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HostMonster vs Hostgator

hostmonster vs hostgatorHostMonster and Hostgator are two popular web hosting companies that are committed to meeting the requirements of their customers to the largest.  It is true that both of the two companies are well received by many webmasters in the industry.

However, there are some subtle differences between the two companies, and in below we will compare them from features, price, reliability and technical support to help customers know why Hostgator is a better option than HostMonster.

Who are HostMonster and Hostgator

Established for more than 10 years, HostMonster ( is recognized as a reliable web hosting provider. Up till now, the company has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal websites.

In terms of Hostgator (, Hostgator has grown into a leading technology and product innovator that sets its goal to offer best cheap reliable web hosting to all of its customers.

HostMonster vs Hostgator on Features

Unquestionably, HostMonster and Hostgator customers can get access to ample features to manage their websites smoothly. Customer can know the details about the features of the two companies in the following table.

Features HostMonster Hatchling Baby Business
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domain Hosted Unlimited 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Databases Unlimited MySQL Unlimited MySQL Unlimited MySQL Unlimited MySQL
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated IP × × $2/mo
Google Adwords $100 $100 $100 $100
Price $2.80/mo $3.46/mo $5.56/mo $9.06/mo

What’s ,more, the two companies also support Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails and other scripts. By the way, HostMonster offers one free domain name for one year.

Price Comparison

priceTo customers’ happiness, HostMonster and Hostgator are able to offer an affordable price to customers. With the Hostmonster coupon, the discounted price of HostMonster web hosting is set at $3.96/mo, a 44% off the regular price. As for Hostgator, its customers can receive the service at $3.47/mo by applying the Hostgator coupon code “Besthost365”, a 30% off.

Hostgator Coupon 'besthost365' Hostgator Coupon 'besthost365'
30% Off

To safeguard the benefits of customers, HostMonster and Hostgator claim that the policy of money back guarantee comes to every customer, so if customers are not completely satisfied with the service, they can get full money back within the first 30 days and 45 days at HostMonster and Hostgator respectively.

Compared with HostMonster, it is clear that Hostgator maintains an apparent advantage in the respect of price value.

HostMonster vs Hostgator on Reliability

reliabilityIt is well-known that reliability is one of the key factors to achieve online success. Based on the uptime data we have collected, it can be said that the two web hosting companies can guarantee at least 99.9% uptime and industry-leading fast speed.

Hostgator operates two award-winning data centers located in Provo and Huston, which are equipped with state of the art facilities, including UPS battery backup units, diesel generators, cooling systems, as well as NOCC to ensure constant infrastructure monitoring and more. In addition to that, Hostgator system administrators monitor its servers all the time to guarantee maximum uptime and reliability.

HostMonster also takes advantage of world-class technologies to make sure a high performance environment, such as 24/7 network monitoring, dual quad processor performance servers, and multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections, diesel generator backup power, as well as customized Apache web servers.

HostMonster vs Hostgator on Technical Support

customer-serviceThe two companies know that the technical support is vital for customers to handle their problems. If they have any issues that they can’t manage by themselves, some main supporting methods, like email, phone and live chat are available for customers to contact the supporting staffs at the two web hosting companies.

Although the customer service of the two companies is great, it shows that Hostgator can give a quicker and more efficient response than HostMonster according to the feedbacks of existing customers.

Hostgator Is Better than HostMonster

In summary, both HostMonster and Hostgator are two famous web hosting providers that can offer rich features and guarantee a high performance online environment for customers to run their websites. However, Hostgator can offer cheaper price and better customer service than that of HostMonster. Hence, we recommend Hostgator for customers who are looking for a cost-effective, reliable and secure web host.

For more information about Hostgator, please visit or check Hostgator Review.


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