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How to Create Email Newsletters in WordPress

SendPress is considered to be one of the plugin for WordPress that is used to write and send newsletters. It is also used to collect and manage the people who have subscribed for SendPress. It is created on WordPress User Interface and its features are such that you could create a new post with ease.

For sending emails and newsletter, the application is an easy one and it does not require a third party system like Aweber, MailChimp etc.

Characteristic of the WordPress plugin are as follows:

  • The application does have a free html simple editor.
  • Themes available are easily useable with an ability to develop default style.
  • Tracking process for each mail which start with emails having click option, open mail and unsubscribe options. Using SendPress Pro, you can get reports for handling bounce mails and report handling.
  • You could add widget as sidebar in your subscription page.
  • You could send with the plugin with Gmail or any other web host.
  • Sending mails as scheduled.
  • Lists are synchronized to perform WordPress roles.

wordpress-email-newsletterUsing SendPress is not difficult as it is quick and has easy features for email building. You could configure options, styles and add template and content. All the things required are available at one place and necessities are made available free too.

An Easy Editor availability – You could easily add or edit the content, make change in colors, build images and mails.

Use of reports –  Use of reports can make you view the overall view of the reports that include emails, clicks and even unsubscriptions too. You could upgrade to SendPress Pro to get more details in detail form.

Permissions that are based on roles –  Once different WordPress roles are given, the ability to add, edit and to send mails are just done within some clicks.

Management of Subscription–  You could be just a few clicks away by adding, removing or editing subscriptions. Using the SendPress widget, you can add a sign up form as newsletter to your site.

Import Post and Personalization – You can import any post that is available in your site into an email. Then personalization is done using quicktags for the first, last and other names.

Application being friendly – The source code is available on GitHub and is filled with actions and more filters that are being added.

Using advanced reports –  You could get details of reports that have advanced features. The advanced features include who had opened the emails, who clicked the links available, the devices that are used and much more. By activating Advanced reports, you can see the data from the emails even before you had the Pro availability.

Testing of spam mails –  You can have your newsletter scanned using Spam Assasin before you send it and catch any issues before it’s too late. Using SendPress you can set the things right.

Building a list of emails has become a hot topic and discussion among bloggers and small business corporates. The most common question that arises is why do we require an email list? How to build an email list in a WordPress? You could get various steps and tricks that help to increase the rates etc. Building a list has become an important cliche. The most important part of it is to create it in a right way. To segment or grouping the list, you can send to targeted and relevant emails. Users would want to contribute to the site but they do not want to do it on a daily basis.

emailenewsBuilding an email list is much easier than building account on Facebook, twitter or Google+. Using social media can help to increase followers but tweets do appear only for a short period of time. Whereas an email does remain to the user and it stays in the inbox until an action is taken. An internet is the most popular way to communicate with people and it carries on even now and will exist in future too.

Having an email list is important and the only thing you need to look is for a reliable service provider. There are companies who deal with email delivery and it needs to be ensured that email reaches the inbox of the subscriber. The emails need not be marked as spam.

E-newsletter does have following features that make it being successful.

  • Professional email templates
  • Live view of the email as it is build
  • Cloning of old emails constantly
  • Getting new default subscribers
  • Sending mails automatically to welcome.
  • Subscribe new members automatically
  • Inclusion of subscription data which includes first name in email.

By having newsletters, you can create or send newsletters, managing subscribers and its groups and check statistics from WordPress.

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