Host4ASP.NET vs. I/O Zoom

Host4ASP.NET is an industry-leading Windows hosting company, and I/O Zoom is a fast-growing web host. In the following Host4ASP.NET vs. I/O Zoom, we will analyze the two famous web hosts from their hosting pricing, hosting features, hosting performance, and customer support. In the end of this comparison, we will offer our recommendation based on this comparison for customers, hoping you get the right partner from this in-depth comparison.

About Host4ASP.NET and I/O Zoom

Since its inception, Host4ASP.NET has grown into a mature, experienced, reliable Windows hosting provider. By far, Host4ASP.NET has launched different Windows hosting solutions, including Windows web hosting (namely ASP.NET hosting), Windows VPS, Window reseller hosting, SQL Server hosting, Hong Kong hosting, various Windows-based CMS hosting like DotNetNuke and nopCommerce hosting, and SSL certificates.

I/O Zoom ( is a relatively young web host, starting web hosting business with Linux VPS hosting. At present, I/O Zoom is able to offer cloud VPS, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, WordPress VPS, and WordPress hosting. Compared to Host4ASP.NET, I/O Zoom pays most attention to its VPS hosting products.

Host4ASP.NET vs. I/O Zoom on Hosting Pricing

Host4ASP.NET offers cheap Windows hosting services. Normally, Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET hosting starts at $2.95/mo rather than $4.95/mo, so customers now purchasing Host4ASP.NET through following exclusive promo link can save 40% off. The discounted pricing and original pricing are both affordable!

Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Deal Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Deal
40% Off

Besides, Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS comes with different discounts up to 20.43% off according to different billing periods. Its entry-level plan Barebone VPS starts at $38.95/mo after discounting 20.43% from $48.95/mo. It is a little higher than some companies, so we will check if it is worth the pricing in next feature comparison part. Meanwhile, Host4ASP.NET provides customers with 30 day money back guarantee to enhance customer trust.

As for I/O Zoom, its various VPS hosting comes with reasonable pricing. Its cloud VPS starts at $5/mo, Linux VPS starts at $8/mo, and Windows VPS starts at $10/mo. There is no additional discount, but we can still find these prices are cheaper than Host4ASP.NET. Similarly, I/O Zoom has 30 day money back guarantee available as well.

I/O Zoom VPS Deal I/O Zoom VPS Deal

In order to reveal which web host offers better price value, we will move on to hosting feature comparison in below.

Host4ASP.NET vs. I/O Zoom on Hosting Features

Host4ASP.NET can offers customers different Windows web hosting options to meet their requirements, including ASP.NET hosting, Windows VPS and Windows reseller hosting. If customers want use Windows-based CMS, there is DotNetNuke hosting, Umbraco hosting, nopCommerce hosting, and Kentico hosting available.

This is very different from I/O Zoom who mostly focuses on VPS hosting ranging from Linux VPS, Windows VPS and cloud VPS. The two companies both go their own way to provide customers with different unique web hosting products.

Firstly, let’s have a look at their VPS hosting. Host4ASP.NET now offers Hyper-V Windows VPS. Because the company offers more elaborate Virtual Server and OS integration, customers can get full control over kernel and many useful Hyper-V options available, including full OS customization, resource monitoring, reboot & stop & start controls, Virtual Machine import & export and Windows Server 2012 R2 instance & license.

I/O Zoom use Hyper-V virtualization for its Windows VPS, too. Like, I/O Zoom offers Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Besides, Windows Server 2016 is available.

Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS come with code-ready environment. In its Windows VPS, Host4ASP.NET has installed Node.js, ASP.NET core, PHP 7.0, PHP 5.6, multiple .NET versions and more to help customers start coding as well as deploying their sites in seconds. For databases, Host4ASP.NET provides MSSQL 2012/2014/2016 together with MySQL DBs. It also has a mail service with spam assistant in VPS, giving them a good protection on email. Well, We didn’t find such features in I/O Zoom VPS servers.

