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How Can You Create Perfect Color Combination In Website Design?

Do you know how to choose color combinations for your website? Colors you choose in the website will trigger different moods of the users. Here are some tips that you can follow when choosing the color combination for your website.

The color scheme for a website is as important as the content represented on the page. An appropriate color scheme helps your website to connect with the visitor at emotional level. While designing your website, it is important to know how to choose color combinations for website. Colors you choose in the website will trigger different moods of the user. Colors are crucially important when you are trying to buildup first impression on new visitors. It is important to choose a color scheme that bless your website with a classy and polished look and feel.

Here we present a number of methods that can be applied while choosing color scheme for your website.

  1. Starting with blank sheet:

According to this method you will require to building color palette from scratch. Tools such as adobe Kuler, COLOURlovers, ColoRotate, Color Scheme Designer, etc might be a bit helpful in this process.

Number of colors to be used:

There is no certain rule that restricts the number of colors to be used in your website. However, always remember that using more colors would make it harder to build a unified design for your website. Most of interior and fashion designers use 60-30-10 rule when choosing color scheme. According to which, three colors should be used in varying degrees of 60%, 30% and 10% in order to create a perfect color scheme.

  • To create an overall unifying design, use primary color to cover almost 60% space on the web page.
  • Use the secondary color in 30% of remaining space in contrast with primary color to add visual attractiveness.
  • The remaining 10% is for accent color. This color should complement either of the first two colors.

It is not compulsory to apply this rule. Take your time and keep experimenting with various colors and levels. Start with any five colors of your choice and then tweak the scheme according to your will and requirements.

Tints and Shades:color-combination3

You might find yourself in a situation where you are required to add more colors that might possible ruin the effect of your color scheme. In such situation, tints and shades can be used in order to avoid adding fourth or fifth color. For instance, consider a page that is completely packed with content. In such a page, various objects such as side bars, captions, tables, menus, etc are required to visually separate from each other. In such situations, tints and shades can be used in order to unify design and avoid using extra color that may clash with your design.

  1. Using image as a base:

When choosing color scheme for websites, images used in that website can be great inspirations. It does not matter that there are stock images, original photographs or graphical symbol on your website. If you coordinate color scheme with these images, the output would be definitely a unified design. Since the photograph has inspired the layout, it would be much easier to fit the photographs into the layouts. This method is recommended for choosing color scheme than any other method.

When photographs are used as an inspiration for color scheme, the visitor recognizes the color relation with no delay. It will help the website to develop a strong connection with various users. If your picture is not the main content of the page, it is recommended to use a relatively smaller amount of color inspiration from photo. Doing so will increase the attention to additional parts such as logos and increase their emphasis.

Remember that there is no limit in the number of colors. It is just that you will require investing some extra effort in coordinating them in order to merge them as a unified design and layout. All elements should feel as an entire entity rather than singular objects in the website. If colors are used matching the texture of the website, they will leave an emotional impression on the visitor. It will reflect the motto or personality of your website as well on the other hand.

  1. Color scheme based on business goalscolor-combination

Colors can also be used in order to trigger an action into someone else. When choosing color scheme for a website that is dedicated to sell something, make sure that the colors used in the website emotionally attract site visitor. Product engagement can be influenced by making proper use of colors according to color psychology. You may have noticed that website related to cuisine and actual restaurants are often red or orange. It is a great and noticeable example of color psychology. In the same way banks and other institutions related to finance are blue; luxury items are usually packaged in Black colored containers, let them be box or other type of package.color-combination1

Website offering discount coupons are often use bright color schemes. These sites are all about grabbing the deals at right moments. Bright color scheme help these sites to deliver the feel of urgency and appeal to grab the offer. Blue, black, green and white colors are suitable for websites related to hotel or rental business. Warm colors can also be used in order to deliver a feel of comfort to the visitors. In such website, background is mostly images of the hotel which results out as unique looking websites with combination of bold and warm colors. Websites of schools and colleges present a lot of content on the site. It is important to follow the three color scheme with tints and shades as mentioned above. It will save the designer from using too many colors and provide a unified website layout as an output.

We hope that our guidelines will help you and you now know how to choose color combinations for website. Following these guidelines you can create a unique and effective color scheme for your website. It is even much more important for newly launched websites to choose relevant color scheme in order to build proper impression on their visitors.

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