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How to Add Hreflang Tags in WordPress

If ever you own websites which are in more than one languages or are aimed at people living in different regions, then you certainly expect various search engines to direct your visitor to most appropriate of those languages and the site, isn’t it? Along with it, you don’t want search engines to flag off similar content from different markets as duplicate content too, right? So, yoast hreflang is the  SEO solution to this for websites in multiple languages but with similar contents aimed at different regions.

Implementation of yoast hreflang tags into a WordPress website could be a very complex process if tried without any specific plug which involves some translation or other specific plugins. Through this yoast hreflang I will try to get a good overview of how to add hreflang tags in WordPress without much hassle.

Yoast hreflang


Before we begin you must have a good understanding of what hreflang attributes are.  In 2010, Google brought in some SEO attributes specifically for multilingual websites. These attributes are used by Google to serve the correct ones after sorting through pages of different languages in its search result. With these attributes, the users of search engines can very easily be sent to the targeted pages thereby greatly increasing the SEO of websites. And in WordPress, we have the hreflang manager that takes care of these hreflang attributes and can be installed easily with its help. With the help of Google’s webmaster tools, we can very easily find out whether the hreflang have been properly indexed or not.

Generally, there are three different ways by which we can insert hreflang tags in our website and they are as follows:-

  1. Header is used as the location for inserting the HTML link
  2. Language information in Sitemap
  3. For non HTML files in Header, using HTTP [For ex. PDF header]

Using hreflang tags in WordPress

Yoast hreflang

We can take the help of some translation plugins to insert hreflang tags in WordPress since the Yoast hreflang plugin does not allow this in WordPress. One of such example of Plugin could be WPML. This plugin shows the options of different language very clearly at the header and can very easily be used with  WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Next technique in WordPress to insert hreflang attributes is to use some specific plugins like that of “Language selector related”. The advantage of this plugin is that it allows you to insert hreflang attributes to even those of websites which are located under different hosts. Just that you need to insert the plugin into each of your language versions and later can use an widget in the header or footer as a language selector. Lastly, we have another option of using a premium plugin like that of “Hreflang Manager codecanyon” which puts a menu in your WordPress dashboard where you can connect pages and post them into your different websites. The plugin will add the required HTML markup in the Head section before posting on its own.

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