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How to Create Interactive Images on Your WordPress Website?

Have you ever heard of interactive images? If you do, then do you ever plan to create them for your own WordPress blog? As a matter of fact, the interactive image can help you highlight, animate and link your blog’s certain areas. In this post below, we are to make a simple guide about creating interactive images on your WordPress site and hope you can get something useful for your blog.

About Interactive Images

Different from other simple plain images you uploaded on your WordPress blog, the interactive image is the image that can catch users’ eyes and attract them to find more details of these images. Interactive images include highlights, colors, hotspot areas, links, and so on. You are able to add links to your pages, add description on an image’s different parts, highlight sections, etc.

For instance above, you can find those fruits’ description by using your mouse putting on different bars. These are the interactive images you can make full use of to increase user engagement and attract them spending more much time on your website.

Now, you have understood what an interactive image is and the benefits it brings. Let’s get started to create interactive images on your WordPress website and take good advantage of them to catch your users’ eyes and attention.

Create Interactive Images in WordPress

To create interactive images on your WordPress website, you will need something to help you, and it is an easy-to-use plugin named Draw Attention. So, the first thing is to install and activate this plugin in WordPress. If you are not experienced, you can search for install plugins on WordPress websites, which is simple and easy to do with step-by-step guides available on the Internet.

After installing Draw Attention on site, you need step to activate the plugin. Once the activation is done, you will find a new type of custom post appearing in your WordPress dashboard’s sidebar menu, which is to enable you create interactive images. Now, you should head over to “Draw Attention” on your WordPress Dashboard, and then click on “Add New” to get started of creating a new or your first interactive image.

Once you are switched to “Add New Image” page, you will be required to enter some areas for this new interactive image. Firstly, you need add a name for the image and the name is for you to remember the image more easily. Note that you can create your interactive image design on new images or by using the previously uploaded ones. To add an entirely new image, you can click on “Upload Image” button; to use the previously uploaded images, you can just choose one from the WordPress media library on your site.

Then, you can move to press “Publish” to launch your image. After that, Draw Attention will make help you diet the newly created image as well as highlight the specific areas, draw those hotspot areas, add links and colors, and so on. Moreover, you are able to scroll down to “Hotspot Areas” part and then expand “Clickable Area #1” to preview the image. You just need to move your mouse to draw the clickable areas on your new image. It enables you to select hotspot areas as well as expand them to make a selection effortlessly.

Once you finish drawing hotspot areas, you can move on. Scroll down the page to the “Action” part, where you can click on its dropdown menu to choose an action for this selected hotspot area on your image. There will be two potions for action: “Show More Info” means you can just add a description to illustrate your chosen hotspot area on this image; “Go to URL” is to allow you adding a link to the selected area.

You are allowed to choose configure the whole settings as well as highlight the styling for the action text, action link, info background, and so on. To configure these settings of your image is to make it more interactive on your site

After completing these settings, you need to press the “Update” button and then copy the shortcode below to add the copy of the shortcode in your page or post.

Draw Attention will allow you to build create or add interactive images by using new images or those previously uploaded one, according to your needs without limitation

Import and Export Your Interactive Images

Supposed that you are managing multiple websites and you plan to import and export your interactive images just created, the process needs Draw Attention plugin as well available on all your sites.

For the first website of yours, you will need to visit WordPress Dashboard, find “Draw Attention” plugin and choose “Import/ Export” page potion. And then, check mark the interactive images you plan to export. After that, you need to press “Generate Export Code” button and then copy that code just generated.

Now, you have done the things you need to do for import and export your interactive images on the first website, and then you need to go to the nest one where you have to ensure the availability of the activated Draw Attention plugin. Then, visit WordPress Dashboard and go to “Draw Attention”. Click on “Draw Attention” >> “Import/Export” page, and you need to page the code you copied from the first website in its import area.

Move on and you just need simply press the “Import” button and then all your images with be imported with those interactive details you just added.

If you are ambitious to make good SEO practice for your WordPress website or blog, then adding interactive images is a very good way. These images with interactive details on your site can attract more users coming to your site and being more willing to spend more time on it as well. However, there is one thing you have to know is that you’d better compress your images before uploading them to boost your website performance.

Finally, we really hope you can learn how to create the interactive image on your WordPress website easily and use them to improve performance and SEO effort. To learn more WordPress related tips, please check out our WordPress Tutorial.

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  1. I have tried a lot of SEO practice and believe me that this interactive image is one of the good practices. I seldom seeing many websites talking about this tip to boost a website’s traffic or user engagement, but i am glad here i found one that is simple and good to some newbies. I have benefited from this, so I leave my comment here to invite more users to try this. Come and join us.

  2. Before i read this post, I really dont know the word of interactive image. That’s really not very good because I am operating my own blog on WordPress, and apparently this interactive image is an effective way to show my data with vivid charts or graphics to our visitors. I am happy to find this guide and I hope this methods can help me attract more users to my blog. I will start immediately.

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