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How to Automatically Nofollow External Links in WordPress

Auto Nofollow Links does save lot of time as it adds Nofollow attribute to the external links to the blog posts.

Adding Nofollow External Links without the use of plugin is not a difficult task. It is very much simple. Initially you need to know that among the basic SEO jargon, building links to the websites is one of the important pillars of the search engine optimization. It is important as most webmasters do adopt methods to build links in order to get higher ranking and traffic. This functionality does enable search engine to ignore links that are external in an effortless and fast manner.

Use of the link rel=nofollow is important as it does determine whether a link on a page of a website need to be crawled and followed by a search engine.

Features of Auto Nofollow links:

  • Do add rel=”nofollow” link to all the links that are external or SEO friendly links
  • Do add the target=”_blank”. Then open links that are external in a new tab or window available.
  • This plugin cannot be added to any internal links such as rel=nofollow and target=_blank to any of the blogs, websites posts or any pages.
  • If you had added the link rel=dofollow to any of the posts manually, the plugin will not add to the post rel=dofollow.
  • If you had added the link target=_blank to any post manually, the plugin will not add for the post the link target=_blank.

Installation of the Nofollow links:

  • The first step is to download the plugin known as Auto Nofollow Link.
  • Then you need to login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • On Navigating to the Plugins, you need to click on Add New.
  • At the header, click on Upload option.
  • Then choose the file that you had downloaded earlier.
  • Then click on the option “Install Now” which does appear as 3rd
  • Once the option Install Now is installed, then click on Activate Plugin option.
  • In order to configure the settings, you need to make sure all external links are Nofollow. For doing it, go to Settings and select Follow Nofollow.
  • Select Nofollow option and then click on Save Changes.
  • Finally you have done and completed the procedure.

You need to note that by using this plugin, you can follow some of the links and add those you want to be followed on the domain area for follow. If you are looking for a the best WordPress plugin to nofollow a link, you can boldly move forward and use this one with confidence.

In using WordPress, when you are writing a blog or post and when two or more links are inserted,  the links are basically by dofollow and by manually you need to add dofollow always when you link to an external site. By doing this repeatedly on a daily basis, at some point it does become cumbersome. Even though there are other plugins that are external such as WP External which does take care of adding re=nofollow to any external domains or the domains that you choose to nofollow and not prefer to use plugin.

How could you make sure that all external links are Nofollow

  • View the blog that is posted with a link that is external. Then right click and select the option – View Page Source.
  • Then press Ctrl + F and then search for the domain name that is external. For example, if you wish to see the website twelveskip.com, you can see how there is rel=”nofollow”?

The exact meaning of rel=nofollow means that no follow is applied for the links that are external. It is quite easy as no complications are available.

Nofollow does reduce the effectiveness of some types of advertising on the internet because search algorithm mainly depends on large number of links to a website which determines on which website should be listed in their sequence of  search results of a given term. But recent information does suggest that search engines do depend less on the links in the future and other aspects which does not include the links.

The concept of nofollow value was originally created to end comments in spams in blogs. It was believed that common spam did affect the complete blogging community and it was addressed by well-known people to solve this problem.

Even though most search engines does use nofollow value that does not include links from the calculation for ranking, but details of the interpretation that is exact does vary from search engine to another engine.

There has been widespread criticism of nofollow comment being used and posted as it does depreciate spammer’s link. It also does prevent legal links from influencing the page ranks of the website that is being targeted. The criticism does vary from person to person.

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