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Host1Plus Review

host1plus logoHost1Plus ( was founded in 2008, which is a carefully built web host with the goal of providing the real high-value web hosting services and long-term relationships with customers.

By far, Host1Plus has created 8 data centers located in America and Europe, and expanded its products from shared hosting to dedicated servers. Nowadays, thousands of customers depend on Host1Plus.

In the post below, we would like to analyze Host1Plus by revealing its current promotions, price value, reliability and speed, usability, and support service. With this comprehensive review, we hope our readers can understand whether Host1Plus is trustable or not. We will give our suggestion in the end as well.

Host1Plus Current Promotions

Currently, Host1Plus is promoting its shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting. Now, let’s learn the details together.

Host1Plus shared hosting normally has up to 15% discounts for longer terms. That is to say, Host1Plus shared hosting starts at $5/mo, but if customers but 6-month or longer billing terms, they can save 5% to 15%, namely $4.25/mo at minimum. More than that, the company offers limited promotion that customers can save extra 40% from the total price.

Host1Plus Shared Hosting Host1Plus Shared Hosting
40% Off

As for reseller hosting, Host1Plus offers up to 20% discounts, so that customers can buy its reseller hosting at $16/mo at minimum, instead of $20/mo, for the longest billing term, 24 months. Its VPS hosting also has 3% to 11% discounts. To get the biggest discount, customers should buy its 24-month term and it will start at $2.24/mo, rather than $2.5/mo.

Host1Plus Review on Price Value

Host1Plus now is able to provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers in the marketplace. In below price value review, we are going to mainly introduce tis shared hosting and give a slight introduction about its VPS hosting.

Host1Plus shared hosting now is divided into 3 packages with different resources to satisfy as many as customers. Three shared hosting packages are Personal, Business, and Business Pro. Obviously, Personal package is for individuals and the other two packages are for business owners.

In terms of resources, Personal package includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 free domain among 3 hosted domains, and 5 SQL databases. This lowest shared hosting package does not contain dedicated IP, so if customers require it, they can purchase it by paying $2 per month.

As for business owners, Host1Plus Business and Business Pro plans contain more resources. Besides unlimited storage and bandwidth, up to unlimited add-on domains, sub-domains, databases, and free dedicated IP also come to customers.

In addition to that, at Host1Plus, customers can create and manage multiple email accounts; Host1Plus enhanced privacy and virus protection assures flawless mailing activity for each customer. Host1Plus shared hosting also supports multiple versions of PHP, ranging from PHP 4.4 to PHP 7 for the best work experience.

Normally, Host1Plus shared hosting starts at $5/mo. With at maximum discount for longest billing term and limited promotion 40% discount, Host1Plus shared hosting will only charge at $2.55/mo.

Host1Plus VPS hosting has 6 packages, containing free backups, IPv4 & IPv6 support, SSD caching, 500 Mbps uplink, Intel Xeon processors, RAID data storage, as well as OpenVZ. The lowest VPS hosting package starts at $2.24/mo with up to 11% discount.

Customers can feel free to try Host1Plus web hosting solutions, because of its low pricing and 14-day money–back guarantee. It is valid for Host1Plus shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting, not for any 3rd party offerings and dedicated servers. To require a refund, customers have to submit the refund request via their billing account.

Host1Plus Review on Reliability and Speed

Host1Plus operates 8 data centers around the world making redundant location options for customers who can choose the best location for the best performance.

host1plus data centers

Each data center is well-designed and equipped with redundant infrastructures and power supply, to ensuring the most stable environment and reliable hosting. Besides, each data center has excellent functional and physical security, guaranteeing stable and uninterruptable server performance.

What’s more, Host1Plus web hosting contains high speed network. For shared hosting, Host1Plus uses 1 Gbit network uplink to ensure quick data uploads, downloads, as well as speedy access to customers’ servers.

Host1Plus dedicated team also monitors each data center in real-time and maintains the immaculate network stability, ultra server reliability and excellent customer care to guarantee high powered hosting service.

Host1Plus Review on Usability

As for usability, Host1Plus offers intuitive control panels, which are cPanel or DirectAdmin control panel. With one of the popular control panels, customers can enjoy effortless website management. To help customers build their website on Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, Host1Plus provides application installer that contains more than 100 other useful applications.

Host1Plus does more to save customers’ time and energy by providing backup management. With this management service, customers can make sure that their data has copy files in case of emergency.

Host1Plus Review on Support Service

Host1Plus knows that technical  support is key to all customers, especially for newbies, so the company offers 3 levels of technical support, which are unlimited, free general support, paid 1st level extra-care, and paid 2nd level extra-care support.

Choosing the first support, customers will get the following support for free:

  • Performance control & service monitoring;
  • Consultation regarding software and customer service;
  • On-request service connection to its monitoring system.

If customers choose paid support, they will receive WHM/cPanel management, cPanel/DirectAdmin migration, service monitoring, and basic/advanced security guidance and check.

Besides, customers can check out Host1Plus FAQ, Knowledge base, tutorials, blog, and news for the latest information and technical guidance. If they want to contact Host1Plus, they submit a ticket to ask for help.

The only shortcoming of Host1Plus is that the company does not offer more and direct contact ways for customers. It may be some inconvenient.


Do We Recommend Host1Plus?

In short, we understand that Host1Plus is a premium web host who makes efforts to provide its best solutions and service for customers and gives big discounts to make its products cheaper. 8 data center to support high performance for customers. If it can make some improvement on contact ways, we think, it will better for individual and business owners, especially for the small to medium business.

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