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In below, we are to figure out which one is better in providing reliable and cheap hosting solutions. Based on the purpose, we will compare Host4ASP.NET and, from multiple aspects, including hosting prices, features, reliability & speed, and customer service. By going through the comprehensive comparison, we hope our readers can make the right decision between the two premium hosting providers for their own online presence.

Since its foundation in 2014, Host4ASP.NET ( has been confirmedly developing its Windows hosting solutions. Up till now, it can provide customers with premium ASP.NET hosting, Windows VPS hosting, and Windows reseller plans. With the powerful technology support from MS and premium data center, Host4ASP.NET offers worry-free products.

With more than 16 years of development, ( has rich hosting service experience in the industry. It offers various web hosting products, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers, and collocation. Customers can get Linux and Windows options as they need.

Host4ASP.NET vs. on Pricing

Host4ASP.NET shared hosting starts with discounts ranging from 37% to 43% respectively. To make the pricing clear, we are to list the plan with pricing as following for our readers:

  • Basic normally starts at $4.95/mo, but now it is only at $2.95/mo after cutting about 40% off;
  • Advanced comes with 43% off discount, which make the plan start at $3.95/mo instead of regular $6.95/mo;
  • Business now is at $9.95/mo after discounting about 37% off, which regularly starts at $15.95/mo.
Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Promotion Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Promotion
43% Off

To get these cheap ASP.NET hosting plans, customers can go via our exclusive promo link above; more details of Host4ASP.NET hosting are at Host4ASP.NET Coupon. Besides, Host4ASP.NET is kind to offer 30 Days of Money-Back Guarantee, which ensures that if customers cancel Host4ASP.NET account within the very beginning 30 days, they will receive a refund from Host4ASP.NET with no questions. shared hosting and cloud VPS both come with the same exclusive coupon. Regularly, shared hosting starts from $5/mo, no matter Linux hosting and Windows hosting; VPS regularly charges at $6/mo with Linux OS and $10/mo with Windows OS. However, when they going the link below, shared hosting and cloud VPS are all starts at $0.01 for the first month only! Exclusive Promotion Exclusive Promotion
$0.01 First Mo

Similarly, also offers customers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If they are not satisfied with services, the company will refund them. More information can be found here.

Comparing the hosting pricing, we learn that both Host4ASP.NET and offers very cheap hosting for customers. At the very beginning, even offers more discounts on hosting products. If they can offer rich features with hosting plans, we think both companies are worth trying.

Host4ASP.NET vs. on Features

As we mentioned above, Host4ASP.NET and are both versatile in providing web hosting solutions. To make it clear for easier understanding, we are to take the shared hosting plans at the instance to illustrate their hosting features at first.

Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET shared hosting comes with 3 packages, including Basic, Advance, and Business, to fit different levels of customers. Each one features Windows 2012 R2 as well as MSSQL 2012/2014.

For the resources and main features, there are minimum 1 hosted website, 10GB RAID-5 disk space with SSD, unlimited data transfer, 256MB site memory, 10 email accounts, 15m site Idle timeout, MySQL, remote IIS management, .NET 1.1/2.3/3.5SP1/4.5/5, IIS 8.5 with full trust, PHP 5.x, Node.js, Classic ASP, Silverlight 4/5, URLRewrite2, and much more. Each account can be instantly activated. shared hosting packages are designed with both Linux and Windows distributions. For ASP.NET web hosting, includes unlimited storage with SSD caching and RAID-10 servers, unlimited data transfer, 20 hosted websites, unlimited subdomains, various quick install scripts, unlimited email accounts, MS SQL 2014/2012, SSL, URL Rewrite, .NET core 1, Silverlight, ASP.NET 3.4/4/4.5, PHP 5.5/5.6, Fast CGI, Python, unlimited MySQL DB, etc. also offers Plesk control panel, cron jobs, file manager, phpAdmin, easy WordPress installers, and $100 Google AdWords credits, to help customers manage site effortlessly and get business started online easier.

What’s more also offers Linux web hosting and managed WordPress web hosting. Both come with rich resources, such as unlimited storage, unlimited websites, unlimited emails, unlimited transfer, and free SSL certificates. cPanel is also included as well!

In terms of VPS hosting, Host4ASP.NET provides Windows VPS only, while provide customers with Linux and Windows VPS options. Host4ASP.NET VPS starts with Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 R2 options, 40GB SSD storage, 1GB memory, 1GB core, 400GB bandwidth, and 1 IP. Easy upgrades allows customer to customize their virtual server environment. Full administration access and easy-to-use WebSitePanel come as well. VPS includes easy upgrades and full customization as well. Customers will get at least 25GB SSD storage, 1TB transfer, 1024MB memory, and 1 core to start by default. Free hundreds of apps for cloud VPS, intuitive control panel and flexible software options are available.

Besides reseller hosting both offering, can even provide dedicated servers, quick servers and colocation services. Therefore, hosting plans can fit more customers.

Host4ASP.NET vs. on Performance

Customers at Host4ASP.NET can receive a 99.99% uptime guarantee for shared hosting and 99.9% uptime for VPS hosting; customers at offers 99.9% uptime for both shared hosting and VPS hosting.

Why does Host4ASP.NET offer higher uptime then InterServer? Host4ASP.NET utilizes the top-level data centers. As for the facilities in these data centers, we find there is UPS, N+1 power system, diesel generators, making sure no power failure occurring in any data center.

By adopting cutting-edge technologies such as SSD and Dell branded servers, and multiple layers of network, Host4ASP.NET ensures the blazing fast speed. Host4ASP.NET professional technicians are monitoring data centers round the clock, plus DDoS attack protection, Cisco firewall and backups, always keeping optimal server reliability and security. has its own data center, in which uses premium infrastructure components designed data center grade. builds its own servers, which are all SSD enhanced servers with RAID 10 arrays, develops its own nationwide fiber network, and even create its own custom Linux kernels. It also committed to offer the powerful network built on a solid foundation! So, customers can feel relaxed to experience its smooth network.

In general, Host4ASP.NET and are both good in maintaining hosting high performance and security.

Host4ASP.NET vs. on Customer Support

Customer support is one of the core features when customers are considering a good web hosting. At Host4ASP.NET and, customers can be always protected by their professional staff. When there are questions, they can ask experts via live chat and email. Phone support is available at

Other more, knowledge base or help desk is regularly updated by Host4ASP.NET or staffs. Therefore, customers can find out the latest questions they encountered frequently.

Which one is Recommended?

According to this comparison, we learn that Host4ASP.NET is better in Windows hosting plans, while also provides premium Linux hosting plans. Besides, both offer cost-effective web hosting plans for customers, so that many customers can afford their well-designed hosting plans.

In a word, we think both are recommended, but due to hosting plans, Host4ASP.NET is better to individuals and small to middle business and can fits most customers.

To learn more about Host4ASP.NET or, please visit or

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