How SSL Certificate Can Help Your Website

SSL acts as a shield for keeping our world wide web secure. When your data is floating around the internet, it is physically travelling across different computer networks around the world. Even if your website does not hold any sensitive data such as credit cards or personal information of your users, it is essential to keep your website protected with SSL since you might be depended upon it as an income source. Your website and user data stored in it are integrated, protected and secured over the network using SSL certificate. There are multiple advantages of SSL that would be discussed here.


Whenever data is transferred from one place to another over internet, it is important to make it travel in encrypted form. It is applicable especially for sensitive data such as bank transaction details, credit/debit card transaction or any personal information. Whenever you want to send such information to server, it passes through several computers before reaching the destination. Your username-password combinations, credit/debit transaction details would be visible to every such computer directly if it is not encrypted which can be done using SSL encryption. When sending such information with SSL encryption, it is encrypted in such a way that no one is able is read or decode it except the server you are sending it to. It is the most important advantage of SSL since data security and integrity is the topmost priority of any website nowadays.


Authentication is also offered by a proper SSL certificate along side with encryption. Authentication feature of SSL will make sure that the information you are trying to send is reaching to the right destination and not being stolen by any imposter willing to still / leak your data. Authentication feature is nowadays important for any website since it is common nature of the internet that data of every website would be passing from one computer to another. Any of such computers can be manipulated to pretend to be your website over the network and easily steal your user’s data by tricking them for sending their information. This way, authentication is important for maintaining your website’s trustworthiness as well. Only way to avoid this is to get a proper SSL certificate from trustworthy SSL provider and implement PKI (public key infrastructure) over your transactions.

You might have notice that I said a ‘trustable SSL provider’, so you might wonder how different SSL providers make difference, aren’t you? Trusted SSL providers would not throw away SSL certificates to any company. You website would require to underwent multiple security and identity checks in order to obtain an SSL certificate by such distributors. There are some SSL certificates such as EV SSL that require more validation than others. A feature called SSL wizard can be used to determine whether a SSL provider is trustable or not. This feature is generally included in most of the modern web browsers. It is made sure by web browser manufacturers that specific practices are followed by SSL providers and they are audited using a standard such as Web trust and other third party organizations.


In address bar of web browsers, lock icon or green bars are displayed in order to make sure that visitor of the website is aware about their connection being secured with the website. It clearly means that visitors will trust a website will SSL more than one without it if it includes any money, credit or personal information transaction.  A trust seal would be given to your website by SSL providers’ indication trustworthiness of your online business.

Protection against phishing attacks

SSL certification is important for resisting against phishing attacks. A phishing mail is sent by a criminal to users of your website in attempt to impersonate your website. Such emails normally contain a link to their own website. For such criminals, it is really hard to impersonate your website completely since they cannot attain a proper SSL certificate as yours. It will help your users from falling into such traps since they can easily figure out if the link redirects them to original website or not.

PCI Compliance requires SSL

If you are running a website that requires user to input their credit card information, it is essential to pass from certain audits. These audits make sure that proper Payment card industry (PCI) standards are being complied by your website.  It is also an important advantage of SSL since without it, you would not be able to accept credit and debit cards.

Many host force SSL certification

Self hosting is pain of head. Most of the webmasters prefer buying external hosting plan for their ease and that is valid too. Many famous and most used hosting providers would insist you for buying SSL certification in order to use their hosting service. They do it since they do not want their trustworthiness be harmed due to a single website.

SEO performance of your website

You might know that if you want to rank in Google search engine results, your website needs to be secured. If your website is marked non-safe or non-trustworthy by Google’s search engine algorithm , it would never come on the top of the search engine results despite of having most relevant content.


So SSL certificate buys your website trust of potential customers. For a startup business, trust of customers is really important and SSL certificate provides the same. From where this trust comes? Of course SSL makes sure that each user transaction is protected so that user would be interested in buying you products where they are required to make an online payment or provide their personal information.

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