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Hostwinds vs. A2Hosting

Hostwinds and A2Hosting are very similar in providing various web hosting solutions based on both Linux and Windows distributions. Being cheap web hosting providers, Hostwinds and A2Hosting are very popular among customers. In below, we are to compare the two companies’ web hosting solutions from prices, features, performance, and customer support, with the hope of figuring out the better choice for customers.

About Hostwinds and A2Hosting

As for Hostwinds (, the web host always puts customers in its top priority and its goal is to offer customers the best possible web hosting solutions to help them succeed online. At present, Hostwinds can provide shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, VPN, SSL, and more in the market. A wide range of web solutions makes customer get proper solutions here.

A2Hosting ( is an experience player in the web hosting industry. Since its inception in 2003, it has rapidly developed as a popular cheap web host, offering various web solutions. Now, it has expanded from Linux to Windows. So, customers can find Linux and Windows shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting. Other more, it has different cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting plans offered.

Hostwinds vs. A2Hosting on Pricing

Hostwinds is popular among individual and SMBs for affordable and flexible web hosting plans, while A2Hosting, one of the best web hosting providers, is a famous cheap web hosting. So, let’s compare their prices at first.

Hostwinds now offers exclusive 25% off discount on all hosting plans via our exclusive promo link in below. Its shared hosting normally start at $4.99/mo, but now it is as low as $3.74/mo because of 25% off discount. For business shared hosting, it starts at $7.49/mo after discounting 25% off from normally $9.99/mo. Its managed Linux VPS starts at $7.49/mo instead of $9.99/mo, while Windows VPS starts at $8.99/mo rather than $11.99/mo.

Hostwinds Exclusive Deal Hostwinds Exclusive Deal
25% Off

If customers want unmanaged VPS, the company offers 10% Off discount. Linux VPS plans start from $4.49/mo instead of normal price $4.99/mo, and its Windows VPS plans start from $5.39/mo rather than nomal price $5.99/mo.

A2Hosting offers exclusive promotions on its various web solutions as well. For shared hosting, it normally starts at $7.99/mo, but now it is at $3.92/mo only after discounting 51% off. Its reseller hosting has 34% off discount making it start at $13.19/mo.

A2Hosting Exclusive Deal A2Hosting Exclusive Deal
51% Off

A2Hosting Unmanaged Linux VPS starts at $5/mo only, and its managed VPS has Linux and Windows plans. Both types come with 34% off discount, making Linux managed VPS start at $32.99/mo rather than $49.99/mo, and its Windows managed VPS starts at $36.29/mo instead of $54.99/mo.

For money back policy, Hostwinds offers 60 day money back guarantee, which covers all web hosting solutions excluding dedicated servers. A2Hosting has Anytime Money Back Guarantee available, which allows customers feel free to experience its web hosting services.

Comparing their hosting prices, we think both offer quite affordable pricing tables for their target customer types, and in term of managed VPS, it is clear that A2Hosting has much higher prices, and what does make the company set higher prices? We will find out in later parts.

Hostwinds vs. A2Hosting on Features

Hostwinds and A2Hosting both have developed a complete set of web hosting solutions, in order to help customers understand their hosting package features better, we will mainly compare their most popular solutions including shared hosting and VPS. Let’s start from shared hosting feature comparison.

Shared Hosting

Hostwinds offers basic shared hosting, business shared hosting and reseller shared hosting plans, and ordinary shared hosting and business hosting are the most popular ones. About Hostwinds ordinary shared hosting and business hosting, they both have 3 default packages, coming with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, minimum 1 domain, unlimited email accounts, MySQL DBs, FTP accounts and sub-domains, and free dedicated IPs.

For other advanced features, Softaculous au-to installer comes to help customers easily install proper apps and popular CMS; instant setup allows customers quickly get their presence online; Latest cPanel is included to enhance its ease-of-use. Besides, nightly backups are available as well.

Different from ordinary shared hosting, Hostwinds business web hosting is designed for business websites, so it comes with Litespeed webserver and SSDs to guarantee the customers sites run as fast as they can.

Compared with Hostwinds’ shared hosting, A2Hosting shared hosting has Linux and Windows types. For Linux web hosting plans, they come with the unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, at least 1 website and 5 DBs (MySQL 5.6/ PostgreSQL 9.4). These server resources are similar to Hostwinds’, but A2Hosting has included free SSL and Free SSD as standard features in shared hosting plans. A2Hosting Windows shared hosting has the same amount of resources.

