Host4ASP.NET Review review

In below, we will introduce Host4ASP.NET in detail and explain why it’s the best ASP.NET hosting you could rely on.

Host4ASP.NET ( is a unique company in the industry and receives lots of popularity these years, whose mission is to offer first-class ASP.NET solutions for web developers.  Besides this, the company also integrates PHP into its server so that users have two programming language options when they build websites. They can utilize ASP.NET to develop websites as well as PHP to create WordPress sites.

So an increasing number of users who want to experience ASP.NET and PHP languages prefer Host4ASP.NET products now when consider hosting solutions to build websites.

Host4ASP.NET Coupons

Host4ASP.NET makes it possible for everyone to afford ASP.NET hosting solutions. It sets low price and it gives special coupons.

Currently, the basic ASP.NET hosting is at a promotional pricing of $2.95/mo, including 10 GB disk space, unlimited data transfer, the latest MS technology, 256 MB site memory and so on. Note that without the coupon, you have to pay $4.95/mo for this plan.

Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Deal Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Deal
40% Off

In addition, Host4ASP.NET provides bigger discounts for its Windows VPS customers who go with it longer. Namely, Host4ASP.NET $29.95/mo Windows VPS renews at $19.95/mo when customers choose 3-year billing terms. To know all, please check out Host4ASP.NET coupon.

Host4ASP.NET Price Value Review

The company is proud for its premium ASP.NET hosting based on shared hosting environment. Last year, it added VPS and reseller hosting into its hosting series, so that people could have more options from this company.

Firstly, lets’ see Host4ASP.NET shared ASP.NET hosting. We check 3 plans in all with different resources, like disk space from 10 GB to unlimited, email accounts from 10 to unlimited, up to unlimited sites, etc.

Besides, .NET 5, 4.5, 3.5SP1, 2, and 1.1 are all available to customers. Features like .NET version switch, Classic ASP, MVC, Silverlight, URLRewrite 2, SQL server 2012/2014, IIS 8.5, isolated application pools, and much more come together to help customers set up powerful ASP.NET sites. If customers want WordPress sites, there are PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4 along with the latest MySQL 5.5 database too.

Unlike other providers just offering single ASP.NET hosting or PHP hosting, Host4ASP.NET hosting contains features that both ASP.NET and PHP-powered websites require. But Host4ASP.NET hosting is inexpensive that is even lower than some of PHP hosting solutions. And through this promotional link, the regular price $4.95/mo will still be cut 40% off and finally the price is at $2.95 for each month.

host4 features

Then, let’s take a look at Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS. From barebone VPS to managed VPS, Host4ASP.NET gets every kind of demand covered. It allows its customers to custom their own servers as well. Moreover, Host4ASP.NET VPS is based on Dell servers, RAID disk arrays, SSD and Hyper-V, which make Host4ASP.NET stand out in the industry.

As to pricing of the Windows VPS, $19.95/mo, the lowest pricing, includes 40 GB disk space, 1 GB RAM, 1 core, 1 IP, and 400 GB bandwidth based on Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition or Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition.

Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting is an pretty option for small businesses to make money via reselling web hosting solutions. Customers will get features similar to Host4ASP.NET shared ASP.NET hosting, such as the latest MS technology.

More than that, Host4ASP.NET has 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, customers can take back their money within the first 30 days if they are unhappy with Host4ASP.NET and its services.

Host4ASP.NET Review on Data Centers and Technology

As a provider with Microsoft certified hosting, Host4ASP.NET distinguishes itself with others on data centers and advanced hosting technologies.

A world-class data center in Lenexa, KS is the final decision of Host4ASP.NET after the careful selection. More than that, the host also has another data center in Hong Kong to offer better hosting services for local Asian customers.

The data centers are reliable and secure and deliver the fast network transfer speed. Network capacity reaches 300 Gbit/s connectivity. On the reliability, Room Air Conditioning System and UPS system backed with gel battery power bank and backup generators create a super reliable hosting environment. Furthermore, Host4ASP.NET only utilizes Dell servers to host websites for users.

