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How Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Affects SEO

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP for short, is out and is increasingly getting the attention of web owners due to the amazing AMP SEO impact. Web users also stand to benefit from websites that have implemented AMP, especially in terms of gaining speed. Speed will be ticked for such web pages on the result pages of search engine. Furthermore, it is also a major ranking factor for web pages. In line with this, you do not only get the benefit of your web page appearing higher up on the result pages, but web users will also be encouraged to click on your web pages when they see that it has the fast label.

Definition of AMP

AMP can be defined as a coding standard that is open-sourced, which web publishers can upload on their site. Due to the slow nature of responsiveness on mobiles, publishers can make their web pages load faster on mobile phones when they use AMP. The major technique used here is to make the pages for mobile phone lighter, since many components that the web pages need to load on desktop computers are not needed on mobile phones.

Even though AMP was majorly used by publishers to make their users browse faster and better with their mobile phones, Google is now supporting the project. With this, publishers who implement AMP on their web pages can benefit from the AMP SEO impact on Google and other search engines.

Importance of AMP

In most cases, if you have designed your web pages in such a way that they are able to show well on desktops, there is a very huge probability that they will be very slow on mobiles or at least a bit slow. Even when they are fast, any opportunity to make them load faster should always be welcome, especially when the cost is not more than the benefits.

By using AMP, your website will be able to load faster on mobiles, compared to when you are not using AMP. This will make it easier for visitors to your website, to open your web pages faster. Furthermore, the AMP SEO impact of AMP has made it even more desirable for web owners, as the owners can now also benefit from it, as opposed to previously when it was only the users that benefit. You will find out that loading pages on which AMP has been implemented on any mobile browser are faster, compared to pages without AMP implementation.

The creators of SEO actually had news sites in mind. In line with this, news websites are the ones that will benefit the most from AMP SEO impact. This is due to the fact that the news can easily be displayed on the AMP format, since the users will be more interested in the news content than the format of the page. For organizations with website, it will be very difficult for them to implement AMP on their website, since the design of their website and other first impressions on it will be lost.

The only way organizational website can benefit from AMP is if they have a blog section, where they do post contents like articles. They can implement AMP for their articles web pages, which are more commonly known as the blog section of the website. With this, it is will be easier and faster for search engines to link to those parts of their website, from where the visitor could subsequently visit the main website.

Difference between web pages that implement AMP and web pages that do not implement AMP

The major difference is the fact that many complex characteristics of a web page are been shed off in AMP web pages. Since these characteristics do not have to load at all, the time that will have been used to load them will be saved. With this, the AMP web pages are able to load faster. To achieve this, a CSS version that has been streamlined is used for such web pages. Furthermore, the web pages will not load javascript codes, even though you are provided with an off-the-shelf library for javascript. Ease of reading and how quickly the web pages load are therefore the major priorities of AMP web pages as opposed to aesthetics and other web page factors.

How to implement AMP for your website

It is very easy to implement AMP on your WordPress website, as there is a plug-in for the feature. The first step is to install and activate the plug-in. Once you are able to achieve this, you will then edit the .htaccess with the aid of Filezilla or any other FTP application. It is advisable to adjust the CSS on the pages so that the resultant AMP web pages can look similar to your website on mobile phones. You should note that the use of rel=”canonical” tags is vital to link back to your main web pages.

If your website is not running on the WordPress platform, it will require more effort to implement AMP on your website. Unlike the WordPress platform where you can be done in less than 5 minutes, you will be required to manually program your web pages for AMP. You can get the steps to achieve this, by visiting the project website of AMP.


If you have a website where news, articles or other related content are been posted, it will be beneficial to implement AMP on your website. When you do this, your web pages will be able to load faster on mobile phones, which will be attractive to the users of your website. The technique through which AMP makes your web page load faster, entails leaving out some properties of your website, while concentrating on quickly loading your web pages in such a way that they are easier to read. You also stand to benefit a lot, especially in terms of traffic from search engine. Fortunately, it is free to implement AMP on your website, as it is an open source project.

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