HostGator VPS Review

hostgatorBack to 2002, HostGator ( was still an obscure name with a few staffs. Just after 13 years, it has developed into one of the best web hosting providers. Its office area has expanded from a small dorm room to several international offices throughout the world.

In below HostGator VPS review, we will focus on HostGator VPS special coupon, price value, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer support to explain why this solution is one of the best VPS option.

Special Coupon of HostGator VPS

HostGator VPS has five plans in total, including semi-managed and fully-managed. Corresponding to its multiple VPS plans, the regular prices start from $19.95/mo to $159.95/mo.

Here we specifically offer a special Hostgator coupon of 40% off to our readers, with which they can save up to $59.98/mo for the top-level fully-managed package. Thus the price of this plan will be $99.97% after 40% off regular price $159.95/mo. And an entry-level semi-managed VPS plan will only charge at $11.97/mo after 40% off.

HostGator VPS Promotion HostGator VPS Promotion
40% Off

HostGator VPS Review on Price Value

Under the circumstances that many hosts are dropping their prices to attract more customers, the prices of HostGator may seem a little high for some people. But if considered its top tier configuration of VPS products, HostGator’s prices are still on the low-end of the spectrum.

Next let’s have a brief look at what features HostGator VPS consists of:

  • CPU from 0.5 core to 4 cores;
  • RAM from 512MB to 8000MB;
  • Disk space from 25GB to 240GB;
  • Bandwidth from 0.5TB to 3TB;
  • Unlimited domains, sub domains, email accounts, MySQL databases, and FTP accounts.

Besides what’ve mentioned, all the VPS packages come with many good features, such as private name servers, Apache 2.2.3 web server, full root access, weekly off-site backups, free firewall named IP tables and 2 IP addresses. They also support almost all scripts based on Linux, like PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

To simplify creating a website, HostGator provides specific features like free SiteBuilder website building tool and 4,500 free website templates. Additionally, fully-managed VPS customers will get free site builder software to easily create their websites as well.

With all of these advanced features, HostGator fixes its entry-level package at $19.95/mo. To receive a lower price, people can get a discount of 40% off via our promo link. Under this coupon, the basic VPS plan will charge $11.97/mo only.

hostgator vps features

Beyond that, HostGator provides its VPS customers with a forty-five day money back guarantee. It means, if customers are not completely satisfied with the VPS hosting services and decide to cancel their accounts, they could take their money full back within the first forty-five days.

HostGator VPS Review on Reliability

Currently, HostGator utilizes two world-class data centers in Houston, Texas and in Provo, Utah to house its servers.

The Houston based data center is equipped with Detroit Diesel generators, power distribution units, and diesel fuel tanks that can hold thousands of gallons each. All these have assured the reliability of its servers.

The other data center – Provo data center, also offers multiple levels of infrastructure redundancy as the Houston data center to remains uninterrupted. And the extremely energy efficient pod design is another big feature of this data center.

Hostgator has also purchased Supermicro servers equipped with 32-Core AMD Opteron 6376 processors, 128GB of RAM, and 3.6TB of RAID 10 storage. It is these robust energy efficient servers that give an assurance of providing customers with reliable services.

More than that, all the network infrastructures here are featured with high performance gear from Arbor Networks, Brocade, Arista Networks, CISCO and Juniper. HostGator uses the latest technologies as well to operate high performance fully redundant network. Furthermore, all the customers of HostGator VPS come with a Gigabit uplink which ensures customers to get a connection speed at 20 MB.

In Addition to that, this host has established a powerful team made up of on-site technicians to be responsible to monitor and manage the network and data centers, and ensure the best reliability and security.

HostGator VPS Review on Ease-of-use

Among the five plans of HostGator VPS, snappy 500 is the only one semi-managed plan pre-stalled with Virtuozzo Power Panel. Since Virtuozzo can only manage the server as a whole and has some other inherent flaws, so it cannot be regarded as a replacement of control panel as cPanel or Plesk. Given this, it is not suitable for some unknowledgeable Linux users.

For other four plans, people can choose to purchase the semi-managed VPS, or pay extra $10/mo for a cPanel to get fully-managed services.

With reference to its backup, HostGator provides semi-managed VPS customers with weekly off-site backups, but this cannot be applied to recover databases. For fully-managed customers, they can configure automatic backups with cPanel and easily recover their databases.

Other more, HostGator provides full root access to its customers to help them install and customize software as needed to optimize their hosting experience.

At HostGator, customers have many options of payment to choose. People can pay via credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club International. They can also use PayPal, checks, money orders, cash and bank wires to purchase HostGator VPS.

HostGator VPS Review on Customer Support

Customer support is another success that deserves praise in HostGator. For all of its customers, it offers 24/7/365 award-winning support to them. And there are different support channels for people to get assistance. Phone service, fax, and live chat are good options for emergency. Besides, creating a ticket or sending an e-mail for help is also advisable.

What is more, all staffs at this company are well-trained and proficient in English, thus people don’t need to worry about any communication difficulties with non-native English speakers.

Do We Recommend HostGator VPS?

With the top tier features and the affordable prices equipped with its products, we think HostGator VPS hosting has good price value. And it leases more than one world-class data center to assure the reliability and high connection speed. Furthermore, its excellent customer support improves the user experience. Taken together, we strongly recommend HostGator VPS to our readers.

If you want to know more about HostGator VPS products, just visit

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