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Hostgator vs Justhost

Both JustHost and HostGator are both well-known cheap web hosts in the industry, so for many customers who just enter in the industry, it’s not easy to tell which one is better if they only look at their features. When the two web hosts are the candidates of customers in final, which one they can trust?

In below HostGator vs JustHost, we will compare the two web hosting providers from features, reliability, support services, and price values to reveal the better web hosting company for customers. However, first of all, I would like to recommend customers to check out our HostGator review and JustHost review to get more details about their background, products and services.

About HostGator and JustHost

Before getting into the main body of the comparison, we’d like to give customers a brief introduction about HostGator and JustHost, which is helpful for them to understand the two companies’ hosting solutions.

HostGator (, who started web hosting business in 2002, has rich experience in offering web hosting services. At present, HostGator has pushed out shared hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting in the market. In 2012, HostGator was acquired by EIG, so the company can make full use of more powerful backbone of infrastructure to back up its web hosting solutions.

JustHost ( is an old web hosting company, too. With more than 10 years of web hosting service experience, Justhost Linux web hosting is excellent and popular among individuals and small businesses. Besides, JutHost also has VPS hosting and dedicated hosting products. Unlike HostGator who can offer Linux and Windows hosting both, JustHost is only Linux-friendly.

HostGator vs JustHost  on Pricing

As we said in the beginning, HostGator and JustHost both can provide reliable web hosting solutions at affordable pricing.

For HostGator, the company is giving our customers an exclusive HostGator Coupon and the code is “hostucan”, which can be applied to all web hosting solutions at HostGator. For example, using this code when they are purchasing shared hosting and checking out, customers can get up to 35% off for 36 months.

HostGator Exclusive Promotion HostGator Exclusive Promotion
35% Off

So, if they buy Linux shared hosting, it now starts at $4.52/mo instead of $6.95/mo. For Windows shared hosting, it starts from $3.87/mo rather than $5.95/mo.

On the other hand, JustHost also has  go with our exclusive Justhost coupon below, customers can get the service at only $3.49/mo if they sign with the 3-year plan, more than 56% off the regular price $7.99/mo.

JustHost Exclusive Promotion JustHost Exclusive Promotion
56% Off

Comparing their hosting pricing, it is easy to figure out that HostGator is more expensive than JustHost.

As for refund policy, HostGator provides customers 45 days money money back guarantee, while JustHost only has 30 day money back guarantee. Generally speaking, HostGator is a little higher than JustHost but its longer money back guarantee making it risk-free as well.

HostGator vs JustHost on Features

We have learned that HostGator and JustHost are both versatile companies, thus in the feature comparison, we will focus on their most popular product — Shared hosting. Compared to HostGator who offers customers multiple hosting packages based on both Linux and Windows distributions with different prices and features, JustHost has three different Linux web hosting.

Here, we will compare  HostGator Linux Hatchling Plan and Windows Personal Plan with JustHost Linux Basic Plan. From below table, customers can easily see that which one has higher price value than the other.

Features HostGator Hatchling (Linux) HostGator Personal (Windows) JustHost Basic Plan
Free Domain
Websites 1 1 1
Disk Space Unmetered Unmetered 50GB
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Databases Unlimited MySQL Unlimited MSSQL &MySQL MySQL & PostgreSQL
Email Accounts Unlimited POP3 Unlimited POP3 5x100MB
Marketing Offers $200 Credits
SSL Certificate Shared SSL
SSH Access
1-click Installs
Control Panel Latest cPanel Latest Plesk cPanel
Price $4.52/mo $3.87/mo $3.49/mo

In addition to these core features, HostGator and JustHost also provides rich development features in their packages. PHP 5, Perl, Python, SSI, Cron, Ruby on Rails, CGI and more can be founded in both HostGator and JustHost Linux hosting plans, while HostGator Windows hosting also comes with rich ASP.NET friendly features such as ASP.NET 2.0 to ASP.NET 4.5, MVC 3.0 AJAX, and more.

This feature comparison table of the two companies’ entry-level shared hosting can easily tell customers that HostGator offers more features as well as larger server sizes than JustHost. Also, considering their pricing, we think HostGator Windows shared hosting have best price value, and HostGator Linux hosting and JustHost offers similar price value. More importantly, HostGator offer more affordable options than JustHost.

HostGator vs. JustHost on Performance

One thing a lot of people might not know is that both JustHost and HostGator are owned by the same large company EIG, and both of them use the same data centers of Bluehost, which means their server speed, and reliability are very close. Also, considering Bluehost reputable web hosting performance, we have no reason to say no to HostGator or JustHost. After all, the two companies both give customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Additionally, taking price value and performance into consideration together, we think it will be more difficult to choose from the two. However, we have to admit that both companies offer its customers with good server speed and high uptime.

HostGator vs. JustHost on Support Services

In terms of customer support service, Justhost and HostGator have strong support team and web experts that are 24/7 available to give customers assistance via phone call, live chat and email. Moreover, both of them built comprehensive online knowledge base for customers to search for solutions.

However, according to our test and feedbacks collected from customers, HostGator do not make effective efforts on improving support services these years, and most customers complain they have to wait for a very long time before get through the supports. So we suggest going Justhost to get better support services.

HostGator vs JustHost – Who is Better

By comparing the two web hosts, we can easily figure out HostGator and JustHost both are the winners because HostGator offers more cost-effective Windows web hosting solution while JustHost Linux web hosting is cheaper. Besides, they can provide standard performance, rich features and award-winning support in their hosting services. So, if customers really like Windows hosting, then we suggest that they can go with HostGator; if they have no this requirement, then JustHost is better for them.

If customers are interested in HostGator or JustHost, please visit or

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  1. JustHost charges more than before, I ever used its by using this website’s exclusive promo link, but the pricing of JustHost is not as low as before. Well, HostGator is always an option because it can offer different web hosting solutions that can meet different requirements, I like to host my blog with HostGator.

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