free dedicated IP, preserving customers’ online identity.

host1plus reseller hosting features

Apart from that, Host1Plus reseller hosting also includes some other advanced features. Customers can receive backup management on matte which reseller package they purchase. Backup management will help customers protect their website files from losing.

An easy to use tool, application installer is also included in all packages. It can assist customer to create website on Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, while more than one hundred other application are available. Customers can use them for their own website, or they can make these resources for customers to configure hosting package for their own clients.

As for management, Host1Plus reseller hosting includes multiple control panel options. DirectAdmin and cPanel control panel with WHM control panel are included. Customers can use them to manage their own hosting accounts and resources as well as their clients’ resources. As for transference, even though Host1Plus does not offer WHM transfer tool, its support team will be responsible for all accounts that are up to 30.

Recently, Host1Plus is promoting on its reseller hosting, giving 20% discounts at maximum. To apply it, customers should purchase its 24-month reseller hosting plans. For example, Host1Plus entry-level of reseller hosting normally starts at $20/mo, but with the biggest discount, it only charges at $16/mo.

Host1Plus Reseller Hosting Host1Plus Reseller Hosting
20% Off

Host1Plus now offers 14 days of money back guarantee. If customers are not happy with Host1Plus web hosting, they can ask a refund by canceling their registered hosting accounts within the initial 14 days.

From the analysis of price value, we learn that Host1Plus provides premium reseller hosting which is affordable and contains enough resources to start and develop ordinary reseller hosting business.

Host1Plus Reseller Hosting Review on Performance

As for performance, Host1Plus guarantees that its reseller hosting has as high as 99.9% uptime. How does Host1Plus make it? Let’s figure out the reasons together!

To assure secure and reliable reseller hosting for customers, the company carefully maintains and keeps updates of 6 worldwide data centers’ equipment and facilities. Multiple premium data centers guarantee high connectivity and better reach for each customer.

Each reseller customer at Host1Plus can select a server location from Sao Paulo, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Chicago, and Šiauliai. With redundant options, customers can enjoy the benefits from the location they chose.

More than that, all Host1Plus modern data centers are well-protected by its powerful and high security components; automatic backups are also included, ensuring customers secure hosting environment and fast response times.

In addition, Host1Plus system administrators are fully-trained web hosting technicians with constantly increasing experience and technical knowledge. All staffs will closely monitor and maintain these data centers and other aspects of infrastructures to prevent possible attacks and downtimes.

Excellent engineers and premium data center plus well-adjusted equipment and facilities works together, making the possible high performance for reseller hosting.

Host1Plus Reseller Hosting Review on Technical Support

Good web hosts must know the importance of customer support for successful website. Host1Plus is one of them. The company promises that it will never leave customers in trouble and be 24 hour available.

To make it, Host1Plus keeps real person communication and connection as well as provides multi-language support, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, and so on. When customers have some complex issues, needing help, they can easily reach Host1Plus support staffs via email or directly submit a support ticket. Compared to some other excellent web host, like Bisend and InMotion Hosting, there is still some space for Host1Plus to go.

Host1Plus provides comprehensive online support center, where integrated knowledge base contains tutorials and the articles of general issues, including domains, control panels, tools, DNS management, web/reseller hosting, VPS hosting, account suspension, payments, etc. Therefore, going to knowledge base should be the most effective method for customers who encounter general issues. FAQ & News are also helpful resources customers may need.

Do We Recommend Host1Plus Reseller Hosting?

After analyzing Host1Plus reseller hosting from side by side, we learn that the company’s reseller hosting comes with standard features and easy to use management tools with discounted pricing. Besides, Host1Plus utilizes 6 premium data centers manned by well-trained technicians, ensuring reliable reseller hosting. Only if Host1Plus makes some progress on technical support, we believe it will be great. Therefore, we still recommend Host1Plus reseller hosting for the beginners.

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