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How Does Cheap Hosting Becomes Costly

More people are looking for ways to save money and cut back on some expenditure. Well, there are limits to the things that you should cut back on. For instance, if it involves that stability and performance of you business, it would be best to think twice and consider everything before diving into something just because it is “cheap”. Take for instance, cheap hosting. There are tons of reasons why cheap hosting seems inexpensive where in fact, behind the initial offer, it’s costly.


You have to do everything yourself. Cheap hosting account means that it is self-service. This is great if you are technically gifted and understands all the details involved in creating and running website, creating databases and more. But if you are among the many that are not savvy in these tasks, you might end up hiring someone to do it for you, thus shelling out more money and spending more than you intend to in the first place.


Countless web developers are used to working around the limitations of cheap hosting. There are tools that offer shortcuts and makes things easier like cPanel and Plesk. However, then you attain a certain degree of aptitude and adeptness, these tools will mostly likely get in your way. But with a bare server, you have more options available and the freedom to set things that you way you see fit. You can set up powerful scripts, make automatic backups and lots more. But with cheap hosts, you will have no control on things like the amount of memory available for the site.


Basically, the online world is a pretty dire neighbourhood. That is why we have security walls, and all sorts of anti-spyware and anti-virus set up to protect our computer and data. However, the fact that some cheap php hosting puts 100s and 1000s of sites on the same server makes it at a great risk for hacking and all sorts of trouble. For instance, when you running e-commerce on your website and it is particularly a bad situation when someone from the other site snoops in and uploads malicious codes to your site. There are a lot sites which are created with minimal to no vulnerabilities that got attacked because they happen to be on the exact server with a vulnerable site. They ended up as a collateral damage.

All of these actually make cheap web hosting a lot more expensive in the end. Why? It is because you will end up paying extra money and spending more time to manage your site and make it efficient again. The bottom line is you can actually save more money with a faster update and more efficient service and not suffer from any security, inflexibility and even more monetary cutbacks.

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