Moreover, Host4ASP.NET selected data centers are monitored for every minute. A team of professional engineers knowing ASP.NET and PHP deeply are responsible for developing hosting solutions and maintaining the uptime of websites to 99.9%.

Host4ASP.NET Review on Ease-to-use

Since Host4ASP.NET supports various ASP.NET and PHP script languages based on Windows OS, its engineers enhance WebSitePanel control panel to make it easier to use for customers. Through that, users will easily manage their websites, 1-click install web applications, administrate email issues, manage bandwidth, etc.

Additionally, Host4ASP.NET provides remote SQL management studio access, SQL backup, SQL restore, as well as phpMyAdmin to MySQL databases. The host gives customers Full Trust Level. It means that customers will get as many as features with no limitations.

This company accepts payment options consisting of PayPal, MasterCard, and Discover. Payment cycles vary from 1 month to 3 years.

Host4ASP.NET Review on Customer Support

Host4ASP.NET does well in the customer support. Frankly speaking, it only provides users with two kinds of direct supports: live chat and ticket. But these two are so convenient that users need not to wait a long time and cost extra money. The 2 support channels are available for customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week too.

And Host4ASP.NET supporting engineers are all well-trained, who will quickly know what problem it is and then help customers settle it down fast as well. Besides, knowledgebase is useful too when people search solutions to frequent asked questions. Host4ASP.NET blog is a great place to check the latest news and varied tutorials.


Host4ASP.NET is one of a few hosting providers placing both ASP.NET and PHP languages in one plan. And its hosting contains rich features to build powerful websites at a low price. Users can manage their accounts in WebSitePanel and once questions arise, they can go to Host4ASP.NET for help as well.

So here in our professional opinion, Host4ASP.NET is really suitable for people who have desires to make use of ASP.NET and PHP to create sites. To get more information and 40% off discounts of Host4ASP.NET, please go to 1


  1. They have updated themselves so much with the needs of the clients that it can be easily seen in their service. The blazing high speed and 99.9% uptime made my website better than anyone else around. It is undoubtedly the best with 24×7 technical support. HOST4ASP is user-friendly and easy to install for all those who aren’t tech savvy like me.

  2. I was looking for a great web hosting service and it was then when my friend suggested me about this one. Host4ASP.Net is designed to take your business to the very next level by offering the best service possible. I am really satisfied with their service and will suggest everyone to check out their service atleast once.

  3. This is one perfect web hosting service for the websites. I have two websites running under them and both are running well. They have different plans such as Shared hosting, reseller hosting VPS hosting, etc. and all are designed very carefully to meet the customer’s need.

    • Best hosting services I had ever used till now, I am linked with them for over a year. I am happy that I had joined them, they have made me acknowledge them by their services and quality they provide to the users. The speed of their server is just superb. Recommend it. Thank you!

  4. This is one of the best-optimized web hosting services which ensures that your website will run smoothly always. They have mainly three plans and those are reseller hosting, shared hosting and Windows VPS. I am using the reseller one and it’s amazing. I will always suggest this hosting to all whoever asks me for a better hosting service.

    • This is a great ASP.NET optimized web hosting service, which is perfect for all kind of websites. I have two websites running under them and both are running really well. I am using this service for a year now and I am satisfied with their service. Thank you, Host4ASP.NET for supporting me in every small step.

  5. This is a perfect website hosting service that comes with several plans such as Reseller hosting, Shared hosting and Widows VPS. So, you can choose the one that suits your business needs. One of my college friends suggested me about this service and since then I am using it. I am really satisfied by the service of Host4ASP.Net.

    • I have three websites running under their service and all are running really well. I am highly grateful to Host4ASP.NET for such great help. Their starting fee is really negligible which helped me hire their service. All the features are too good to make a website stand out quickly. I am using the reseller plan and it is working great for me.

  6. Host4ASP.NET is one of the best web hosting services I ever used for my websites. I have few websites running under the same platform and all are performing quite well. Overall, I am happy with their service. The features like 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 hours support and 30 days money back guarantee to help the new users a lot.

