Host4ASP.NET SSL Certificate Review

gi_136034_host4asp-netHost4ASP.NET ( is a cheap web hosting company and also a special web hosting company who only focuses on ASP.NET hosting for those web developers. Within its shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting, Host4ASP.NET has integrated PHP and Net Framework to make it more powerful. Therefore, more and more developers who are interested in ASP.NET and PHP go to Host4ASP.NET to find the suitable hosting packages.

For those developers transmitting or accepting sensitive information, SSL certificate solution is vital. In below, we are to review Host4ASP.NET SSL certificate for these customers, hoping to find out whether Host4ASP.NET is good at SSL certificate solutions or not.

Host4ASP.Net SSL Certificate Review on Features

Security is always the top priory for Google, and it has announced that adding a SSL certificate on users’ websites can give them a minor ranking boost. Meanwhile, the company also encourages all webmasters to switch from HTTP to HTTPS, so that they keep everyone safe on their sites. Not only for the better security, but also for the higher ranking in Google search results, Host4ASP.NET offers affordable SSL certificate solutions.

Basically, Host4ASP.NET SSL certificate has three packages. One is for a single website protection, coming with domain validation, free site seal, single-security, and $10,000 warranty. The second one is for multiple websites protection, including domain validation, $10,000 warranty, and free site seal, too. Multiple-domain security is of course included. The second one accepts the most popularity.


Besides, the third one is for protecting unlimited subdomains, having the same domain validation, site seal, $10,000 warranty, and unlimited-domain security.

What are these features offering to customers? With site seal on websites, the customers can their visitors can always receive the reminders that the site they are viewing and their information are protected. It means that Host4ASP.NET SSL certificates with free site seal can promote the visitor confidence as well as trust.

In current industry, 256-bit encryption and 128-bit encryption are the most popular SSL certificates, which is depended on the server and computer’s compatibility. The number of the bit decides the levels of security. At Host4ASP.NET, the SSL certificates are available with either 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. They are both the industry standard for the data protection.

Speaking of SSL certificate bit and server & computer compatibility, Host4ASP.NET carefully pick SSL certificates to make sure the strong web server compatibility. It makes the current majority of web servers can recognize Host4ASP.NET SSL certificates. Besides, it also has 100% compatibility with the existing popular browsers. Ease-of-use is coming to customers as well.

Host4ASP.NET SSL Certificate Review on Pricing

Host4ASP.NET three SSL certificate packages include multiple discount plans, which changes with the billing cycles. The highest discount is about 25%. To make it clearer, we make a pricing table as following:

SSL Plans Original Price 1-Year Price 2-Year Price 3-Year Price
Protect One Site $64.99/yr $59.99/yr $129.99/yr $229.99/yr
Protect Multiple Sites $144.99/yr $54.99/yr $119.99/yr $214.99/yr
Protect All Subdomains $254.99/yr $49.99/yr $109.99/yr $199.99/yr

According to this pricing table, we can know that the SSL for one website protection includes 8% to 24% off discounts, the plan for multiple websites protection includes 11% to 25% off discounts, and the plan for all subdomains protection includes 10% to 22% off discounts. No matter which package customers go with, Host1ASP.NET has made it affordable. To claim these coupons, customers can click our exclusive promotional link in below.

Host4ASP.NET SSL Certificate Deal Host4ASP.NET SSL Certificate Deal
25% Off

Host4ASP.NET SSL Certificate Review on Performance

HostASP.NET has the confidence to ensure the 99.9% uptime and offer customers with the blazing fast speed and the highest level of reliability.

The first thing for that confidence we’d like to talk is about the data centers Host4ASP.NET utilizes. In each of these data centers, Host4ASP.NET has used fully redundant power supply, N+1 power, and diesel generators, which all ensure the uninterruptable power supply. It will power thousands of dedicated servers to deliver the highest level of reliability.

What’s more, Host4ASP.NET has attached great importance to data center security. Its professional engineers are closely monitoring each data center round the clock. So, they can quickly response to any sudden issue when it arises, to make each infrastructure runs well.

In addition to well-maintained and well-designed data centers, Host4ASP.NET has the commitment to offer customers the fastest access speed by leveraging cutting-edge technologies as well as the maximum bandwidth. To make customers’ visitors having the fast page loading speed experience, Host4ASP.NET also uses the multiple layers of network services to shorten the distance between their websites and their visitors.

Host4ASP.NET is making use of these infrastructures, facilities, and well-trained technicians to make sure fast speed and a 99.9% uptime for each customer.

Host4ASP.NET SSL Certificate Review on Customer Support

Host4ASP.NET is well-known for offering a high level of support service in the web hosting industry. As to SSL certificate customer support, Host4ASP.NET makes it professional, prompt and timely. Its stellar customer support technicians are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that they can answer customers’ questions in time, and then provide the effective and immediately helpful suggestions as soon as possible.

Ticket support, email and online live chat are offered to customers, but there is no the most convenient contact way, phone call. So, we think Host4ASP.NET has make customer support effective and helpful, but there is still some room to improve it better.

Additionally, Host4ASP.NET engineers and technicians have worked out a number of helpful guidance, articles, how-to’s, as well as appropriate answers to the most frequently asked questions in the Knowledge base. Customers can search for their issues.

Is Host4ASP.NET SSL Certificate Recommendable?

Host4ASP.NET SSL certificate is really affordable, industry-standard SSL certificate service. Coming with standard features to offer the strong data encryption, strong web server compatibility, and trusted site seal, plus reliable and fast speed, we think customers can think about Host4ASP.NET SSL certificate and have a try with the affordable pricing. Because of ASP.NET web hosting specialist, Host4ASP.NET SSL certificates are good to those ASP.NET fans.

However, if customers need much cheaper SSL certificates, HostPapa SSL and 1and1 SSL are also the good alternatives.

To lean more information about Host4ASP.NET, HostPapa and 1and1 SSL certificates, please visit, and

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