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Hostwinds vs. Bisend

Hostwinds and Bisend are two famous web hosting companies among individuals as well as small and medium businesses. Similarly, both Hostwinds and Bisend are offering multiple-level web hosting solutions based on Linux and Windows operating systems.

In the following Hostwinds vs. Bisend, we will make an in-depth comparison between them, and the comparison will cover their hosting pricing, features, performance as well as customer support. We hope our readers can get their right option when hovering between Hostwinds and Bisend.

About Hostwinds and Bisend

Hostwinds ( is an old brand in the web hosting industry. Since its inception in 2001, Hostwinds has been striving for providing high quality web hosting products to customers. By far, the company has launched shared hosting for businesses and resellers, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and some other related services.

As for Bisend (, the company is relatively younger than Hostwinds, but it has rapidly developed different types of shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting. Utilizing Hong Kong data center and latest Microsoft technologies, Bisend ASP.NET hosting and Hong Kong hosting stands out from the crowd. Excluding WordPress hosting, both companies provide SSL certificates and domain services.

Hostwinds vs. Bisend on Hosting Pricing

Hostwinds shared hosting is Linux-friendly only, coming with 25% off discount on all plans. Regularly, its shared hosting starts at $4.99/mo, and after cutting 25% off, it is from $3.74/mo. The price is affordable. For businesses, Hostwinds provides shared business hosting starting at $9.99/mo, and now it is from $7.49/mo with 25% off discount. If customers want it, they can purchase from the following exclusive promo link:

Hostwinds Exclusive Deal Hostwinds Exclusive Deal
25% Off

About Bisend hosting packages, its shared hosting has ASP.NET hosting type and Linux hosting type. All Bisend shared hosting starts with the same pricing. Normally, Bisend shared hosting starts at $7.99/mo. In order to make it more affordable, Bisend is currently providing up to 64% off discount on its shared hosting. So, customer can pay $2.95/mo only to buy Bisend versatile shared hosting.

Bisend Exclusive Deal Bisend Exclusive Deal
64% Off

For pricing, Bisend is cheaper than Hostwinds, but both are cheap web hosting companies. For refund policy, Hostwinds promises to offer 60 days money back guarantee, while Bisend guarantees 30 day full money refund.

Hostwinds vs. Bisend on Hosting Features

Although we have said that Hostwinds offers Linux and Windows hosting, but its Windows hosting is only available with VPS hosting and dedicated servers, so in order to make apple to apple comparison, we are to mainly compare their Linux-based web hosting packages and features.

Hostwinds and Bisend offer three shared hosting packages to customers to choose from. We will create a feature comparison table to list features of Hostwinds Business hosting (Basic Plan), ordinary shared hosting (Basic Plan) and Bisend shared hosting (Standard Plan) as following:

Features Hostwinds Business Basic Plan Hostwinds Shared Hosting Basic Plan Bisend Shared Hosting Standard Plan
Domains 1 1 1
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited 10GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 50GB
Free SSD
Free SSL
Dedicated IP
Databases Unlimited MySQL Unlimited MySQL MySQL 5.5+ or MSSQL Server 2012/2014/2016
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited 50
1-Click Installer Softaculous Softaculous 1-click Script Installer
Control Panel cPanel cPanel Plesk
Price $7.49/mo $3.74/mo $2.95/mo

When considering their pricing and features together, we find their packages and prices are reasonable.

Besides those core features, Hostwinds and Bisend also has other advanced services or tools offered in shared hosting packages. At Hostwinds, customers can receive free website transfers, instant setup and nightly backups.

At Bisend, customers who purchase shared hosting can get a code-ready hosting and ease of. Specifically, Bisend includes popular PHP versions and latest PHP versions PHP 7.x, Zend optimizer, FTP over HTTPS, customized .htaccess, 301 URL Rewrite, multiple email brands’ support, remote MySQL management with phpMyAdmin, and etc. For Windows, Bisend offer the latest PHP version, multiple ASP.NET, ASP core, ASP.NET MVC and Silverlight versions, as well as Node.js.

Looking at those features, we clearly find that Bisend and Hostwinds are both feature-rich web hosting.

Hostwinds vs. Bisend on Hosting Performance

Host4ASP.NET and Bisend both have uptime guarantees for their own web hosting: Hostwinds has a 99.999% uptime guarantee, and Bisend offers 99.9% uptime guarantee.

In terms of speed, Hostwinds and Bisend both utilize the latest hardware tech for their web hosting to ensure the faster more speed than traditional hard drives. Besides, Hostwinds has higher traffic volume and LiteSpeed webserver ensure reliability and faster speed. Meanwhile, Bisend has obtained dedicated CN2 connection to China mainland, which also guarantees the fastest possible connection for customers’ websites.

To keep high availability, Hostwinds deploys fewer sites per server, ensuing customers’ websites have redundant resources to run their applications and content they need. At Bisend, the company uses Dell and Cisco high performance servers with high level configuration like RAID 10 fast storage, 24+ cores, and 64+GB memory. Besides, Hostwinds and Bisend have both made their data center feature redundant power systems and 24 hour operation team.

In addition, backups and security measures in data centers are both available at two companies, so they can both make sure customers always run their websites with high level security.

Hostwinds vs. Bisend on Customer Support

For support, Hostwinds and Bisend both make every effort to deliver customer the most responsive and prompt support. About contact, Hostwinds and Bisend both offers live chat and ticket support, while Hostwinds also has phone support.

Also, in order to meet customers’ demands for looking up useful guides and tutorials, Hostwinds and Bisend have created a specific section named knowledge base or help center. Bisend and Hostwinds both get it updated on a regular basis.


According to our Hostwinds vs. Bisend, we have reviewed their hosting from four aspects. Now, we know that Hostwinds shared hosting comes with more resources and better performance, but Bisend shared hosting comes with cheaper pricing and many advanced features. For customer support, they both are standard in the web hosting industry. So, our recommendation is that:

If customers have fewer budgets and want Windows hosting solutions, then Bisend is their option! If customers want more managed services and more reliable performance, they should go with Hostwinds.

To learn more about Hostwinds or Bisend, please visit or

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