    • I am associated with fashion business and I am based in Mumbai and last year I have started my own website using and I am completely satisfied. Last week I had some technical issues with my site and I have called the tech team and they have responded in just 2 minutes and solved the technical glitch. Great team great service!

  7. is an optimized web hosting service that comes with rich features. I have three websites running under their service and all are running extremely well. The support team is highly supportive who promise to resolve all kind of issue as early as possible.

  8. I’m so thankful that I choose the services of Host4ASP.NET and got excellent uptime, customer services and security for my website. I was also offered a complete IIS facility. Thus I was able to completely secure exclusive data on my website. I was also able to manage windows VPS system in an efficient manner.

  9. As the name suggests, this is the web hosting service for the website. At present, I have four websites running under them and all are running successfully. They have several plans and all are designed well to help the customers. I am using the reseller plan and it is really helpful for beginners like me. They also have a 30 days money back guarantee so that you can get the money back anytime in case of unsatisfaction.

    • They have been in the hosting services for a long time and I have always received satisfactory services from them. They have a sound technical staff that solves problems quickly. Their customer services are also appreciable.

  10. With the help of Host4ASP.NET, I was able to cash in on a wide range of genuine features like URLRewrite 2, the switch of .NET version, MVC, SQL servers, Silverlight, etc. With the help of the control panel, I was able to design unique web portals for my customers over the internet. Host4ASP.NET is offering all these features at a nominal price of$2.95 on a monthly basis with 30 days of money back guarantee.

    • Host4ASP.NET is well known for impeccable management and security features which helped me get a peace of mind while I was working online. I was also able to get eco-friendly web hosting and helped to curb at the carbon footprinting. Host4ASP.NET also provides proper system backup and offers air conditioning for hosting servers; this helped me to stay online round the clock.

  11. Through the Host4ASP.NET I got a chance to manage a website through Plesk control panel. This service gave me versatility in proper maintenance of my web portal for users around the globe in an efficient manner. Believe me, as I was also offered one of the best services in proper maintenance of database for my web portal. Due to great server speed, I got the upper hand in comparison to my rivals as my website loads quickly.

    • Two areas which helped Host4Asp.NET to become the best service provider are customer care and server speed. I was able to activate my account immediately and also acquired a wide range of upgrades for hosting purpose. Host4ASP.NET is providing all these features and more for a jaw-dropping $2.95 on a monthly basis and also offers a 30 days money back guarantee.

  12. Host4ASP is one of the best web hosting solutions which is optimized for the website. This service normally has three plans which are shared, reseller and VPS server. All of them are designed for different customers’ type. They have features like instant setup process, money back guarantee and excellent technical support which are really needed to run a website seamlessly.

    • I no longer have security issues especially when it comes to emails because of the spam assistant they provided me. Their plans are incomparable and the price is undoubtedly efficient. Managing my Windows VPS was never so easy until I signed up with Host4Asp.

  13. Host4ASP.NET is known for its impeccable security service which had helped me to make my online venture web portal secure from various threats over the net. They gave me an opportunity to create a website using WordPress which was created in a blink of an eye and it’s very easy to maintain. Through their genuine services, I was also been able to get instantaneous account activation.

  14. I run an website that is quite popular in the recent days. And I am really grateful to that they helped me a lot in my journey. I am using this service from the very beginning of my career and never ever got any chance to complain anything against them. Their money back guarantee is another reason why I chose this service. This is a very logical thing I must say.

    • I am highly satisfied with the service of Host4ASP. This is a great and powerful optimized solution for website. When it comes to the facility, customer service, programming or database, they win the deal everywhere. All the features of Host4ASP are excellent that can take your business to a very next level by growing the audience base smoothly.

  15. I have used from the beginning of my personal blogging career and it helped me always. Their instant set-up process is just mind-blowing. It took no time for me to set up the whole thing and I cloud start using my website just as before. I am really grateful to my friend who recommended me this service. And I will definitely recommend this to all others I can.