In below, we will make a feature comparison table to show Host4ASP.NET and I/O Zoom entry-level VPS hosting server features:

Features H4 Windows VPS I/O Zoom Windows VPS I/O Zoom Linux VPS I/O Zoom Cloud VPS
CPU core 1 1 1 1
Storage 60GB 30GB 20GB 20GB
Free SSD
Transfer 1TB 2000GB 2000GB 1000GB
Dedicated IP 1
Control Panel Plesk

Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS is fully upgradable, so customers can feel free to ask upgrades.

We have found that Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS is really feature-richer than I/O Zoom Windows and other types of VPS servers. Host4ASP.NET also has specially optimized ASP.NET hosting available comes with up to unlimited server space, Plesk control panel, rich developer features and more.

In conclusion, Host4ASP.NET has cheap, feature-rich ASP.NET hosting and cost-effective Windows VPS, while I/O Zoom offers cheap VPS hosting with standard features.

Host4ASP.NET vs. I/O Zoom on Hosting Performance

Host4ASP.NET and I/O Zoom both are confident to their hosting performance. Hosst4ASP.NET offers 99.9% uptime guarantee for its Windows shared hosting and 99.99% uptime guarantee for its Windows VPS hosting, while I/O Zoom now is offering 100% network uptime guarantee for its VPS hosting.

Host4ASP.NET Host4ASP.NET uses top-level data center in Chicago, IL, which is equipped with 100% DELL servers, redundant cooling systems (CRACs), ample power supply including UPS and automatic transfer switches, and redundant network connections with 300Gbit/s connectivity as well as high redundant capacity. Also, completely SSD storage servers boost hosting speed.

Besides, for enhanced security, Host4ASP.NET offers 24/7 monitoring and server maintenance, automatic whole server daily backup, safety locks, virus scanning, server security update and patches, Cisco firewall and DDoS attack response to maintain high reliability and security.

At I/O Zoom, its hardware specs are premium, too. Supermicro servers, DDR4 RAM, 100% SSD drives, LSI RAID 10 disk protection arrays, and Intel dual Xeon processors are deployed to support customers’ VPS servers and sites. In the aspect of hardware specs, both companies are similar. The company now operated multiple DC locations allowing better website response speed for customers’ users. Noction traffic route optimization makes better network performance.

For security, I/O Zoom provides free daily snapshot backup and free up to 10 Gbps DDoS protection ensure better security.

Checking their data centers and web server configurations, we can find that both companies integrate their best hardware specs and facilities to support the best possible hosting performance.

Host4ASP.NET vs. I/O Zoom on Customer Support

Host4ASP.NET and I/O Zoom provide customers 24/7 helpdesk and live chat support, but after we tested their live chat support, we find that Host4ASP.NET technicians respond faster than I/O Zoom.

Besides, both companies offer online resources to help customers more. Host4ASP.NET has blog which is regularly updated by its experienced support members and technicians, while I/O Zoom has knowledge base and video tutorials available.


Based on the comparison, we have our choice now. Host4ASP.NET can provide customers with more web hosting type choices to allow them to choose the best web hosting size for their sites, and I/O Zoom offers VPS only solutions with more OS environment options. Besides, Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET hosting and Windows VPS both are feature-richer than I/O Zoom. So, Host4ASP.NET comes with better price value. Considering their similar premium performance and Host4ASP.NET faster support service, we think Host4ASP.NET can better fit different customers’ demands.

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  1. I have learned Host4ASP.NET and I/O Zoom for a long time, and I’m hesitating whether to try Host4ASP.NET hosting. But in this comparison, I found Host4ASP.NET may be better for my condition and I’m not very willing to start with a VPS-level plan. And, it is indeed that Host4ASP.NET makes some progress in web hosting service. so, if the company can obey its 30 days money back guarantee, i think i can be bolder to try it. Hope i have a good partner.

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