Host4ASP.NET vs. LiquidWeb on Windows Web Hosting

Host4ASP.NET and LiquidWeb are two web hosts that have been around for over 10 years and both gain good reputation for Windows web hosting service. While they differentiate from each other in terms of pricing strategy and feature offerings, there are still a lot of common aspects they share with each other. Both similarities and differences are good to know when one hopes to make an informed decision.

Below Host4ASP.NET vs. LiquidWeb will be based on the prices, features, performance, as well as customer service to make clear who is a better option for Windows fans.

Who Are Host4ASP.NET and LiquidWeb?

Host4ASP.NET ( is a leading web hosting provider specializing in developing the best possible ASP.NET hosting experience. For now, Host4ASP.NET has been recognized as a Microsoft golden web hosting provider as a result of keeping hosting solutions with the latest MS technology, robust hardware, and responsive support.

LiquidWeb ( owns and operates three state-of-the-art data centers itself to make sure customers can always get superior hosting environment when running a website or an application. Meanwhile, the web host has a group of Heroic Support staffs to guarantee responsive support service. In a bid to focus on business and enterprise-grade customers, the hosting company keeps upgrading technologies in addition to cutting down the shared hosting branch.

Host4ASP.NET vs. LiquidWeb on Plans and Features

The first part of the comparison between Host4ASP.NET and LiquidWeb looks at whether they have complete hosting service and what the main features they provide with customers.

Hosting plans

As a fast-growing ASP.NET hosting provider targeted at individuals and small to medium-sized businesses, Host4ASP.NET enables customers to host sites with its shared or virtual private servers. Meanwhile, for meeting people’s needs for starting their own white labeled hosting company, Host4ASP.NET has remarkable Windows reseller hosting with SSDs.

On the other side, LiquidWeb pays a strong attention to cloud hosting and dedicated hosting service, other than focusing on selling shared hosting. It explains why many higher-class customers are willing to go with LiquidWeb even when the price of LiquidWeb Windows hosting is more expensive than others’.

Main features

The main features are often the deciding factors when it comes choosing a Windows web hosting provider. Here we take their Windows VPS hosting as an example to discuss who is better in this part.

Both Windows VPS hosting solutions are integrated with the latest SSD technology to optimize website performance. And the basic features of both solutions consist of 2GB RAM, 1 core processor, 40GB SSD disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. The slight difference is, Host4ASP.NET customers can manage and transfer files, take backups, crate databases, as well as install programs or manage emails using WebSitePanel, while LiquidWeb offers the industry standard Plesk control panel.

Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS is powered by Hyper-V to offer full OS customization, full control over everything from the kernel up, Windows Server 2012 R2 Instance and License, etc. Additionally, the hosting service comes with four different types including Barebone VPS, Developer VPS, Business VPS, and Managed VPS, and customers can have access to customize their Windows VPS hosting plan in accordance with their specific needs.

Compared to that, LiquidWeb Windows VPS hosting, which is also the star product of the hosting company, is packaged more advanced features, such as CloudFlare CDN, ServerSecure, built-in backups, and DDoS attack protection. Built on the Storm platform, LiquidWeb Windows VPS hosting also benefit customers with instant provisioning, free Storm firewall, API access, and real-time monitoring, etc.

Host4ASP.NET vs. LiquidWeb on Pricing

Regularly starting at $4.95/mo, Host4ASP.NET Windows web hosting makes most customers can afford it. On top of that, the latest Host4ASP.NET Coupon even provides every customer with up to 40% discount, after which the price would be only $2.95/mo based on a 3-year term. Even better, customers with the service will be covered by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to be risk-free and worry-free.

Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Deal Host4ASP.NET Exclusive Deal
40% Off

Similar to that, Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS and reseller hosting are also quite affordable. Based on different billing cycle a customer sign up with, they can get as high as 33% discount off to make the lowest price of Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS hosting at $19.95/mo. And Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting is applied maximum 54% off, after which it will be priced at $19.95/mo.

The starter price of LiquidWeb Windows VPS hosting is set at $99/mo, and that of LiquidWeb Windows dedicated server at $219/mo. Unfortunately, the web host has just cancelled all special offer or discount, therefore customers will have to purchase the products and services at original prices.

LiquidWeb Windows VPS LiquidWeb Windows VPS

To be honest, LiquidWeb charges at a really high price level that few normal customers could afford. By contrast, Host4ASP.NET gives a low price on the basis on remaining rich-featured solutions.

Host4ASP.NET vs. LiquidWeb on Performance

As the golden provider of Windows web hosting, Host4ASP.NET always know how to bring Windows OS users with the best possible experience. Besides two SAS 70 Type II certified data center facilities, the web host also makes use of 100% Dell servers, cutting-edge SSD technology, multi-layer network infrastructure, and etc. Meanwhile, all software are ensured to be updated to the latest version for optimized performance and security.

LiquidWeb, on the other side, privately owns three top notch data center presences across the United States. The web host manages to design, build and maintain a highly reliable as well as secure environment to give customers peace of mind even when hosting mission-critical websites, applications, or platforms. Also worth mentioning is that the hosting company guarantees 100% uptime for power and network, in addition to a 30 Minute Hardware Replacement Time Guarantee.

In a word, both Host4ASP.NET and LiquidWeb are reliable enough to support different size of online presence. But LiquidWeb has more powerful infrastructure to enable for complicated applications or high-traffic websites.

Host4ASP.NET vs. LiquidWeb on Support

No matter which web host a customer trusts with, he/she can get satisfied customer service. Both hosting companies have 24/7/365 live chat and email system support. What makes LiquidWeb slightly win out over Host4ASP.NET is that the former also offers toll-free telephone support around the clock.


Both Host4ASP.NET and LiquidWeb are recommended Windows web hosting providers. LiquidWeb is suitable for medium or enterprise-class customers to build or manage critical-mission online presences. But for personal bloggers or small to medium-sized businesses, Host4ASP.NET with no doubt could be a perfect solution. Besides price-valued Windows shared web hosting plans, the web host also launches high performance yet affordable Windows VPS hosting to upgrade to.

For more information about Host4ASP.NET, please visit to find out.

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