In terms of developer features, A2Hosting offers Apache 2.2, Python 2.x or 3.2, Perl 5.10, Node.js, PHP 5.2 to 5.6, 7.0 or 7.1, FTP/SFTP in Linux shared hosting; Windows Server 2012, MS SQL Server 2016, Access DBs, ASP.NET 2.x, 3.x & 4.x, Classic ASP, MVC 4 or 5, .NET Core 2.0, Silverlight 4 or 5, and the latest and most popular versions of PHP are included in Windows shared hosting. Customers can get free cPanel or Plesk control panel to manage and maintain their sites easily.

Comparing their shared hosting plans, we think A2Hosting shared hosting has integrate ordinary plans with business demands, so its shared hosting can meet individual and SMBs both. What’s more, Linux and Windows types offer customers more options. Considering their hosting pricing, we believe customers can see that A2Hosting shared hosting has better price value with more advanced features.

VPS Hosting

As for VPS solutions, Hostwinds and A2Hosting both divided their VPS hosting into unmanaged and managed VPS types, and A2Hosting has a core VPS type. About the unmanaged VPS, Hostwinds provides at least 512MB RAM guaranteed, 1 CPU core, 1TB transfer, 20GB SSD disk space, and 1 Gbps port in both unmanaged and managed VPS plans. Both VPS types support for instant scalability. cPanel/WHM, Softaculous, and various Linux distributions are included as well.

Differently, Hostwinds managed VPS has nightly backups, system monitoring and full management included to ensure better security and user experience. These are not available in unmanaged VPS.

At A2Hosting, its unmanaged and core VPS are both only Linux-friendly, while its fully managed VPS has Linux and Windows types both. Within unmanaged VPS plans, customers can receive minimum 20GB storage, 2TB transfer, 512MB RAM, and 1 core. Free SSD is a included as a standard feagtuer. A2Hosting will offer customers full root access to let them create comfortable hosting environment and choose their Linux OS.

About its core VPS, it comes with the same amount of server resources that managed VPS has, starting with minimum 75GB storage, 4GB RAM, 2TB transfer, and 4 vCPU. Free SSL, free SSD and full HostGuard Management are included, too. Differently, core VPS offers both full root access and free cPanel, managed Linux VPS has free cPanel only, and managed Windows VPS has free Plesk.

Compared with Hostwinds VPS solutions, A2Hosting offers VPS is more flexible, has larger amount of server resources, and better management service options.

Hostwinds vs. A2Hosting on Performance

Hostwinds and A2Hosting both guarantee to offer customers 99.9% uptime.

Hostwinds now is operating two SAS Type II audited data centers, while A2Hosting owns one primary data center and rents 3 additional data centers of Equinix. So, they both have highly control over their servers to maintain the best reliability and security for customers.

Besides, these data centers are all fully equipped with enterprise server spaces, fully redundant power systems and cooling systems, well-designed security measures, and multiple network connectivity.

Hostwinds provides nightly backups of all data and the ability to restore the individual files for network redundancy. Intel premium processors, SSD storage and RAID 10 with BBU are available within its web hosting.

A2Hosting has SSD and unique SwiftServer platform to boost its server speed. 20X faster Turbo server option is available to further speed up customers’ website.

In a word, both companies try best to make sure that customers can get the best possible performance with their web hosting solutions.

Hostwinds vs. A2Hosting on Customer Support

Hostwinds and A2Hosting are considerate, so free site transfer service can be found at both companies. It cannot save customers’ time, but also leave many technical issues to the providers.

About contact, Hostwinds and A2Hosting offer many choices of contact methods, including toll-free phone, live chat, email and ticket. Therefore, customers can easily find an expert to solve problems they can handle.

Besides, knowledge base and company blogs are created at Hostwinds and A2Hosting, which are good places for customers to search for latest tutorials and products information.


Comparing the companies, we can hardly figure out the best one, because Hostwinds has cheaper web hosting plans, but A2Hosting offers more integrated and advanced plans with afford prices as well. Besides, their web hosting performance and customer support are very at very similar level. So, we can only recommend that if customer do not have much more resource demands for creating simple websites at the beginning, then Hostwinds is better, but if customers are to running fast-growing sites having more sensitive data, then A2Hosting is the better option.

To learn more about Hostwinds or A2Hosting, please visit or

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