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How to Bulk Install WordPress Plugins

To bulk install WordPress plugins, you need plugin. There are different plugins for this purpose and each plugin has its own way of installing multiple plugins with single click. Here we are to describe a few of them:

Using Wp Favs Plugin

  1. At first, download, install and activate the Wp Favs plugin in your WordPress.
  2. wpfavsAfter installation and activation for to the Wp Favs section under the Tools section.
  3. You will see two options of API key and Quick Key. You can get the API or Quick keys of your desired plugins that you want to install and click on ‘Get Wp Favs’ or ‘Quick Load’ one after another plugin.
  4. After that all your favorite plugins will list up with their details in a new screen beneath the two options.
  5. Then you can manually tick on them to select few items and then select the ‘install’ from the drop down menu on top left and click on ‘apply’.
  6. If you need to activate the plugins repeat the same process in step 5 here and select ‘activate’ from the drop down menu and click on ‘apply’.
  7. That’s all you have to do.

What if you do not know the API and Quick keys of your plugins? You can search for the plugins from there clicking on the ‘Get Wp Favs’ button and a search result page will come. Review the list and click on the ‘heart’ sign next to each plugin to make it your favorite. Then you can rerun the process from installation and activation. It will work perfectly fine.

Using Bulk Plugin Installation

The Bulk Plugin Installation, itself is a plugin, so, at first get it to install and activate it. After activating the plugin follow below steps:

  1. Click on Add New under Plugins in your admin panel.
  2. A new box will appear, where you need paste the WordPress repository URL of respective plugins that you want to install.
  3. You can add as many plugins as you want simply by putting the link URL. Once done click on Install Now at the bottom of the box.
  4. All your selected plugins will be installed to your WordPress in single click.

While the Bulk Plugin Installation plugin allows bulk installation, it will not let you activate them all at a time. You will have to take the hurdle of manually activate each and every single plugins you installed on your website.  Again, if you need a plugin that does not belong to the WordPress repository, then get that plugins download link that is link containing the .ZIP file details. One last thing is, the Bulk Installation plugin will only work in certain WP versions, so, you need to upgrade to that WordPress version to make the plugin work for you.

Using WP Install Profiles plugin

  1. At first, install and activate the WP Install Profiles plugin to your WordPress.
  2. WP Install Profiles pluginThe go to Bulk Install Profiles under Plugins menu.
  3. A new screen will appear with tabs ‘Download Plugins’, ‘Import Profiles’ and ‘Export Profiles’; where you will see some default plugins list from where you can delete the one you do not want to keep.
  4. Then to add plugin for bulk installation, write down their names used in their URL. This will only work for WordPress repository based plugins.
  5. Once you put up the list of plugins you want to install, save the list as a profile giving it a name.
  6. The WP Install Profiles plugin will then automatically download those plugins and will keep installing them to your WordPress.
  7. If you create multiple profile, then you can simply select each profile and click on it to download and install those plugins under respective profile.
  8. If you want to add or remove any plugin then add or remove it from your profiles.
  9. Like the previous plugin we described in above, this one will not activate the plugins you bulk install. You need to do the activation manually.

Wrap up

There are various plugins available for free that enable users to bulk install WordPress plugin. You can search for them yourself or just follow the recommended one. Only consideration you should pay in selecting such plugins is, they should be originally built for multiple plugins installation. In this regard, I must add that, WordPress only lists credible plugins to its repository.

So, if your multiple plugin installer plugin is sourced from the WordPress plugin repository, you can stay safe. For others, one need to think closely that changing plugins is not a daily job. It is usually one time work at the beginning of setting up a website. So, its usage is very limited. But if you are a developer then you will find this article helpful to save you time, right?

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