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Hostwinds Review

We dig into Hostwinds in the below post. We introduce its coupon, and analyze its price value, performance, ease-of-use and customer support.

hostwinds.net reviewHostwinds (www.hostwinds.com) is a new web hosting company founded in 2010. It noticed that in the marketplace, cheap web hosting has poor services and support while great services and support require high pricing. So, Hostwinds decides to provide solutions to this problem by designing great hosting services and support at reasonably low pricing.

Hostwinds Special Promotion

Hostwinds offers lower pricing for customers who prepay hosting services for longer terms.

For example, its shared hosting starts at $8.99 month to month. And this monthly pricing can be down at around $3.29/mo if people sign up with Hostwinds for a 3-year cycle. Thereby, customers will save 53% off on a same product.

Hostwinds Special Promotion Hostwinds Special Promotion
53% off

$3.29 pricing includes unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email account and MySQL databases along with nightly backups, 24/7 tech support, etc.

To know all the deals, please check out HostWinds Coupon.

Hostwinds Web Hosting Price Value Review

Hostwinds tailors shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. Complete web hosting services enable people to upgrade or downgrade their hosting at the same company.

Its shared hosting has 3 plans: Basic, Advanced and Ultimate, all of which provide unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts and MySQL databases. What’s more, Hostwinds customers will receive free dedicated IP addresses and nightly backup.

Hostwinds business hosting enables less hosting accounts in a server so that each account will get enough resources anytime. The reseller hosting solutions offers customers a wide range of tools to develop their own hosting business.

Its VPS hosting and dedicated servers could be customized so that customers can order what they really need. The VPS is powered by OpenVZ virtualization technology or KVM technology. SSD, Linux and Windows are all optional when it comes to Hostwinds VPS. Most importantly, the VPS as well as the dedicated server is fully managed.

Hostwinds sets reasonable pricings on the basis of services it offers as following:

  • Its shared hosting is lowest at $3.29 per month.
  • The reseller hosting has a starting pricing of $3.29/mo around.
  • Hostwinds VPS is as cheap as $5.17/mo.
  • The custom dedicated server has a base pricing at $79.5/mo.

On top of the low cost, Hostwinds has money back guarantee, which is validate within the first 60 days. Furthermore, this guarantee is meant a full refund if customers ask. Also, 60 days full money back guarantee is one of longest guarantees in the industry that Hostwinds customers could benefit a lot.

The money back guarantee applies to Hostwinds shared hosting, business hosting and VPS. But fees of cPanel setup in VPS, domain registration, software license, IP addresses, etc. are non refundable.

Cheap VPS Hosting from HostWinds

Hostwinds makes efforts to satisfy all sorts of customers. Its VPS hosting support both Windows and Linux OS at a very low price.

HostWinds VPS are built on top of OpenVZ virtualization, customers can instantly scale their amount of CPU core, disk space, and RAM, without downtime or other service interruption. The entry level Hostwinds VPS starts with 1 CPU cores, 1 GB guaranteed RAM, 30 GB disk space, and 1 TB Monthly transfer.

If customers are looking for a more powerful VPS solution, they can go for Hostwinds Premium VPS up to 16CPU cores and 96GB memory. All HostWinds VPS are SSD powered.

Regularly, Hostwinds Budget VPS starts at $10.99/mo, and now you can receive a 51% off to make the price at only $5.17/mo.

Hostwinds VPS Hostwinds VPS
51% Off

Considering the price of Hostwinds, it’s one of the cheapest VPS you could find in the industry.

HostWinds Dedicated Server Review

Hostwinds offer cheap dedicated server from $79.5/mo only, and their dedicated server service are fully customizable to meet their clients various demands.

Let’s take its lowest-configured package as an example, its CPU comes with Intel E3-1271v3 in 4 x 3.9 GHz Turbo, plus 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1Tb enterprise drive or 120GB SSD, free inbound bandwidth, 10TB outbound bandwidth, as well as 100Mbps port speed. The dedicated server solution also provides two kinds of software licenses: Dedicated cPanel License and Dedicated Softaculous License, and customers can freely choose them for different time circles.

