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How to Block WordPress Users without Deleting Their Accounts?

When you are managing your WordPress website, have you ever wanted to blog your WordPress users from your site? For those newbies, you may not know that the simplest way to make it is to directly delete these users’ profile. However, this action will completely remove these users from your WordPress blog. If you just want to blog them, but not remove them from your site, how to achieve that?

In order to help new WordPress webmasters, we are to compose this tutorial telling how to blog WordPress users without deleting their accounts from your site.

Why Should Not Your Delete Your Users’ Accounts?

As we said before, to simply delete those users’ accounts is the easiest way of blocking them from your WordPress sit. Nevertheless, to delete their user accounts in WordPress needs you assign all these users’ content to the others, which will increase the difficulty and require more much time to finish your task. After doing this, those articles’ author information will be changed at the same time.

In addition that, you can also change these users’ passwords and their email addresses by revising these users’ profile in WordPress so as to solve this issue. If you apply this solution, these users will lose the access to your WordPress admin area, so that they won’t be able to login to your WordPress blog any more. However, this way will change these users’ Gravatar images as well.

If you can just blog them but never actually delete these user accounts from your blog, it will be very nice. Using this methods can help you blog these users from your WordPress blog, but you don’t have to move any content of them to other authors or delete their user profile. So, this is the best way for you.

The way to blog your WordPress users but not delete their user accounts is very useful for those multi-author forums, community websites and blogs.

Now, let’s have a look at the way to easily block your WordPress users without deleting any of their user accounts from your blog.

Block WordPress Users without Deleting Their Accounts

To block WordPress users, you need firstly install as well as activate a WordPress plugin named as Use Blocker.

About User Blocker activation, once you install it in WordPress, you can notice a new menu called “User Blocker” added in your WordPress admin area. Find it and then click on the “User Blocker” menu. Now you will be transferred to a setting page of User Blocker. On this page, you can get 3 tabs.

Tab 1: “Block User By Time”

Under this tab, you can find a list of all your registered users. You can just select the users and add time range for them when you plan to block these users from your WordPress blog.

Or, you will be able to block all your registered users at one time for a certain time range you add. With this purpose, you just need scroll down the page and come to the block time options. Here you can add a time for each day respectively and then click on “Apply to All” button to make the time range set up for all users.

After that, the final step to block all users from your WordPress blog is to simply click on “Block User” button at the bottom so as to keep your settings.

Tab 2: “Block User By Date”

The User Block offers you the option to block your WordPress users by date. To achieve this, you need go to the tab 2 “Block User By Date”. Same to tab 1, you can see a list of your WordPress users under the tab 2 and you can directly select users from this list and then add the date range to the users you want them to be blocked.

Besides, under tab 2, you also have the second option to block all your WordPress users at once. First, select all your users, and second, add a similar date range to all selected users. That’s done.

Tab 3: “Block User Permanent”

User Block also allows you to block your WordPress users permanently. There is a third tab called “Block User Permanent”. Under this tab, you can simply select the users you want them to be blocked permanently and then click on “Block User” button below.

Once you are done, these users’ status will turn to red.

Apart from this, if your WordPress blog has many different user accounts with different role, and you just want to block some users with their specific user roles, then under this “Block User Permanent” tab, you can find a drop-down menu of “Select User/Category”, and under this menu, you need choose “Role”. Then, you will get a WordPress user roles list. Here you just need to choose a user role in your WordPress and then press that “Block User” button so as to block these users with the use role just chosen.


Note: When you are blocking users with specific user roles, you just can’t block the users having administrator permissions and this user role.

No matter which type you choose to block your WordPress users, you are able to add the generic message to those blocked users. Also, you can add the custom message for each of them. Otherwise, if you leave that field blank, it will show a default message to those blocked users as they attempt to login to your WordPress blog with their own user accounts.


Besides, after they are blocked, they can get a message on the login page, which says that their user accounts are permanently or temporarily blocked.

Note: If you just choose to use this plugin we recommend to finish this task, you have to keep it always installed as well as activated on your blog, because once the plugin is deleted, all those blocked users will be automatically unblocked, meaning they can login to your blog again.

How to Unblock WordPress User Accounts?

It is very easy with User Block plugin. Go to WordPress admin area, visit “User Block” >> “Block User List” page. Here you can find 3 tabs with the blocked user lists that are categorized accordingly. Besides, there is an additional blocked user list tab showing the blocked users list from the other 3 categories.

Simply visit “Block User List” tab, the additional tab, and then clock on “Reset” option under easy blocked user, which will unblock them.

This action will make these users have the access to login to their user accounts as normal.

That’s all. We have introduced how to easily block your WordPress users with User Block plugin and how to easily unblock them. Hope you can use this plugins to manage your WordPress users well.  If you have more questions about WordPress, please visit our WordPress Tutorial.

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