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How to Become a Web Hosting Reseller

We witness that a dramatically increasing number of websites are emerging while it is regarded as an opportunity to make money. You might just be one of those people wanting to make big profits via selling services to existing and potential website masters.

how to become a web hosting resellerSo to speak, a direct way making above idea come true is to set up a web hosting company. By doing that, you get your own brands, design web hosting products at will, master servers, wholly own profits, etc. However, this way requires you to invest a fortune and undertake heavy risks at the same time.

Another way to remedy defects of being web hosting providers comes out­. That is to become a web hosting reseller. In this way, you only need a much smaller amount of investment to purchase web hosting services from a parent web host. Then you allocate services and resell them to your clients. In general, your host supports you to resell services with your own logos and names.

This post in below is to guide you how to become a web hosting reseller. Before giving detailed steps, we would like to introduce 3 products for helping you become a web hosting reseller.

3 Products for Becoming a Hosting Reseller

Reseller hosting: this is a product used most, because it is the easiest and most economical way. Many well-known web hosting companies has launched reseller hosting solutions, in which resellers can allocate resources (disk space and bandwidth for the most of time) to resold accounts. Then they set prices for accounts at will and sell them.

Generally resellers could create up to unlimited resold hosting accounts, which will reduce costs and increasing profits. What’s more, their parent web hosting companies offer simple-to-use control panels like WHM to make allocating, selling and managing processes easy.

VPS: this form of hosting could be one option to become a web hosting reseller too. With VPS, you own virtual private hosting environment, which makes sense to security and reliability. You have more control on your server, especially if you purchase an unmanaged VPS. However, unmanaged VPS requires you with a deep knowledge on server management. In a nutshell, pros come with cons. So, with VPS, you could provide better web hosting services to your clients.

Dedicated server: choosing dedicated server hosting, you wholly own the resources of a dedicated server. You can use them as you like. Moreover, different from reseller hosting based on shared hosting environment and VPS, dedicate server offers you the highest level of reliability, security and flexibility.

Similarly, dedicated server has managed level and unmanaged level. The former indicates that your web host manages server for you while the latter require you to do that.

Note that we just reviewed hosting reliability and security from inherent features of different kinds of servers. Actually the 2 items are also related to many other factors, like server management, software installed on servers, measures to emergency, etc.

7 Steps to Become a Web Hosting Reseller

  1. Decide which products above you want to develop your hosting reselling business.
  2. Select a reliable and reputable web hosting company. Here are several factors for reference when you pick up hosts. Do they have rich experience, like engaging in this field for 10 years? Do they offer 24/7/365 customer support? Do they have good reputation in web hosting industry?

Combined with first step, we would like recommend you to read our Best Reseller Hosting, Best VPS Hosting, and Best Dedicated Server. Web hosting companies in the 3 lists are industry outstanding to offer you best services.

  1. Purchase a reseller hosting, VPS or dedicated server. Usually, web hosting companies provide multiple packages with different storage and bandwidth at different prices. You can pick up one package suiting your business size and budgets. In addition, you had better read through all details of your contract, privacy policy, SLA, etc.
  2. Based on what your parent web host offers, you can allocate them into packages one by one. You set prices for the resold packages as well.
  3. Build a website to showcase your hosting packages and resell them. Some parent web hosting companies will even provide you with a pre-built online store. You can just do some changes and fast start to sell products on that store. Besides places to showcase your products, your website should have support center parts to give some FAQs, tutorials, documents, etc.
  4. Provide customer support. You have to know that your parent host generally supports you instead of your clients. So, you are responsible to give support to your clients. Some of them even are newbies, knowing little about website building. Be patiently and enrich your knowledge to reply them. As to supporting methods, live chat, phone, email, or ticket, it all depends on you.
  5. Stand out in the field. As far as we can see, web hosting companies are countless, let alone web hosting resellers. To improve competency, on the one hand, you have to enhance your services, like adding extra features in your packages at no cost, like website builder. On the other hand, you need marketing. Some marketing methods include SEO, social networking, advertising, etc. In a word, you have to make your websites and packages known by others. This is a little hard at the beginning. But keep going.

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