Besides, there are also many configurable options like ram, RAID, location, Drive bay, port speed, outbound bandwidth, IP addresses, IPMI access, and operating system. And two drive bay options are available for customers to choose from, every customer is allowed to mostly add 3Tb enterprise drive or 1Tb SSD with extra money. For additional outbound bandwidth, they can add up to unmetered on demand.

Speaking of the operating system, Hostwinds dedicated server supports CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Open SUSE Linux, Ubuntu Server, Windows Server, free BSD, and Gentoo. Some addons like basic server monitoring, enterprise DDOS protection, enterprise system monitoring, R1Soft nightly backups, WindSpeed and windshield are also offered at checking out.

If customers do not have enough time and effort to customize a dedicated server, there are Bargain Bin servers in addition. The entry-level dedicated server is configured with Dual Intel Xeon L5420’s CPU, 24GB ram and 1TB Enterprise SATA drives. Customers with this type of dedicated server solution are offered less customizable options, but they can have access to more plans with higher price value available.

The regular price of dedicated server starts from $106/mo, and now HostWinds is running a discount to sell it at $79.5/mo only.

Hostwinds Promotion Hostwinds Promotion
25% Off

Hostwinds Review on the Data Center and Technology

Hostwinds web hosting is guaranteed with 99.9% uptime. Business hosting and VPS even have 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Hostwinds takes good advantage of rock-solid hardware, based on which it designs various web hosting. For VPS, it utilizes a simpler virtualization OpenVZ to power its budget VPS while its premium VPS has a more powerful technology called KVM.

The data center that Hostwinds uses to put servers is the first technology market data center located in Dallas, Texas. Within the data center, electrical systems are responsible for supplying power no matter what happens. Moreover, four Trane Chillers with abundant capacity, dual water Mains, ice storage systems, etc. create stable environment inside the data center for hosting.

In addition to that, this data center also has the cheapest bandwidth in the world, making it possible for Hostwinds to create lower-cost web hosting solutions. The data center partners with 16 network carriers to transmit data to outside. What’s more, network operation center is staffed 24 hours a day to ensure reliability of websites and applications hosted at Hostwinds.

hostwinds NOC

Hostwinds Review on Ease-of-Use

The latest cPanel is what Hostwinds gives to its hosting users to manage servers, sites, and everything other related to hosting. WHM is available in some hosting solutions to help customers further manage their business. With Softaculous pre-installed in cPanel, users will install popular apps within clicks in minutes, such as WordPress and Drupal.

IP Deny Manager is easy to use for IP administration. Moreover, Hotlink protection, redirect URL, protected directories, file manager, raw log manager, etc. are some other useful management tools offered by Hostwinds.

Hostwinds has nightly backup services for its shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, and budget VPS. Its technical staffs backup clients’ files onto offsite backup servers every night. However, the company is not responsible for data or files on Hostwinds servers and for premium VPS and dedicated servers.

To buy Hostwinds web hosting services, people can use a range of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, PayPal Billing Agreements, Google Checkout, Moneybookers and Bitcoin. For credit card, people have options of Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Hostwinds Great Customer Services for Web Hosting

Hostwinds offers 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is one of its main cores to remain competition in the market. It always treats customers as its families, helping them with respect, patience and knowledge.

Ticket and live chat are recommended technical support methods by Hostwinds, which are available to customers around the clock. Besides, there is phone support as well, working from 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM (CST). However, customers will receive a quicker response if they ask for help via ticket and live chat. Ticket response is even less than 5 minutes in average.

More than that, a lot of articles, tutorials, news, etc. are also waiting for customers browsing and checking in Hostwinds knowledgebase and company blog.

Hostwinds provides full managed services to its VPS customers and dedicated server clients. Its professional staffs take care of servers and deal with technical stuffs for customers. Therefore, customers have more time on how to present themselves online. To know more about Hostwinds customer service, please checkout HostUCan.


Hostwinds web hosting pricing is reasonable if we take its performance, features, and customers support into account. Hostwinds customer services are especially extraordinary. Therefore, its web hosting has high price value that people could consider if they are looking out for such solutions.

To learn more details and information of Hostwinds, please visit www.hostwinds.com and ask their support representatives.

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