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How to Change WordPress Language

As we all know that the default language is set to be US English if webmasters run a WordPress website. However, it does mean that WordPress website owners can only use this language. In fact, we have to tell webmasters that WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) allowing webmasters to change the default WordPress language at their willing.

We believe that not all webmasters know the methods to change their WordPress language by themselves. To help webmasters solve this problem, we will introduce two of the most useful ways to change language for their WordPress websites in this article.

No1. Manually Install the Language Files

The first method we want to present to webmasters is to install their preferred language for their WordPress websites manually. For the detailed information, please follow the below steps:

  • Download the language files: webmasters can download from the WordPress in Your  Language and the file name should be /mo files, such as fr_FR.mo. (To make it  more clearly, we will explain the file: fr- the ISO-639 language code, _FR means France, so the French .mo file should be fr-FR.mo)
  • After downloading the /mo files, webmasters needs to copy it to their servers in the directory ‘wp-content/language’.
  • Then, modify a file named ‘wp-config.php’ in the root directory of WordPress installation. And ‘wp-config.php’ contains everything webmasters need to connect the database as well as manage several items.
  • The next step is to edit the language line inside the ‘wp-config.php’ file. Then, webmasters can see the following line:

define: (‘WPLANG’, )

If webmasters see this line, please change it by using the file just copied. Still taking the “French” as an example, and the line should be looks like the below one if they follow our steps.

define: (‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR’)

  • At last, webmasters should go to the admin dashboard to check whether they have displayed the right one in their WordPress websites.

No2. Change WordPress Language with Plugin

There is no doubt that plugin is widely recognized as one of the simplest ways to change WordPress language. In this article, we strongly recommended WordPress Language, which is a powerful tool that can help webmasters change the language without translation files installing or PHP editing.

WordPress language takes advantage of an online index of current translation files for WordPress websites and this index contains entries for WordPress language, version and country variant. If this webmasters intend to use this plugin to change language, please check the following step:

  • Adding a language switcher to the admin bar of WordPress
  • Downloading and installing the correct .mo files automatically
  • Choose country-variants
  • Providing 1-click update when new translations are done

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