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How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

In this write-up, you are about to learn how you can create a WordPress post gallery.  This tutorial will help prevent adding the picture one after the other, which will waste your precious time.  Just sit back and learn the simple trick required to do this.

In WordPress, it is straightforward to add one image at a time to your posts and pages. However, the image appearing one after another will not make your post look as pretty as you would want it to be.  You can, however, turn the tide by creating an image gallery, which can be done via a very simple process. Creating image gallery enables you to show your visitors more images at the same time, making your page to look more professional than ever before.

WordPress post gallery

There is a built-in gallery on WordPress, but many of those using WordPress are not aware of this.  If you do not want to use the inbuilt gallery, you can also opt for WordPress plugins with which you can create a beautiful-looking image gallery that can upload very easily on all devices, be it mobile or desktop.

In this write-up, you will learn about how to create image gallery on WordPress without using the plugin and how to create it using plugins.

Method One: How To Create Image Gallery Without Using A Plugin

The first thing to do is to properly edit the particular page or post to which you intend to add the image gallery.  How can you do this, look for Add Media on the post edit screen and click on it. This will help you upload the image on the post or page. When the WordPress media uploader comes up, click on the tab “Select File, ” and this will help you to upload the image from your device. If the image you want to upload is already in the media library, you can equally click on that image instead of going to device’s memory in search of the image.

You should upload and select all the images you want to appear in the WordPress post gallery. After you have uploaded your image of choice, select the image and click on “Create Gallery link”. This can be found in the left column of the page. After this, look for the “Create a new gallery” button and also click on it; this button, on the other hand, can be found in the right column.

WordPress post gallery

After this, media uploader will show you all the selected images along with their gallery settings. If you like, you can add any caption of your choice to the images one after the other.  Aside from this, you can equally select how you prefer the images to be linked, image size and number of columns on this page. After making these selections, you can then click on “Insert Gallery” column.  Next, the media uploader closes, and the image gallery you have created will appear on your post or page on WordPress.

Afterward, save or publish the page or post, and you can see the image gallery you have created on your page.

Method 2: Create Image Gallery Using a Plugin

You can also create WordPress post gallery with the aid of Envira Gallery plugin.  Some have labeled it the best WordPress gallery plugin in the market today. With the aid of Envira, you can create a modern, beautiful and responsive image gallery on WordPress.  The plugin works very fast, and it is fitted with several features like professional gallery templates, drag and drop builder and easy image navigation.

WordPress post gallery

How can you use Envira to create image gallery on WordPress? First of all, install the Envira gallery plugin. Afterward, activate it. After activating the plugin, click on Envira Gallery and then click on Settings. On this page, provide the license key.  You can visit the Envira Gallery website to obtain the key. Once you have verified the license key, go to the Envira Gallery again and this time around, click on Add New. On this page, you can create your very first WordPress gallery using the plugin.

The first thing to do is to provide any title for the gallery you are about to create. Afterward, click on the “Select files from computer” tab. This will get the images you want to add to the gallery uploaded. If the images are already in your WordPress library, you can click on “select files from other sources” to upload the images from the media library.

The images will appear in the image section after uploading them. If you want to add alt text, title or caption to any of the images you have uploaded, you can click on the pencil icon you see on each of the images to do any of these.

After editing or modifying the images to suit your need, you can then click on the tab labeled ‘Config.’ A new page will pop up where you can easily change the various gallery settings, like image dimensions, thumbnail sizes, heights, margins, caption positioning, title and number of column.

After all the editing, click on the lightbox tab and the lightbox will pop up. Where you can easily enlarge each of the images. You will not have to leave the popup page before you can browse each of the images.

Envira comes with a default setting, and this setting will work perfectly for most WordPress post gallery formation. If you prefer a different setting, anyway, you can just review the options and effect changes in the settings.

Next, you should edit the page or the post where you want the image to appear. A pop-up screen will appear next. Click on “Add Gallery” button. Click on the button and a popup will come up. On this popup, click on the gallery that you have just created and also click on the button to insert the gallery.   Afterward, you can go ahead and publish the post or the page. The image gallery will now be available on your website in columns.


WordPress post gallery

The process describe above are very easy to follow, and it is a question of time before you create WordPress post gallery. Creating the gallery via either method has the same effect and gives the same outcome.

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