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How Can You Improve SEO Ranking Using Google Plus?

Getting a higher ranking on the search engines is becoming tougher day by day. To get to the top you must change your strategy every now and then. Though Google may deny but people have moved to Google+ to get their ranks better on search engine.

How Can You Improve SEO Ranking Using Google Plus?


As far as search engine optimization is concerned people have tried many things. Out of all those things many worked and many failed but there is one thing that is not very popular and yet is one of the very promising means of increasing the ranking of your website on the search engine and that is Google plus. Your small businesses and blogs can benefit a lot from Google plus SEO impact by keeping your website in the few topmost websites in the search engine. You can follow these few tips to make use of Google plus to the maximum and bring your website to the top.

First of all join and be active on Google+

If you are yet not on Google+ then it is high time now and you must not delay it anymore. Joining Google+ is very easy and you can do it just by having a Google account. When you have joined Google+ you will notice that many of your friends and acquaintances are on Google+ too. You must join their circle and add them to your circle. After this, you should first read what all your friends and acquaintances have posted, like and comment on the posts, share those posts and then venture into posting your own thing. This will have you in the good books f your circles and there are better chances of you receiving the same kind of response from the people in your circle.

Make use of Do Follow Link


The Do Follow is a feature of Google that helps you add links o your website just by sharing the contents to different websites. This tool is the main thing that can help you with search engine optimization. This tool lets you use Google plus as a search tool and is a great way of getting various kinds of links for your website.

Use Optimization for Google plus SEO impact

You must optimize the content of your website to get maximum benefits from Google plus. By following these five methods you can create a SEO strategy that is strong and brings you more results

  • Do not use title as SEO: if you think that stuffing in keywords in the name of your company is of any help then you are mistaken and must avoid this.
  • Create a cleaner URL: using a custom URL for your profile on Google+ can help you get cleaner URLs and therefore better SEO results.
  • Use SEO in first few lines: the first few lines of your content are used by the search engine as the Meta Description. This is also true for your tagline. So, you must only use the words that have relevance to your business here. If you want Google to see the content as belonging to you then you must use Google+ authorship. This will help you in optimization to a great extent.

Use the facility of Google authorship14-3

Google+ has this amazing service that is known as Google authorship. Google+ SEO impact makes you easily noticeable from the rest of the crowd. This service is designed to protect your content from getting stolen by giving the credit of your content to you. Apart from this you also get SEO prominence by using this service because if you post any article with the profile name that you have on Google Authorship you get your name in the search results adding to your publicity on the search engine. Having your name up there on the search engine is definitely going to add to your reputation.

Post the content

The content that you share on Google+ should be good and relevant to your website. You must understand that the content is in a way building your reputation in the market if you post junk you will be taken casually as someone who is not very serious about his work or is a quack. Your content should be such that it can make you stand out in the crowd. You must always do research and analysis of what you are posting so that the content that is posted, is without any mistake and looks thoroughly professional.

Posting content on internet is of great importance and it is equally important to do it the right way. You must share the summary of whatever content you have on your website. Keep this summary short and inviting so that people get compelled to visit your website. For the people to visit your website you must provide link but not in the summary box. The link should be put in the attachment area because this will let you use Do Follow for your benefit. Never forget to share the content with the people who are already there in your circuit.

Results should be analyzed

Just posting the content is not enough as you should know which of the links are doing good and which are not proving fruitful. For this you should have every URL assigned a custom link. This will help you to keep a track on the statistics of each and every web page.

Always have hash tags included in your posts

When Google search engine searches something it gives special preference to hash tags. You must have many hash tags so that the search engine can locate your website more easily than the rest of the websites. For this you must remain aware of the relevant key words and phrases for your website. These key words and phrases when used as hash tags can give you ranking high up in the search engine. The rankings go up because the hash tags help the search engine go deep into your website to search for the content relevant to the keywords being searched by the user.14-4

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