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Host1Plus vs. SiteGround

Host1Plus is a famous web host providing reliable and cheap web hosting; SiteGround is also one of those popular cheap web hosts. Here to help customers select the best web hosting fitting their demands, we plan to make an in-depth comparison, Host1Plus vs. SiteGround. We will compare their hosting pricing, features, performance, and customer support. Finally, we will give our recommendation based on this comparison.

About Host1Plus and SiteGround

Since its inception in 2008, Host1Plus ( has been carefully developing into a professional internet service company. It now can create high-value web hosting related services as well as establish true long-term relationships with its customers as well as supporters. Currently, Host1Plus has 5 server locations around the world, delivering customers reliable shared hosting, VPS, cloud servers and reseller hosting.

SiteGround ( has a little longer history than Host1Plus, and in 2004, SiteGround has begun web hosting business. At present, it can provides various web hosting solutions to customers, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers. For enterprise customers, it also allows custom web hosting solutions to make the best design for them.

Host1Plus vs. SiteGround on Pricing

Host1Plus provides customers who purchase long term plans up to 15% discounts. Regularly, its entry-level shared hosting starts at $5/mo, but when customers sign up with 36 months billing cycle, it starts at $4.25/mo, along with 15% discount. Clicking the following link, customers can get more details.

Host1Plus Exclusive Promotion Host1Plus Exclusive Promotion
15% Off

Besides, Host1Plus VPS is very cheap, which comes with up to 20% discount valid to longer billing cycles. Amber, the entry-level package comes with up to 15% discount, and all the other VPS packages offer customers up to 20% when they sign up 24 months billing cycle. Regularly, it is from $4/mo, but now it is from $3.20/mo to get Amber.

SiteGround web hosting is cheap as well. For shared hosting, if customers check it via our exclusive promo link, they will get 60% discount, making its shared hosting start at $3.95/mo instead of regular $9.95/mo. It is cheaper than Host1Plus.

SiteGround Exclusive Promotion SiteGround Exclusive Promotion
60% Off

As for cloud hosting, SiteGround offers fast, scalable as well as fully managed cloud hosting option. Normally, it charges from $80/mo, but going with 12 month billing cycle, customers can receive 10% discount and start from $72/mo with free setup service. Comparing with Host1Plus’ upgrade hosting plans, SiteGround cloud hosting is much expensive.

Additionally, Host1Plus offers customers 14 Days of money back guarantee to compensate customers, if they encounter any downtime out of their guarantee. SiteGround provides customers with 30 Days of money back guarantee, ensuring customers have a free hosting service trial within the first months. It is better than Host1Plus.

Generally, Host1Plus and SiteGround both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is hard to make the recommendation with single pricing comparison.

Host1Plus vs. SiteGround on Features

Host1Plus offers shared hosting, unmanaged VPS, cloud servers and reseller hosting, while SiteGround offers managed shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, and enterprise-class custom hosting solutions. Firstly, let’s check out their shared hosting features.

Shared Hosting

At Host1Plus, it prepares 3 packages, including unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 free domain, 5 subdomains, and 3 add-on domains minimum. All Host1Plus shared hosting is built on Linux distributions and customers are allowed to choose a location from multiple premium data centers.

Besides, 5 MySQL databases, unlimited email accounts with enhanced privacy as well as virus protections, easy-to-use PHP version selector giving customers multiple versions of PHP ranging from 4.4 to 7. For better usability, Host1Plus also provides intuitive control panel choosing from cPanel and DirectAdmin, and application installer making 100+ popular apps like WordPress and Drupal available easily. Also, Simplified backup management available makes customers in peace.

At SiteGround, its shared hosting has 3 plans, too. Within the here packages, customers can receive at least one website, 10GB SSD storage, and up to 10,000 monthly visits. Besides, its basic plan includes all essential features customers may need. Free unlimited email accounts, unmetered traffic, unlimited MySQL DB, free CloudFlare CDN, free SSLs and free HTTP/2.

