HostPapa SSL Certificate Review

hostpapa logo 1HostPapa ( was founded in 2005, having more than 10 years of experience. Since its inception, HostPapa has been working to become a reliable web hosting provider, and now the company has become one of the award-wining, green web hosts.

Besides cheap web hosting solutions ranging from shared hosting to VPS hosting, HostPapa also provides many additional services, such as domains, site backups, advanced email, CloudFlare, site builder, SSL Certificates, and so on. In the post below, we are to talk about HostPapa SSL certificate from features, pricing, performance, and customer support. This review will go with the hope of revealing a reliable SSL certificate provider for our readers who need it.

HostPapa SSL Certificate Review on Features

At HostPapa, the company partners with GlobalSign to provide customers with a highly acclaimed name brand SSL certificate. It can be accepted by 99% of browsers in current market. Up to 256-bit encryption as well as website verification will be offered to give customers’ visitors complete confidence in the security reputation.

To be specific, HostPapa can provide two SSL certificate options, which are single SSL certificate and Wildcard SSL certificate. About single SSL certificate, it is used to secure one domain without subdomain; Wildcard SSL certificate can secure and protect unlimited subdomains, so it is an ideal solution for those customers who have subdomains.

HostPapa has made website protection easy with the strongest levels of data encryption available! To make it easy, HostPapa includes 4 excellent features in its SSL certificate packages. The first one is the state-of-the-art data encryption we mentioned before. Up to 256-bit encryption can convert users’ data into virtually impenetrable code which is safe from identity thieves and hackers. 2048-bit SSL certificate is also available. To get it, customers need to create and submit a 2048-bit CSR with their order.


The other 3 prominent features are for ease-of-use. HostPapa can issue customers’ GlobalSign Secure SSL in minutes. When customers have already run websites with HostPapa, the company can automatically their new SSL after they complete the whole validation process. More than 99% of browser compatibility comes with HostPapa GlobalSign SSL, ensuring the SSL encryption can work for almost every browser.

HostPapa SSL solution still includes many optimal features to make it extraordinary. SSL security seal, padlock symbal, unlimited server licenses, “http” domain protection, domain authentication, e-commerce compatible, malware protection, unlimited reissuances, mobile device friendly, and some others.

We can find that HostPapa SSL is easy to use and has powerful and strong encryption for domain, subdomains, and websites.

HostPapa SSL Certificate Review on Prices

HostPapa always claims that it offers the same kind of valuable protection but it ensures that customers can get the best SSL for the best pricing. HostPapa two SSL certificate options cost less than many other providers on the market. Both options come with up to 33% off discounts. Please check out the pricing in below:

  • Single SSL – offering single domain protection, normally charges at $29.99 per year; now it only needs $19.99 per year. So, customers will save up to 33%.
  • Wildcard SSL – offering one domain and unlimited subdomains protection, regularly starts at $99.99 per year. Now, it charges at $69.99 per year, discounting about 30%.
HostPapa SSL Certificate Deal HostPapa SSL Certificate Deal
33% Off

Each SSL option has multiple yeas options from 1 year to 3 years. In addition to that, HostPapa also offers a $1,000 USD warranty on SSL certificates bought from HostPapa. It can protect end user in case that the SSL is mis-issued.

HostPapa SSL Certificate Review on Performance

HostPapa is an award-wining web hosting provider, which owes to not only the excellent hosting solutions and best pricing, but also the reliable performance and excellent customer support. HostPapa uses advanced technologies and state-of-the-art data centers to ensure a 99.9% uptime.

All websites hosted at HostPapa are built on HostPapa rock solid server platform. Each server the company uses is from prominent brand such as HP and Supermicro. The latest generation of servers has optimal configurations, including SSD drives. If necessary, there is premium CDN service offered by CloudFlare. It will make customers’ site running with much faster content delivery speed and less response times.

As to state-of-the-art data centers, HostPapa uses them for its high quality servers, and a number of other data centers are used as the data backup facilities. Each one is equipped with UPS, back-up power generations, dedicated diesel generators, redundant climate control systems, Cisco-based network, multiple premium bandwidth providers, and dual pre-action fire suppression.

The two powerful foundations of HostPapa are the key factors to keep standard performance.

HostPapa SSL Certificate Review on Support Service

HostPapa pledges to customers with 100% service guarantee. For SSL certificate service, it of course comes with HostPapa prompt and timely 24 hour support!

Since its inception, HostPapa has been creating an ideal hosting experience with the aim at maintaining the most reliable hosting services. According to this goal, HostPapa hand-pick support staffs with rich hosting support experience, to deliver the real person support in s good manner.


HostPapa quality service include 24/7 email support, and live chat as well as live phone support in multiple languages. All these methods are dedicated to one thing, the best possible support.

Beside, HostPapa also has other ways for customers help themselves. As a reputable company, the standard support channels like Knowledge base and help center, HostPapa provide these to customers. Video tutorials, support ticket tips & info. as well as network status are also found at HostPapa. Therefore, we can certainly say that HostPapa can provide satisfying support for SSL certificate users.

Do We Recommend HostPapa SSL Certificate?

Our answer is YES! After reviewing HostPapa SSL certificate, we find that its GlobalSign SSL certificate can provide the same strong and powerful data encryption that other SSL certificate providers can provide as well. However, HostPapa has a big highlight that its SSL certificate pricing is very cheap after discounting 33% off.

Additionally, combining with excellent support and reliable performance, we think if customers really need a SSL certificate to protect their sensitive information, then HostPapa SSL certificate service is a good option they can try.

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