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How to Add Content Locking in WordPress?

Have you ever tried to add content locking to WordPress? Currently, there are many webmasters have added it on site to increase lead generation, boost sales, and create email list. By default, WordPress does not come with this functionality in core, but there are a number of easy to use plugins for that. In this guide, we will talk about adding content locking in your WordPress websites, and let you know how to make it easily.

About Content Locking

The content locking is actually a technique that website owners use on site to for their users to implement an action if they want to access certain content of yours. In another word, if you add content locking to your site, then when your users visit and view your content, there will be a notification telling them to complete an action before viewing your content.

Therefore, if your do not add it properly on your site, then your users will be annoyed. However, if you do it correctly, then your content locking will be an effective way to generate leads as well as help you achieve your marketing objects.

So, when should you use it in your WordPress websites? The best time for that is when your site is providing the highly valuable content to our users, like some free course and a useful ebook download.

In fact, the technique utilizes the same psychological skill as content upgrades. Generally, most users are willing to perform a little task for valuable content.

We have introduced what is content locking and benefits of it and when you should use it. Next, we will move to tell you how to easily add content locking to WordPress.

Plugins for Adding Content Locking to WordPress

Before we start adding content locking to WordPress, we have one thing we have to say to you. To make the process easily and smoothly, you will need a helper, namely a right plugin. There are many options available and in this guide, we will take OptinMonster as our plugin for adding content locking to WordPress. In order to access some advanced tools and features, you should choose a pro or plus plan of OptinMonster.

Add Content Locking to Your WordPress Site

To use OptinMonster to add content locking in WordPress requires you to install as well as activate the plugin at first. We have already talked about installing a plugin in WordPress. If you need it, you could search for installing WordPress plugin from our WordPress Tutorial. For OptinMonster, it is just the connector between the OptinMonster account of yours and your WordPress website.

Upon activation, you just need to click on the OptinMonster menu from your admin bar in WordPress dashboard. On the page of OptinMonster, you will need to offer your API Username & API Key of your OptinMonster account.

The information can be found under your OptinMonster account on OptinMonster official website. By entering your API information, your WordPress website and OptinMonster can be connected.

Then, you need copy your API username & key and paste them into above OptinMonster page. Once you are done, you can click on “Connect to OptinMonster” button set up your connection between the plugin and your site.

After you are connected successfully, you can move to click on “Create New Optin” button at the top-right corner.

By clicking on the button, you will be transferred to OptinMonster site automatically. Here you can create your new Option. For this, you need to offer a title for this optin campaign, and then select your site from a pull-down menu next to “Website” option.

Besides, you are required to choose type for your option. Here in our example we decide to choose “After Post / In-Line” type. After you select the type, there will be some templates that are ready to use appearing in your right column. Now, you just need choose one template and click on it to use for starting.

Selecting a template to get started will make you switch to the form builder of OptinMonster. You can use the form builder to freely customize your new option’s appearance as well as configure its settings. You can freely edit fonts, change colors, add images or text, and so on.

After configuring your new optin’s settings and appearance, you can next go to the top left corner and press the “Optin” menu, and then scroll down to find “Content Blocking” section. Click on a switch under “Block Content Below Optin” to turn on the option of “Content Blocking”.

When you turn on the “Content Block” switch, you can choose your “Content Blocking Method” in below. You can choose one from the pull-down list, and in our instance, we choose “Obfuscation”. This content blocking method will blur your content or directly remove all the content under your new optin.

Besides, your need change the value of success cookie duration into zero. It is to prevent your cookies from being set until your visitors submit your optin.

Next, you can move to complete the integration settings to connect email marketing service you are using, and configure your analytics settings for the connection.

After you have done that, you need press “Save” button which is at the top-right corner of your form builder, so as to store all these settings just changed.

At present, you can go to your site and press your OptinMonster menu. It will show you the content locking optin under the optin list. It means you just did correctly, and if you can’t see it, you just need to click on the “Refresh Optin” button.

Now, you need move your mouse to your optin title and click on “Edit Output Settings” link for your optin. The link will make you go to a new page. On this page, you need check the box to “Enable optin on site”.

Remember to press “Save Settings” button to save your changes.

Then, click on “OptinMonster” Menu again, and go back to the Optins over view page. On the page, you need copy your option slug.

After that go to edit page of post in which you plan to enable the content locking, and then add the shortcode in front of your content or after 1st paragraph.

In the shortcode, you need to use the optin slug just copied to replace “your-optin-slug”.

Now you just need save as well as publish the page or post just edited. Then, you can visit the post or page by opening a new browser window, and you can see your content locking is working.

Add Content Locking to All Your WordPress Posts

We have an easier way to add content locking to all your posts in WordPress. If you just want to do this, you can read the rest of the guide.

Firstly, install as well activate Insert Post Ads in your WordPress website.

For activating the plugin, go to “Post Adverts” >> “Settings” to edit the plugin’s settings.

On the “Settings” page, you need choose where to display ads: pages or posts. After selecting, just click on “Save Settings” to save your settings.

After that, go to “Post Adverts” >> “Add New” page where you are required to offer a title for your content locking script, and add the shortcode of your content clocking optin to “Advert Code”.

Scroll down and find “Display the advert” section. You need select the method to display the advert. In this instance, we decide to use “Before Content” method.

Now, you can press “Publish” button and Insert Post Ads will enable the content locking to all your posts in WordPress.

By far, we have completed the guide of adding content locking to WordPress in an easier way. If you are fond of it, please leave your comments or opinions in below.

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  1. This technique is useful. I have tested it on my own blog. It turns out that users are willing to do a little task to view what they really need or want to read content on my blog. This is just a starting of my experiment, i have received several subscribers increased than before. Here I said these words is to recommend more webmaster to try this method.

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