Because SiteGround offers managed shared hosting, it makes shared hosting extremely easily to use. Free website builder, free & instant setup, and free popular apps installs, helping customers start their hosting and site quicker and simpler. cPanel and SSH are even included as well to improve site and other things management.

In other two higher plans, SiteGround offers premium and geeky advanced features available. Free Wildcard SSL for 1 year, 30 backup copies, free PCI compliance, WordPress & Joomla staging and more are included. Comparing with Host1Plus’ shared hosting plans, SiteGround offers much more features in its shared hosting packages.

VPS or Cloud Hosting

Other more, if needed, customers can upgrade to Host1Plus VPS or SiteGround cloud hosting. Host1Plus unmanaged VPS offers at least 20GB SSD RAID storage, 1 CPU core, 512MB RAM, and 1TB bandwidth. Full root access, Lice stats, DNS management, virtual console access, instant deployment, scalable resources, rDNS configuration, geolocated IPs, and popular Linux OS are included.

SiteGround cloud hosting comes with 40GB SSD storage, 4GB memory, 5TB data transfer, and 2 CPU cores. Each plan can be customized with additional CPU, RAM, and storage. Auto-scalable resources, free CDN, multiple locations, daily backups, free domain, 1 dedicated IP, free SSL, IP tables firewall, Softaculous auto-installer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, WHM & cPanel, and SSH access are all included.

We can easily figure out that both designed flexible and scalable VPS or cloud hosting for customers, but it is evident that SiteGround cloud hosting comes with more features and tools. So, Host1Plus VPS is cheaper, while SiteGround cloud hosting is more feature-rich.

Host1Plus vs. SiteGround on Performance

Host1Plus does not offer any uptime guarantee to shared hosting and VPS comes with a 99.9% availability guarantee, while SiteGround has a standard 99.9% uptime guarantee to customers but its regular uptime is higher than 99.9%.

Host1Plus has more than one premium data center locations, which are all equipped with premium hardware, redundant power supplies, high quality air conditioning system, adequate cooling system and multiple data copies, to ensure high connectivity and better online experience. SSD caching, RAID storage, 1 Gbit network uplink, and well-designed Ceph storage system also contribute to ultimate speed and high availability.

At SiteGround, At SiteGround, customers are supported by 3 data centers, along with the hottest web hosting speed technologies. Premium data centers create a solid foundation to reliable web hosting. Moreover, the company utilizes enterprise hardware with SSD disks, faster web server NGINX, faster PHP 7/HHVM, faster CMS SuperCacher, plus HTTP/2 and CDN, to ensure less load time and faster server speed.

Comparing performance, we think Host1Plus guarantees standard uptime, and SiteGround can offer better.

Host1Plus vs. SiteGround on Customer Support

Live chat and tickets support can be found at both Host1Plus and SiteGround, but phone support is available at SiteGround only. All these support channels are open to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to that, SiteGround also provides free website migration support, helping to migrate customers’ websites quickly and seamlessly.

About tutorials and product guides, Host1Plus and SiteGround create extensive knowledge base offering customers simple product information and technical skills. Especially, SiteGround creates special tutorials for popular CMS platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento, and others.

We can clearly feel that Host1Plus only offers standard support, but SiteGround offers premium customers support.


Taking all aspects above into consideration, we know that both companies offer cheap shared hosting, but SiteGround offers much more features in packages. For VPS, Host1Plus is much cheaper than SiteGround, because it is unmanaged; SiteGround cloud hosting is expensive, but comes with better features. About performance and customer support, SiteGround does better jobs than Host1Plus.

Therefore, we think customers who have better technical knowledge can go with Host1Plus, but if they demand better experience and more time focusing on their business, and also have redundant hosting budgets, they should go with SiteGround.

To learn more about Host1Plus or SiteGround, please go to or

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