    • I run an website, and I was looking for the best web hosting service. This is when my close friend suggested me about this web hosting service. I did not think twice to buy their service, and it worked really great for me. Instant setup process does not take any time to get started with. The money back guarantees is another added benefit definitely.

    • Best feature about is its speed, it gives an efficiently high performance with speed. You should always go with a fast web hosting provider, whose server could load your dynamic websites quickly. This does exactly the same for you.It has provided me with an amazing reliability experience and help me grow my business.

    • Amazing costs and best services! There were other providers who were more popular, but they gave me the best services and a bang-on value for my money. The support team is just a ping away and always on standby to help me with any concerns I have.

    • Host4ASP.NET provides great web services at a small cost. Their servers are fast with almost no downtime and lagging issues. I personally never faced any downtimes when using the website. Then there is a great customer support team who are ready to solve your problem 24 x 7. So go ahead and experience the change.

  16. You will be offered remote SQL features for the purpose of backup my admin and restoration. You can easily install wide range of web applications with just one mouse click plus you will also be offered services to administer email and bandwidth management. You will also be offered high upscale speed for the website which increases its downloading speed.

    • Yes. Host4ASP.NET also provides you with impeccable Cisco firewall which will help you stay safe from malware and fraudulent activities over the internet. You will also get a facility to work on server 2012. Thus it will help to increase the downloading speed of the site. Host4ASP.NET also provides SSD features integrated with RAID5. Thus it makes the speed of the website ten times faster. You will also get round the clock customer care.

  17. When I got started with my website, I switched to ASP.NET for its development. It rendered me a solution to upgrade the ways to build a website. It offers the latest MS technology and unlimited data transfer. It has different plans which fit in the pocket of every website owner.

  18. I have been using it for 8 months now and I really like sticking with them because of their services and superb quality of work. They are really cheap and efficient. According to the prices they charge, it seems to be worthy of every penny. You guys are awesome Host4ASP.

    • The best hosting in my opinion. I was looking for hosters all over for my .net project website for my final year. Came across and immediately made up my mind. Latest .net framework-based technologies, easy to use Plesk control panel for all your needs and a tremendous support team is what makes them ideal for aspiring .net developers like me.

  19. The services and features provided by this website is seriously amazing. I was astonished to see the high quality of work done by them for the just low cost. The packages they provide are very efficient and satisfy the worth of the money that we pay.

  20. This has really helped me in doing my work at a faster pace. I am very happy with this. I got to know about this host server from some of my colleagues and after that, there has been no going back. This not only hosts a high rating but also makes sure that everything that the user wants is present right there!

  21. The features and services provided by this host were really amazing. I was shocked to see the amazing quality of work done by this server. The plans and packages that they give are very good and I have very satisfied with the quality of it. Highly recommend it for anyone who needs all the features at a good rate.

    • I’m completely depended on them for any issues and rely on them for help. While they have a great team for support. I tried for free web hosting before, but the result was worst. So I planned to come to this server and since then, I am satisfied and happy with their service.

    • I totally agree with you. I am new at this but I really am impressed by the way they work.

  22. It has not been a long time since I am involved with Host4ASP but in my 7 months of experience, they have worked really well. They handled my website very well and assisted my business to maintain my SEO ranking. I’m enjoying their services and looking forward to many years association with them.

  23. I migrated my site to Host4ASP.NET last year. And I have to say that they’re much better than I thought. I had searched for the company and read a lot complaints about their support, downtime, and backup, etc. But since my website is just for personal purposes and I needed a cheaper plan, so I decided to try it out. It was in Host4ASP.NET Christmas & New Year Holiday season, so they gave me another 6 months hosting service. And surprisingly, I haven’t experienced a server downtime issue over the past months. Their technical support is not efficient as expected, but still meet my demands and give me quite friendly, professional assistance.

    • Yuri, Host4ASP attend their clients very professionally and help them throughout. I recently hosted my 3rd website and I am very much satisfied.

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