Host4ASP.NET vs. TMDHosting

Host4ASP.NET and TMDHosting are both reliable web hosting providers in the industry. To find out more cost-effective web hosting options for customers, we plan to compare the two. In below, we are to take their hosting prices, hosting package and features, performance, as well as customer support to make an in-depth comparison.

About Host4ASP.NET and TMDHosting

Host4ASP.NET ( is one of the top 5 ASP.NET hosting providers, releasing hosting services from 2014. By far, Host4ASP.NET can offer customers different Windows hosting solutions, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting! All Host4ASP.NET hosting includes the newest MS technology, US-based data center support, and managed support.

TMDHosting ( started its hosting business in 2007, and now customers can find a wide range of web hosting solutions here. Cloud sites, web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers are all offered here. Different from Host4ASP.NET, TMDHosting cannot only offer Windows hosting plans, but also provide Linux hosting plans.

Host4ASP.NET vs. TMDHosting on Pricing

Host4ASP.NET shared hosting comes with extremely cheap pricing, when customers visit the website through our exclusive promo link in blow. Regularly, Host4ASP.NET optimized ASP.NET hosting starts at $4.95/mo, but now it offers about 40% off discount, starting at $2.95/mo only! Besides, Host4ASP.NET shared hosting include a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so that customers can have a try on Host4ASP.NET shared hosting without any rick.

Host4ASP.NET Web Hosting Deal Host4ASP.NET Web Hosting Deal
40% Off

TMDHosting Linux shared hosting normally charges from $5.85/mo, but via the following exclusive promo link, it only starts at $2.95/mo. It means customers can receive about 67% off discount. For Windows shared hosting, TMDHosting charges from $3.99/mo. Even better, TMDHosting also makes its shared hosting risk free – customers can get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

TMDHosting Web Hosting Deal TMDHosting Web Hosting Deal
67% Off

For reseller hosting, Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting starts at $19.95/mo with 3 year billing term, after discounting about 54% off the original $43.25/mo; TMDHosting reseller hosting starts at $19.95/mo, along with a 30 day money back guarantee.

About VPS, Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS starts at $19.95/mo with 3 year terms as well, discounting about 33% off the regular monthly price of $29.95/mo. TMDHosting Linux VPS hosting is from 35.95/mo with a 30 days of money back guarantee; Windows starts at $80/mo.

Based on the information above, we learn that Host4ASP.NET offers cheaper Windows hosting than TMDHosting’s, even though TMDHosting has cheap Linux hosting.

Host4ASP.NET vs. TMDHosting on Features

In terms of hosting plans, Host4ASP.NET and TMDHosting both offers Windows shared hosting and Windows VPS. Besides, TMDHosting has Linux shared hosting, Linux VPS, cloud sites, and dedicated servers. To help readers understand the feature comparison clearer, we’d firstly compare their Windows shared hosting and Windows VPS, and then we will simply introduce TMDHosting Linux hosting!

As for Windows shared hosting, Host4ASP.NET and TMDHosting both offer their hosting plans with the latest ASP.NET framework, Windows 2012 R2 edition, and MS SQL server. Differently, Host4ASP.NET offers 5 versions of MVC, dual versions of Silverlight, URLRewrite2, IIS 8.5 with Full trust, and instant setup. TMDHosting provides dedicated application pool, free Let’s Encrypt SSL for each domain, SSD storage, and SpamExperts!

For Windows shared hosting environment, Host4ASP.NET minimal plan comes with 10GB disk space, unlimited data transfer, 1 website, 10 email accounts, and 256MB site memory. Host4ASP.NET includes WebSitePanel and remote IIS management, guaranteeing usability. TMDHosting Windows shared hosting includes unlimited SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MSSQL databases, 6 websites, and free domain. Free Plesk control panel also comes.

For Windows VPS, Host4ASP.NET and TMDHosting both offer 100% SSD storage. Besides, Host4ASP.NET has 2 Windows OS options, Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 R2, while TMDHosting only offers Windows Server 2012. Within starting plan, Host4ASP.NET offers 40GB disk space, 400GB bandwidth, 1GB RAM, 1 core and 1 IP; Host4ASP.NET even allows instant upgrades! TMDHosting gives 60GB space, 3TB bandwidth, 2 CPUs, and 4GB DDR4 RAM.

Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS is based on Hyper-V virtual machine, offering customers the 100% administration right and full server control. WebSitePanel also comes. TMDHosting Windows VPS includes Plesk control panel to help customers manage their servers.

Apart from that, TMDHosting Linux hosting comes with free SSD-based storage, 6 layers of cache, minimum unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, 1 website, free domain, and cPanel. TMDHosting Linux VPS includes the same SSD-based storage and starts with 40GB space, 3TB bandwidth, 2 CPUs, 2GB DDR4 RAM, and cPanel/WHM.

To sum up, Host4ASP.NET offers more Windows features than TMDHosting, but TMDHosting Windows hosting comes with more server resources by default, and Linux options are available at TMDHosting. However, when taking both price and features into consideration, we think Host4ASP.NET Windows solutions are more cost-effective, while TMDHosting Linux solutions are cheap as well!

Host4ASP.NET vs. TMDHosting on Performance

Host4ASP.NET shared hosting has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and its VPS hosting has a 99.99% uptime guarantee. TMDHosting shared hosting does not include uptime guarantee, but its VPS comes with a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Both companies are utilizing the 100% SSD-based storage, which can massively outperforms traditional spinning hard-drives as well as provide almost 20 times faster load time for customers’ website.

Besides, Host4ASP.NET makes use of a US-based data center and a Hong Kong data center. Both are fully equipped with 100% redundant power system and DELL servers, each server includes AMD Opteron processors with 12 cores and 32GB RAM, and SSD with RAID5 disk arrays. TMDHosting partners with multiple data centers meeting customers’ growing demands. All datacenters are equipped with UPS, the latest Cisco, Intel, Dell as well as Supermicro equipment.

As for security, both Host4ASP.NET and TMDHosting offer daily backup service and anti-spam service. Host4ASP.NET also has Cisco firewall and DDoS attack response to enhance security. By virtue of datacenters’ security like biometric and key card security system, 24/7 security monitoring, PTZ, water detection system, fire suppression systems and more, TMDHosting ensures the facility security.

Therefore, we can see that both companies take the performance seriously and do great job on it.

Host4ASP.NET vs. TMDHosting on Customer Support

Customers support methods are diverse at both hosts. Ticket and live chat are available at Host4ASP.NET and TMDHosting. TMDHosting also has phone support. Other more, informative knowledgebase and FAQs are prepared for customers to help themselves.

About managed support, Host4ASP.NET is willing to offer server monitoring and patching support, while TMDHosting provides customers with free site files and databases transfer, and free installations. So, customers at both hosts can be taken care well.


Referring to the comparison, we understand that Host4ASP.NET provides cost-effective Windows web hosting solutions; TMDHosting offers cheap Linux web hosting and relatively more expensive Windows hosting plans comparing with Host4ASP.NET’s. In performance, TMDHosting multiple datacenters ensure better reliability than Host4ASP.NET. As for support, both are good in the industry. Thus, we think Host4ASP.NET is better for Windows fans who are running personal blogs or small to medium business; TMDHosting fits all sizes of websites!

To learn more about Host4ASP.NET and TMDHosting, please visit and

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