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How Many WordPress Plugins Should You Install?

Plugins are among the most important aspects of WordPress. However, many users face the difficulty of installing plugins in WordPress. In this post we shall discuss the reasons for which you might not be able to install or add plugins.

You are on WordPress.com

People often confuse WordPress for WordPress.com. WordPress.com is a site which hosts WordPress platform and lets its user run blog sites with WordPress. The site doesn’t let its users to install plugins. If you go to the admin area of your WordPress.com account, you won’t find any plugin menu. All the essential plugins are installed. If you really want to install WordPress plugins and use customized themes, then you would have to switch to WordPress.org.

Memory limit Issue

This is a common problem. This usually occurs in self-hosted WordPress sites. The user can access the plugin menu, but cannot install plugins. The error pops up because of the PHP memory limit. In the server, there are processes which limit the memory of a PHP site. The error due to this problem comes with the notice

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted

The way to correct this is to add this line to wp-config.php

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

However, this is just a band aid move, because if the PHP limit is being reached, then there are some badly coded plugins installed in your site.

Lack of Privileges

In some arrangements, the developers of a WordPress site, doesn’t give full access to the users. If you are using a site like that, then you have only editing privileges. You can add and edit posts and moderate comments. However, you cannot add plugins. If you own the site, you can ask the developer to give you the full privileges, following which you would be able to install plugins.

Being on a Multi-Site Network

Your site might be part of a WordPress Multi Site Network. The network might have disabled the plugin menu. It is the same thing which happens with WordPress.com. The network admins have other interests to take care of. If all the users are allowed to do whatever they want with their WordPress sites, then the server stability and security can be compromised. However, unlike WordPress.com issue, you can ask the network admin to install a particular plugin for you.

Hopefully, at the end of this article, you have identified the reason why you are unable to install plugins on your WordPress site. More importantly, it is hoped that you have identified a way to solve the problem.

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