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How Cloud Storage Delivers You Business Value?

Nowadays, scope of cloud storage is not limited. It is no more an alternative premises option. Business value is delivered by cloud storage in various possible ways. These values cannot be matched with in house solutions that are comparable enough. Here, we discuss how.

2016 budgets are proven to be simply flat for most of the IT enterprise departments. Most of the CIOs are now seeking for a unique way, through which they can achieve some big bang on their bucks. Cloud computing is one of their favorite targets. When compared to in-house technology, cloud storage was once considered an alternative of storage and IT services in order to save some bucks. Saving money is still a big advantage of cloud storages. However, they are capable of increasing business values with is far out of scope of in-house solutions.

Common advantages:

Among some most popular and most used cloud computing services cloud storage has its unique space. Cloud storage possesses a few key factors that have changed the way of operation of most of the IT enterprise organizations since a few decades. As the impact of mobile computing begun to rise, the ability of working anywhere and anytime has increased too. With such requirements, it is also important to keep up the performance, regardless to the location of access or device use to access / work.

Data volume allowance is also exponentially increased thanks to cloud storages. With the changes made in data policies IT enterprises are now able to hold data for longer. Collecting and storing more data is now possible thanks to big data initiatives. Such storing capacity easily surpasses most of in-house facilities. Migrating all or some data to cloud is now became a common solution for common problems related to data storage.

Most of the data storage service providers are expertise and well familiar with latest storage technologies. Handing over your workload to them may surely find some value. For the enterprises that are worried about finding and keeping their in house-staff outsourcing is a great option with a number of advantages.

Ways to gain business values:27-2

Described above were some most common advantages of cloud storage technologies and services. Here are some guidelines to generate business value by moving to cloud repository services.

  1. Accessibility for a Growing Mobile Workforce:

Mobilization is greatly developing for workforces as they are becoming more and more mobile with time being. Your storage distribution models also need to be changed in order to match up with increasing needs of your users. With cloud storages, data is accessible equally for every user regardless to their location or distance of access. It is a comparatively massive advantage that will attain you a business value for a long period.

  1. Reduced Costs:

Economic scales are used by most of the cloud storage service providers that will help you pass some savings. As a growing business enterprise, you might be seeking for a service provider that will cost you less than doing it all yourself. It should also be noticed that capital expenditure are also low when you are outsourcing for storage services. When doing the job on your own, you are much likely to spend more and more with each month passing. By migrating with cloud storage, you can simply shift your CapEx to OpEx.

  1. Improved Data Integrity:cloud-storage1

Internal IT administrators have a lot to look out for. They have multiple duties to be done and technologies to be maintained. On the other hand, cloud storage providers have fewer things to worry about so their complete focus is towards a minor set of responsibilities. This is the main reason behind enhanced technology, process and technical support provided by such provider. These aspects are enough to deliver an excellent user experience that has less to no downtime and lower risk of data loss involved.

  1. Disaster Recovery Services:

Offsite backup is important to protect the data from natural disasters such as flood or fire and anything natural that can destroy your data. Private IT shops do not possess expertise architect design and neither have they implemented it in order to maintain adequate DR solution. Best backup solutions and technologies are used by cloud storage providers in order to manage their client’s data in best way possible.

  1. Enhanced Security:

Massive data breach does not require a massive or noticeable loop hole in the layers of security. A tiny mistake in security is more than enough to make them possible. Since cloud storages are managing a number of clients, their data capacity is high and so does their responsibility. Data security is one of the major concerns for data storage service providers. They have a big budget allocation for data security so that they can assure you of your data being is safe hands.

  1. Infinite Scale Availability:

Storage needs can be increased or decreased at any moment. This feature is incredibly useful. For instance, storage that was allocated for new project can be turned off any time if project is cancelled or failed. Ability to expand the data storage is also useful for implementing various business strategies.

  1. Enhanced Documentation Control:

Collaborating document between multiple employees is a rising need nowadays. Due to this many enterprises end up having multiple different versions of the same document. Gateways and gatekeepers are enforced by most of the cloud storage providers in order to maintain single document. This allows employees to work on a single document only, saving a lot of time of them.


Reading all these advantages, you will definitely agree that migrating with cloud storage easily surpasses most of the in-house architectures. Migrating with external storage services is a great way to maintain integrity, stability and better functionality when implementing mobility on your workforce. The key feature of cloud storage is that it will provide your employees or consumers with features, services and solutions that they will like / need to use. From this perspective, cloud storage is truly a great value generator for any enterprise.

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