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How to Add Multiple Authors (Co-Authors) for Posts in WordPress

Do you wish to display several authors for a particular post in WordPress? There are several websites that have multiple authors who work on the same article. For instance, if the website is on the news niche, then there are several journalists who might be contributing to a single news coverage. In such a case, you might have to give the credits of the particular article to all the authors who have put in their efforts in a particular post. In this article, we will enlighten you about the ways of allowing multiple authors with a single post in WordPress.

First of all, you need to install and then activate the WordPress guest author plugin. The next step is about the editing of the post or page where you wish to add and credit the guest authors. On the post edit screen of WordPress, you will come across the new “Authors” icon that is presented just below the WordPress post editor.

WordPress guest author plugin


This section will display the original author of the post by default. You can add several more authors by simply entering their respective names in the search box that is present below. The WordPress author plugin will start reflecting the authors as you would enter their names. Then you would need to select the particular author or user that you wish to add as an author by clicking on the same. The name of the selected author will now appear in the section just below the name of the original author. You can then continue adding several more authors as and when needed. Once you have completed doing the same, you can then save it or you can publish the particular post.

Displaying Multiple Authors on the WordPress Site

WordPress guest author plugin

The WordPress author plugin would not reflect the names of the multiple authors on the WordPress site. To ensure the same, the website owners can edit the names of the theme files. The users would need to do the editing of the theme files that contain the code that is responsible for displaying the names of the different authors for a particular post. The theme files could be the content.php, single.php, or some template tag that could be present in the function.php of the template files. You will come across a code with a template tag as “the_author_posts_link()”. You would need to replace the same with the code snippet as:

Addition of the Guest Authors to the WordPress Site

WordPress guest author plugin

You can make use of the default WordPress author plugin for achieving the same. However, this could be applicable when you have to add the registered users on the post. But, what should one do when one needs to give away the credits to the guest authors who usually do not maintain an account on your WordPress site?

To resolve the same, there are several ways for accepting the submitted posts by the guest writers or authors on the WordPress site. The website owners can go for creating an account for the guest authors. The website owners can also go for accepting the posts or articles directly from the front-end portion of the WordPress site. You can make use of the WordPress guest author plugin to achieve the same results with much ease.

The WordPress guest author plugin offers a simple and user-friendly framework that can help you in adding and displaying the guest authors for a particular post in an effective manner. The WordPress guest author plugin can allow the website owners for adding the guest authors without granting them any access to the administration area. Even any of the writing privileges are not granted to the guest authors on the WordPress site. The multiple guest authors can send the particular article or post by means of email. On the other hand, you can also add them on your WordPress site.

You can make the effective use of the WordPress guest author plugin to add multiple guest authors on the WordPress site.

First of all, you would need to proceed to the User section present in the plugin. Then you can go to the Guest Authors section. Here, you can click on the Add New icon for adding multiple guest authors to your WordPress site.

Once you have clicked on the Add New button for adding the desired guest authors, you can then advance to the next page. In this page, you will come across the detailed form wherein you need to enter the information of the particular guest author. The details would include the parameters like the name of the author, email address, the name of the website and several other fields. Once you have entered the correct details of the author, you can then finally click on the option “Add new guest author” icon. This will save the details that you have entered about the particular guest author to your WordPress site.

This is as simple as that. With the help of the easy to use and effective WordPress guest author plugin, you have added a guest author to the WordPress site without any hassle. Once you have multiple guest authors for a particular post on your WordPress site, then you can select them as the author for different posts to which they have contributed their bits. This is achieved in the similar manner as you had done with the registered authors to your site.

WordPress guest author plugin

We hope this article has helped you with acknowledging about the fact of adding several authors – be it registered or guest authors, with much ease on the WordPress site. When you have posts that are written by several authors, you would like to credit them for the same. You can do so by adding their names and then displaying their respective names in the particular post of your WordPress site. This technique might boost the performance of your post to a greater extent.

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